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Learn how to welcome more money into your life, start living the life you have been dreaming of and learn how to make your business profitable quicker and easier with Cassie Parks, best-selling author on the topics of money, business and lifestyle design. When Cassie isn't speaking, coaching or writing to inspire others, you can find her sipping champagne with friends, traveling, or dancing for no reason.
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Dec 7, 2016

Show Notes:

00:05 Show introduction

00:39 Cassie Parks introduction

00:52 Excited about this new season which is all about manifesting $10,000 and having a welcoming relationship with money so you can build your dream life easier and quicker

1:15 If money not flowing in, you do not have a business

1:34 Money is a powerful tool that helps you

2:14 Manifest $10,000 book is coming out May 16, 2017 in bookstores

2:20 Talk about how to welcome money into your life and have a better relationship with money

2:51 The more open you are to receiving money the easier and quicker you can build your business

3:15 Following intuition and growing

4:09 Just over 3 years since I left my corporate job, being an entrepreneur has become my life

7:29 If your intention to have a business, be an entrepreneur and be in control of your schedule then my intention is for this podcast to help you do that

7:45 You want to make money in the process

7:58 If you love this season or the Happily Ever After Podcast in General please preorder my physical book Manifest $10,000 as my intention is 10,000 pre-ordered copies

8:34 As a show of appreciation and a pay it forward gesture, please preorder the book as preorders matter to book buyers (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books A Million) so they can determine how many books to put on their shelves.

10:20 You are introducing me to someone else that might benefit. Please email me at with your comments or leave a review on itunes

11:11 You can preorder at from your favorite retailer

11:54 Once you have made a purchase order take a screen shot of that and then at the bottom of there is a button that says “Click Here To Get A Free Copy”, fill it out and put your receipt in there and I’ll send you a copy now.

12:27 Enjoy the book now, help someone else find the book and get your copy from your retailer where you can pay it forward to someone else.

12:53 Register for Manifest10K Course (note: you can do the course without the book and the book without the course - you can have success both ways!)

13:25 This is the course that launched my coaching business officially

13:40 Welcome money into your life without struggle

14:05 Very honored to have been picked up by a New York publishing agency and know that people can go buy a physical copy of my book

14:39 We have to talk about money, we have talked about building a business, getting clear on future self and how to double your income without doubling your hours

14:53 The foundation is being able to welcome in the money for that

15:00 If you have a resistance to money this is going to be hard

15:12 Hearing stories of people who read my book and it has helped them manifest money and make shifts

15:45 This season is going to be about how to welcome money into your life

16:00 We will have interviews of people who have been successful so you will not just hear from me but you’ll hear other people’s experiences

16:09 Seeing others success increases the belief that it is possible for you

16:15 Like to hear how everybody did it, because people will say things differently that you will benefit from

16:50 A lot of lessons that come from the evolution of my business

17:32 Follow your intuition and what feels right

18:00 How to build more money in your life

18:07 Business tips of how I built my business with the mentality of “if you build it, they will come”

20:19 Sometimes business ideas come in a moment or instant

20:22 What I learned is not to force it

21:20 Able to let the idea simmer on the back burner while I did what I did

21:40 Are you forcing?

22:00 Used to believe I might lose income possibilities if you don’t act now

22:45 Start with one thing that you are really good at and then over time, add other things that fit/work

24:48 Money was flowing out the door in a way I didn’t like and I needed to get a handle on that feeling

25:06 Money comes in, in different ways but I had to get my mindset right

26:15 If a coach or consultant, the thing I belief impacts your success in a big way is whether you practice what you preach, do you do what you say?

26:36 When I got quiet and asked myself how much to charge it should be pay after you manifest which meant I had to get better, clearer and more confident in my ability to receive money

27:39 I’ll share how an Inspired idea to outline the course has grown into a book, Manifest $10,000

28:00 Inside scoop on how it applies to your business and how you can apply it and teach you to welcome more money into your life

28:20 Manifest10K course story, we don't’ know how money is going to find us it is allowing the path to find you when you are open to it

29:35 Mantra: I welcome money into my life.

29:53 Closing of the call

30:18 End