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Learn how to welcome more money into your life, start living the life you have been dreaming of and learn how to make your business profitable quicker and easier with Cassie Parks, best-selling author on the topics of money, business and lifestyle design. When Cassie isn't speaking, coaching or writing to inspire others, you can find her sipping champagne with friends, traveling, or dancing for no reason.
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Jun 24, 2017

Show Notes:

00:01 Show Intro

00:20 Cassie Parks Introduction

00:24 Interview with Elle Russ who is a Podcaster of Primal Blueprint Podcast

00:46 Elle is a coach too and is a good manifestor, who retired at age 23 where she could pursue her dreams

1:35 Pursued dreams of acting and writing, sketch comedy, sitcoms, improv and a documentary but suffered from hypothroidism and couldn’t get the medical help she needed

2:02 Wrote a book from that experience, The Paleo Thyroid Solution

2:40 Investing your own money into your entrepreneurial ventures, so had spent so much money and I spiraled down

3:55 Start at the basics and manifest a cup of coffee that day

4:13 Found you at Law of Attraction Network with Ginny and your show, and through that I learned about Manifest $10K course for $1

4:34 Part of me wanted some money back for all the money I had spent (even $2500)

4:49 Loved your Manifest 10K course and the small tips that are generating the simple things

5:23 Manifested $2200 in 60 days

5:35 A few unexpected things happened - felt bad about not looking at my finances, so when I took ownership, I had an auto deduct for $1500 that was refunded for a yoga class I thought I cancelled

7:38 Moved to a new area and I needed a portable air conditioner for $300 and a friend said they had two and would sell it to her for $300 which was better

8:56 It happened so easy, there was no resistance to getting it

9:45 When I retired at 23, it was lonely as none of my friends had that kind of freedom

10:00 I am so grateful for the freedom and abundance to do what I want when I want

10:26 Money is freedom. It is what gives you power to be, do and have the experiences that you want

10:48 Once you have money freedom, you can create more and more abundance

10:53 You can do things that others would not be able to do

11:58 Even when you are good at manifesting, you can get into the “not feel so good” if you don’t change your energy and focus

12:14 Manifested Manifest 10K course months before I quit my job, I felt like money was flying out the window

12:37 I knew this had to get under control, the first part is noticing that you feel that shift or change in energy

13:16 Great for people know how to manifest too and get back to basics of generating the feelings and gratitude

13:54 Get clear about what you want - a lot of people are brainstorming about what they’d be good at not what they want to do (when you can be good at a hundred things but you may not want to do any of those things)

14:56 Not a logical thing to get into the feeling, it is magic

15:22 Create your own reality and using intention to create your dreams

15:27 If anyone needs clarity or signs on this, I recommend a book called, The Intention Experiment

16:09 I am in the science behind this is fascinating

16:42 Often the money is there but you are not seeing because of the space you are in

17:05 So often people think they need to go fix it so they analyze and fix and the better way is to step into the person who is welcoming the $2500 in

18:03 Drive to a new neighborhood - act as if, who do I want to be

18:50 I started to tell the story of spiralling down and I got overwhelmed, nervous and fearful

19:27 So many little things showed up - $200 from a friend when I changed my energy

19:53 Pretending works, gratitude works - you have to be grateful for where you are

20:04 Appreciate all the positives of what you do have

20:30 The quickest way to shorten manifesting is to complain

21:22 This is getting back on track for those who know how to manifest and great for people that don’t

22:30 Living month-to-month and car got towed, so got depressed but looked for something I could do

23:45 Demanded and screamed that the Universe give her what she needed - I was demanding it from yourself of your subconscious and within a week 3 different job opportunities out of nowhere

24:47 Met my publisher, who is a Paleo guy and I started following his process and it prompted me getting off my medicine

26:08 She proposed a Thyroid book to him and he was interested but when mentioned it again, he wasn’t sure about publishing it

27:03 What do you want an end result to be?

27:34 Her coach said, “What you want is incentive.”

27:58 So many people in company fell ill with hypothyroidism but had to look what else she could do

28:19 Had another yelling, screaming, come to Jesus moment with the Universe again and in 48 hours I book a role on Brooklyn 99 sitcom with her two favorite comedians

29:30 Boss came back and wanted to publish the book

30:18 I was glad I reached out to my coach had me look at it in a different way

31:41 I always thought it would be fun to speak a second language - so in that acting role there was a line in French and got to spend the day with two of my favorite people

32:20 People are fearful of talking strongly to the Universe, talking to me, energy and the strong the core the stronger the materialization

33:29 Elle shared filling your home with things you can afford now

34:19 Big fan of vision boards or vision books and 7-1 0minutes a day of visualization and feel the feelings of the money, the relationship, etc.

3500 When I stop and get caught up in ego things spiral down - it is all about how you are feeling

35:17 Vibration of finding money

35:50 Be happy and grateful for what is going on now in order to get where you are going

36:04 The Universe never gets it wrong - it knows you, your schedule and knows what you want, it is you

36:31 Being more specific (i.e. Freedom in your morning, appreciation of money coming in, appreciate the things you love)

38:55 LOA means letter of acceptance

40:30 People who have money are thinking right about money

41:20 Connect with Elle at or instagram _elleruss, Barnes & Noble and Amazon and the Primal Blueprint Podcast is every Wednesday

42:51 Show Close

43:15 End

Jun 14, 2017

Show Notes: 

00:01 Show introduction

00:20 Cassie Parks introduction

00:24 Interview with Lindsey Rainwater who together with her husband, Corey, manifested $10,000 in the Manifest 10K Online Program

00:38 Talk about her experience attending Manifest 10K LIVE and what happened after that

00:56 Lindsey is a Spiritual Grandeur and Higher Self Integration Expert because her focus is helping women who feel that they have more inside of them that is coming out

2:01 She had a meditation where she met her future self and she was right there, just outside of herself but when she touched base with her, she stop worrying so much so now she teaches others how to tap into this

3:48 Learn what Lindsey did for work prior to this.

