Manifesting Success Stories A Law of Attraction Show

Start believing you can create more money, love and the life of your dreams using the law of attraction. This show is a positive, reality podcast that chronicles the journeys of those manifesting their deepest desires while stepping into their future selves, with the guidance of Law of Attraction and Money Manifesting Coach Cassie Parks. If you’ve ever asked, “Does the Law of Attraction really work?” this show has the answer.
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Dec 29, 2016

Show Notes:

00:05 Show Introduction

00:35 Cassie Parks introduction

00:50 Loving sharing about manifesting money and money mindset during this Manifest $10,000 season of the podcast so you can attract more money and build your business more easily

1:11 Evolution of Manifest 10K

3:15 Let me know if you like the backstage pass of Manifest 10K from today’s podcast

3:27 Chance to be creative on Wednesday and have fun while doing it because I had time in my schedule

6:11 If you love this season of the podcast or any of my books, I would appreciate it if you go to and preorder the paperback from  your favorite retailer. When you invest in that book now and place your contact info and receipt on the site and my team and I will send you a copy now too and get your first book in May.

7:53 3 year evolution of this course

8:36 Finding a niche

9:00 Resonance repatterning tools where I helped people shift thoughts and beliefs

11:03 Left corporate job November 2013 and took a break

11:45 Money felt like it was flying out the window

12:27 Notebook where I had outline a money manifesting course for a friend in network marketing where she could introduce them to the course so they could manifest the startup money

14:22 Outlined the course and it just came to me and it is what I do on a daily basis

14:50 A whisper prompted me to check my bank account and all the money I had invested in bills and expenses that year. I found my real estate income was the same as spending so I was financially free

15:40 Do this course as a I write it because I needed a reset and other people needed it too

16:15 Teach what you have mastered, go where your experience is

17:03 I started doing every exercise step by step

17:20 Get clear on the vision, align with the outcome and set the intention of success

17:58 Previously I had created products and courses and 1-2 people would sign up

18:30 Scripting the experience of having a successful course and launch where others were successful

19:14 Focused on the experience I wanted to have

19:45 What should I charge for this course?

20:10 Heard the whisper of pay after you manifest, go with what feels good

21:20 Following your feel good

21:55 Believed it would be successful

22:09 Vision of 170 people in the course

23:00 Launched with over 200 people

23:25 Get clear on what you want to experience, not the outcome

23:48 7 or 8 months into it, I was working on what a $500K business owner look like and had a hunch to call The Author Incubator

23:12 One week later, started with The Author Incubator starting with what was this book but then called Money, Money, Money

24:38 Didn’t know how to keep the book and course moving forward

25:11 Get 100 people in the course each month

25:43 This gave me continual people to coach

26:15 Few months in, changed the name to Manifest $10,000

27:00 Most people can wrap around $10,000 versus a million and tweaked the course

27:30 Ran this way for 6 months but then it lost it’s luster and became hard so I closed the doors on it and fully let it go with the intention to never open it back up

27:55 Be willing to put something down to see clearly

28:35 Reopened it with only a little rewriting but who I was, was better.

28:50 Ready to write the book - manifest $10,000 was searched on Amazon so that is how it got it’s name

29:15 Own Manifest $10,000 process even more now as the book is coming out in bookstores

29:33 Evolution of keeping going and stepping into your intuition when it comes to your business

29:53 Friend shared she didn’t believe the same way but cleaned her room and found $100 after reading first two chapters

30:11 Big manifestations like Karyn’s $14,300 and the small ones

30:35 Money shows up easily

30:43 Mantra: I follow my intuition

30:50 Manifest $10K Motto: Abundance flows through you

30:54 Show Closing

31:16 End

Dec 21, 2016

Show Notes:

00:05 Show Introduction

00:35 Cassie Parks introduction

00:41 Getting started in the Manifest $10,000 season to create a money mindset that allows more money into your life

00:51 If not willing or able to allow more money into your life you not going to be able to grow your business the way you want

1:06 The place people get stuck

1:22 Let’s talk about limiting beliefs and what to do about them

1:53 Manifest $10,000 books are in hand. Something about holding it that has a different resonance and power, maybe it is because it is going to be in bookstores and it is a accumulation of everything I have been teaching

4:04 If you love this season of the podcast, and you want to get your hands on this physical copy, go to and preorder it from  your favorite retailer. When you invest in that book now and place your contact info and receipt on the site and my team and I will send you a copy now. It is like a BOGO free pre-order deal.

