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Learn how to welcome more money into your life, start living the life you have been dreaming of and learn how to make your business profitable quicker and easier with Cassie Parks, best-selling author on the topics of money, business and lifestyle design. When Cassie isn't speaking, coaching or writing to inspire others, you can find her sipping champagne with friends, traveling, or dancing for no reason.
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Nov 29, 2017

Terry is a writer, dating coach and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)  practitioner.  She felt  victim to her husband's outlandish spending habits.


For their entire marriage, she has lain awake moving pieces of the puzzle to make sure every creditor gets paid on time. Thankfully, due to her diligence, they have an excellent credit score, but the sleepless nights and anxiety were getting old.


Interestingly, Terry had great success with LOA when she wrote a book called "How to Attract and Marry the Man of Your Dreams," which taught women how to attract the right man.


While LOA worked for her in many areas, a healthy and happy financial life eluded her. She found it difficult to maintain the right mindset when she would receive overdraft text alerts from the bank on a continual basis.


Since discovering Cassie, she has found herself able to “hold a space” for her own financial success in areas she would have panicked before.


In addition to gaining more confidence in her financial situation, she also has other manifesting success like:

  • Gained clarity on the next step(s) in her business
  • Being more visible to her clients
  • Launching a podcast called Here Comes The Good Part With Terry Hernon
  • Embracing joy in in her life.

When asked what her biggest ah-ha was from working with Cassie, she said, “Be willing to live in the empty space was HUGE.” She learned to be her  future self. The biggest impact on her life was “I feel powerful. For the first time in a long time, I believe I can move heaven and earth.”


There is no doubt that what Terry explains happened to her, happens in a lot of marriages. Terry learned to deliberately change her story every step of the way, despite whatever nonsense her husband gets into.

Nov 22, 2017

When I moved back to Denver to be closer to family I went to work for a not-for-profit organization that I had always dreamed of working for. Being a not-for-profit organization my salary was directly correlated to a not-for-profit salary. I knew that if I put in the time I could move up in the organization and be where I wanted to be, however the salary would never match my dreams. After a conversation with a friend, where she shared her big dreams, I decided it was time to do bigger things in my life.

I had always loved real estate and I decided to get my real estate license and start selling real estate part time, while keeping my full-time job.

After a successful year of selling real estate part time, I realized that I was no longer being fulfilled at my current job. So I took the scary plunge and dove into real estate full time. A week after quitting my full time, salaried, and benefited job, I held an open house in this awesome loft in a converted Baptist church. 

The decision to hold that open house on that weekend forever changed the course of my life. The reason why, is Cassie Parks happened to walk through the door. She was being a nosey neighbor, which agents love because we get to know more about the neighborhood from an insiders perspective. 

There was something about Cassie that clicked with me. She had this energy about her that I knew I wanted to know about this woman. I secretly wanted to be her friend! Dreams do come true, we are now great friends!

In my time knowing Cassie I have been inspired to really go after my dreams.

I witnessed Cassie living a designed life and I knew I wanted to learn how to do that. She practices and lives what she teaches. So the decision to work with her was simple.

My intention for working with Cassie was to learn the tools necessary to manifest my dreams. Dreaming big has never been an issue for me. Turning those dreams into my reality is where my challenges lied. With such large dreams, it is easy to become discouraged when they feel so out of reach. 

Working with Cassie really helped me shake off the programming of my childhood. I learned how to live “as if” instead of “as if not”.

Taking the course and knowing Cassie has inspired me to live my dreams. I grew up dreaming of having horses, buying my family cabin, and traveling. I am literally living my dreams. I rescued two horses this year, bought my family cabin and have been in a different city almost every month this year!

After working with Cassie I was able to live my future self as a Business Owner and Leader. I gained the confidence to build a larger business by adding a Director of Operations to my team. We are building the infrastructure to build a large team that is able to help more and more people with their real estate needs.