4:49 Experience with money was rocky prior to Manifest 10K - Lindsey’s family had money and were comfortable but where we lived made her question the integrity of money

6:00 Held a money is dangerous belief

6:15 Crash in 2008 hit the construction industry, solidified money is fickle and you can not depend on it and it was not always there for her - want it, need it, didn’t trust it

7:49 Manifesting experience prior  - always manifested food when short on money but didn't’ realize I was manifesting then

10:07 Getting things and money is hard

10:51 We all get money stories from birth on

11:27 Why did you join Manifest 10K? Met you through Facebook as an acquaintance. Knew she had the power to bring things in but manifesting isn’t something she knew how to do

13:48 She was at a point of “there was nothing to lose” by doing this program and it was an attractive idea

14:33 Manifested a very nice grill the day after she decided to manifest a grill - showed her the power of a big intention and what she really wanted

17:57 In Manifest 10K, we work on holding that big space for what people really want

18:12 Manifesting $10,000 was funny because I didn't see it at first

19:10 My husband started setting intentions to make more money than he had ever made

20:06 The Universe is so cool in how it brings things into your life - so don’t miss how it delivers what you want

20:52 Life can appear as if “Oh it is not working” when it is actually working

21:40 Truck needed repair and met a mechanic that had associates that gave Corey new work which was a more ideal situation and a substantial raise overnight which surpassed the financial goal he had set

23:35 The truck breaking was a blessing

25:10 Two years ago we were going without things that we wanted

25:42 Having money to buy the things we want is fun and we are able to make other choices

27:55 Additional money in their live as they paid off small debts

29:09 When you take control of your money story, it affects all areas of life

29:58 Biggest advice Lindsey would give is listen to someone who has done it and don’t try to do it on  your own

32:17 Trust that it is happening and don’t get caught in needing to seeing it working - let it happen

36:00 Trust the process and keep going

36:34 You can reach Lindsey at where I offer a free meditation and has a new 30-day immersion program

38:38 Join the Manifest 10K course at

38:45 Show close

38:55 End

Jun 7, 2017

Show Notes: 

00:01 Show introduction

00:20 Cassie Parks introduction

00:24 Interview with Michele Reynolds has manifest over $14K in 90 days once she owned her money stuff

1:00 Money story prior to getting support: I am not worthy of receiving new money

1:17 A lot of things and people in your life that supported that like being told “you can’t manage money”, “You make unwise decisions”, etc.

1:43 Michele’s businesses - Wakaya Perfection and CEO of a virtual assistant network

3:15 MIchele was working so hard and there was no money to show for that

3:20 Her pattern was to shift energetically to something better versus fixing her money mindset and thoughts around money

4:52 The amount of money she made was always at the same money thermometer level

5:11 Manifest 10K, Manifest $10K LIVE and coaching

5:43 Ever tried to Manifest 10K before? Yes, 14 times.

6:52 So often, you need a coach

8:05 There were other things in her life that had this same stopping pattern and you helped me stop the self-sabotaging behavior

9:06 Single mom who graduated from survival mode

10:23 Know there is always more money coming

11:03 Can’t always see our story was until you are on the other side of it.

11:31 Survivor from 25-years of survival mode

11:43 Her surroundings were nice - nice home, food, clothes, new car, enough money but her internal message said “There is not enough”

12:56 What happens in your head will create your experience even if it is really not true

13:18 Now she works less hours and makes more money

15:00 You will create a way to have to survive as far as your business

15:36 Went through her budget and rid unnecessary expenses and now makes decisions based on a budget

16:19 Residual income increased seven times extra because she fixed her money mindset

17:00 Manifested more than $14,297 in the last 90 days

17:33 Look at the Manifest 10K material, read it, touched it, but didn’t do it!

18:33 Body, mind and spirit will not go where you don’t know that there is a place to catch you

19:09 Michele is the type of person that learns best with support and hands-on experience because it happens faster

19:57 Advice: Try once and if not successful, get help right then

20:25 New money story: “Money manifesting guru”

21:17 Making decisions on what I truly know now

21:33 Dreaming big dreams

21:49 What is the difference betweening wanting vs. I will own - There is a surety that comes with knowing I have the mindset to draw this stuff into my world, this or something better

22:27 In the world, this knowing comes off as worthiness and confidence but it is an inner knowing that it is just a matter of time

22:57 Making empowered decisions

23:10 Always been confident, this is different - peaceful surety of knowing I am my future self now

23:44 Come full circle and I know that I am ok

24:13 Look for the evidence that is showing up and keep a journal of your evidence and the money coming in

25:36 It is nice to have money in the bank and I am OK

26:50 Get support at to help you change your money story too

27:35 You can’t see your own forest through the trees most of the time

28:35 Watching people spin is heart-breaking and as a coach, it can be better.

29:54 Stories are what others related to and can see the path is more possible

30:20 Michele can be reached at or

31:37 Show Close

31:46 End