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Learn how to welcome more money into your life, start living the life you have been dreaming of and learn how to make your business profitable quicker and easier with Cassie Parks, best-selling author on the topics of money, business and lifestyle design. When Cassie isn't speaking, coaching or writing to inspire others, you can find her sipping champagne with friends, traveling, or dancing for no reason.
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Aug 31, 2016

The first two steps in doubling your business without the hours is 1) set your income intention and 2) set a future budget. Cassie will show you explain why this important if you want to double your income without doubling your hours.

0:05 Show introduction

0:37 Cassie Parks introduction

0:55 First Two Steps In Doubling Your Business Without Doubling Your Hours 1) Setting Your Income Intention 2) Future Budget

1:19 The Four Season’s experience and sharing that experience with others and teaching others

4:58 Free four part video course that will walk you through the steps too at

6:00 Step One: Setting your income intention.

7:40 Environment is key and how to let your income intention come to you.

09:45 Quick slow way rather than the Slow Quick way

10:10 Open up more into the income you want in 5 years and space to grow as a person

10:40 A big intention is powerful and more powerful when it comes from a place inside of you

10:55 It only takes 10-15 seconds to get this number

11:06 You start asking questions if you take longer

11:47 Own that number, whatever it is.

12: 05 You might logically try to think your way through the answer.

12: 45 Room to grow, enroll a friend if needed

13:00 Write down the number if bigger than you expected or if you aren’t sure how it will happen or what you’ll do with the money.

13:50 Your brain has a budget right now but you must help it know what to do with more money

14:30 What does it look like to invest that across your life?

15:26 Step into it, the right opportunities will show up.

17:50 It is OK to turn down things that don’t make your heart sing.

19:55 Set up a future budget so your brain can understand your intention to quiet the part that gets scared and fearful.

21:18 Bullseye intention and lifestyle

22:28 Future budget details  - business expenses, living space, investment, savings, travel, giving, etc.

29:54 Client success: She had a totally new business idea that came from her future self and she is really inspired as it fits into everything in her life.

31:28 Mantra: My income is growing.

32:00 Closing of the call

32:25 End

Aug 24, 2016

In this podcast Cassie will clarify the difference between a goal and an intention and how the bubble concept can help you grow into your future self easily and double your business without doubling your hours.


Timing of the Show

0:05 Show introduction

0:38 Cassie Parks introduction

1:11 Double Your Business Without Doubling Your Hours: Goals vs. Intention and the Bubble Concept and How You Have To Grow

1:40 Cassie shares about her lifestyle and some recent trips and how this created a “dream come true” moment for her.  

3:23 What is the lifestyle that you want along with the money? Get clear on this.

3:52 Upcoming Cassie’s new book “Double Your Business” available on Amazon 9/1/16 for FREE

4:18 Four part video course available at

4:40 Goals vs.Intention

4:46 Definition of a goal

6:46 Definition of an intention

8:00 Learn to be set up for easy success

8:53 How do goals and intentions generally play out in life?

11:08 Intentions

11:23 How does this impact what is going on?

11:27 Carrie, the Real Estate Agent, had to learn a lot in the beginning and $50K was an inevitable income goal for her. She put her energy about learning her industry but now she doesn’t have a lot of area to grow now.

14:09 The Bubble Concept

15:37 Carrie has grown to the size of her bubble.

16:08 Setting an income just outside the bubble doesn’t allow her room to grow.

16:44 Create a bigger bubble so you have to grow

17:14 How big would your goldfish bowl or bubble be or aquarium be?

18:38 What happens to goldfish? They don’t grow.

19:16 Look for a time in your life when you had a lot to learn so your business grew at a rapid rate? Look for a plateau.

22:36 Client Story: Mia doubled her income in the month after we worked together and cut her hours in half. Learn how on upcoming calls.

23:05 I am expanding my bubble.

23:30 Closing of the call

23:55 End

Aug 17, 2016

Cassie talks about how the Slow Quick way of doubling your business without doubling your hours is easier than the Quick Slow way.

In this podcast she talks about the 5 steps in the Slow Quick Way and will talk about each step in detail in upcoming podcasts.

Aug 15, 2016

In this episode Cassie will talk about the two ways to get to Doubling Your Business. You might recognize of of these ways as the way you have been growing your business. Listen in as you learn both ways. Then you get to decide which of the two ways you will implement as you Double Your Business and Not Your Hours.

Aug 15, 2016

Cassie will share what success looks like without doubling your hours and evaluating your true cost of not doubling your business.

Aug 12, 2016

Join us as we discuss how doubling your business is about more than just than the money. 

Aug 4, 2016

A business does not grow overnight, we all know that. Right knowledge, determination, hard work, dedication, and passion are the basic requirements to increase the growth of your business and that takes time. Though doubling business growth is possible, you’d think you’d need to invest lots of things, especially tons of your precious time. But does it really have to be this way? 


On this new episode of Happy Ever After, we will discuss why doing things that you have been doing hard won’t take you where you want to go and we will learn how to grow your business without spending too much of your hours. 


Make sure to turn up the volume and listen closely as I uncover my insights on the traditional way on how to double a business without doubling up your time, as well as your stress. Don’t forget to take some notes. 


What You’ll Learn from this Episode: 

  • Why hard work doesn’t always pay off 
  • The greatest business tragedy: Money vs Time 
  • The possibility of doubling your business without doubling your hours