My business has grown and my team grossed over $200,000 this year after working with Cassie. The money is awesome! The true success is being able to help so many people with their real estate needs. Also, being able to give back to causes I care about.

Knowing that I can tell the universe what I want and with focused intentions and know it will come to me, is definitely living by design. I do not worry about the future anymore because I know I am designing it.

Accelerating my growth has given me a freeing feeling. I know that I can make the future my present faster. I can make my dreams my reality sooner. I can keep dreaming bigger and bigger and know that I can make them come true for myself and those I care about.

I have proven to those close to me and those who doubt what I can accomplish that I am capable of living a life by design. Having a clear image of my future self and my future life has allowed me to articulate to my husband what I want for us. This has allowed conversations to happen to make sure that his image of the future and mine are aligned.

If you're big dreamer, allow yourself to be vulnerable and dig deep. Dust off your childhood dreams and see if they are relevant; mine certainly were.

Nov 15, 2017
Sharon Pope, Love Coach and my co-host for this episode of More Money, and I definitely land in the category of “successful woman”. We both are best-selling authors and have created six-figure business following our departure from our successful corporate careers.
I asked Sharon to join me on this episode to help me dissipate a fear I’ve seen some women let keep them from going for it financially and it’s the belief, conscious or unconscious, that if they make a lot of money and are financially successful they are somehow limiting their chances of success on the relationship front.
Maybe this comes from society and beliefs that have been handed down. Maybe it comes from a fear that a man will somehow feel less than if a woman makes more than he does. Maybe it’s because you can find a number of female characters on T.V. who are doomed in the love department by their financial success
Maybe it comes from something your mom, dad, aunt, uncle or random person said about a woman who is in a relationship with a man who doesn’t make as much as her is settling and you’ve finally learned not to settle.
And maybe it doesn’t matter where it came from or even why it’s really there. The important thing to know is that you can create a happy, successful, relationship that is the wind at your back, no matter how much money each of you makes.
In this discussion with my friend Sharon, we discuss
  • how she makes more than her husband
  • how her credit score was MUCH higher than his when they got married  
  • how being married to her husband actually allows her to grow personally as well as financially
  • how to let go of the “how” about your relationship and attracting abundance
  • how to lead with the feeling of what you want in a relationship to open the door to the best possible match
  • the key to never letting a dollar amount define someone you love
Nov 1, 2017

Nancy Vickery is a mother and grandma with very blessed life! She has always had a good attitude in what ever job she has ever had. She is grateful everyday for the life I’ve lived. Her husband of 38 yrs has provided her with a life of choices that she knows other women haven’t had.

OLD STORY: Scarcity. Never enough. Always needing things to fill her up.

NEW MONEY STORY: I have enough. I don't need anything and am grateful for right now!

Nancy knows that she has, for years, manifested abundance into her life because she has been truly grateful for all that she has. This has brought her great income opportunities, trips, and beautiful changes to her home. 

After reading Cassie’s Manifest $10,000 book, Nancy learned the one thing that all her gratitude and positivity was missing. Letting go of the how, where the abundance and money can come from. 

Since reading Cassie’s book I’ve made over $20K and she is launching a new business with the knowledge that this income will continue from a new source. She says, “I’m taking a leap. At 55 I’m starting my own business. “Your Fabulous Space”. Helping others create a home or business To be a space that inspires them”.

She recently made $10,000 on 2 paychecks within 3 weeks. More than she has ever made in that amount of time. 

Now she is sure that this can and will happen again and again as she has the confidence and skill to make this kind of money without it having to come from an employer but me doing what she is truly passionate about. Or wherever or however the money and abundance wants to show up… it will because she knows it will. 

Nancy now understands that she could’ve had those choices if she only knew her power back then. The good news is that she knows it now! She has a new true confidence that she can do anything and accomplish what she sets out to do.

She realizes that she no longer has  to rely on any particular job but can be open to receive and be ready to be surprised. 


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