5:14 What you are doing is helping someone else find this book. Our intention is 10,000 book preorders.

6:39 Will the course help me with my limiting beliefs?

6:58 Having a money mindset the supports abundance, growth, opportunity and possibilities is important if you want to grow your business and have a business that is your happy ever after.

7:12 If you can’t allow money into your life or you have a cap on how much you will allow it will create frustration, extra work & spinning your wheels because money is the exchange for what we do.

7:27 Money is a powerful tool that can help you change the world.

7:39 When your clients make an investment in you, or in your products, you have to be able to receive that money.

8:12 If you are stressed in the back of your mind about your bills, etc. you can not be fully present with them.

8:28 Money is sacred.

8:46 Getting rid of money beliefs is about stepping into the person who has money

9:09 Perhaps something isn’t right in your life and you found the law of attraction or positive thinking to change the situation and you found limiting beliefs in the process.

10:03 Foot detox story - shift limiting beliefs

13:11 Don’t have to dig out all your limiting beliefs to shift to what you want.

13:58 Keep looking for that good feeling but wasn’t growing.

14:30 Rehashing the same limiting belief over and over again?

15:00 Few limiting beliefs  you can shift and then you have to step into becoming the person who allows $10,000 to show up in your life.

16:00 Don’t go looking for limiting beliefs.

16:15 Making money is hard and requires a lot of hours belief.

17:35 Look at who I wanted to become and decide my beliefs - choose them.

18:58 Enjoy making money in your business with ease, flow and grace.

19:28 We are going to create your money mindset.

20:45 Choose something different

21:10 Interview with Karyn is coming up and manifested $14,300 in 50 days of reading the book

21:58 Create a sacred space to read the book

23:45 Do a simple inventory of believes to start saying and practicing that support business growth and personal success.

25:04 My beliefs support abundance.

25:41 Manifest $10K Motto: Abundance flows through me

25:48  Closing of the call

26:13  End

Dec 14, 2016

Show Timing

00:05 Show introduction

00:37 Cassie Parks introduction

00:50 Manifest $10,000 - How to use the law of attraction to manifest more money into your life

00:59 Welcome the ease and flow of money into your life so that you can build your business quicker and easier

1:10 It is not a business if no money flowing in

1:18 When money is coming in you can reinvest some in your business and give yourself a paycheck

1:26 Manifest $10,000 book (also referred to as Manifest $10K) is coming out May 16, 2017 in bookstores

1:44 Live a life where you don’t have to have to ask permission to do cool things

2:58 Keep welcoming money into your life

3:25 Passionate about sharing what I have learned from the book, my business and the course

3:48 You have to have money flowing into enjoy the freedom it allows

5:00 Freedom without money doesn’t feel as free

5:16 If you love this season or the Happily Ever After Podcast in general and you want to show your appreciation, I would be grateful if you would go to and preorder the hard copy of my new book Manifest $10,000 that comes out May 16, 2017 and when you do and screenshot the receipt, fill out the info and I’ll send you a copy now and you can then gift the book that gets sent to you from the retailer

7:18 Paying it forward because the more pre-orders there are the more book buyers will stock it on their shelf space which helps you introduce me to someone else

8:40 Register for and register as it is pay after you manifest

9:38 Where you might be as far as manifesting more money into your life using the law of attraction

10:12 Utilizing the law of attraction (manifesting is opening to receive whatever I want)

10:49 When you line up with who you are and what you desire in life and the path starts to appear (become the person who already has that)

11:40 Entrepreneurs want to manifest $10,000

12:20 Set your intention

12:47 Go into plan mode (# clients, at this price, etc.)

13:38 When you open up the amount of money, it is not our job to devise the plan

14:23 Energy (action taking) instead of getting in alignment with being the person they want to be - anytime making a plan you are not using the law of attraction

15:13 Not leveraging the power of the law of attraction

16:10 Does it matter how it comes to be?

17:21 Get clear about what you want

18:00 Are you forcing and closing off possibilities?

18:43 How does that feel? Who are you when you have $10K in the bank? Become clear on this and the easiest and quickest path will start to appear instead of you deciding (generally what entrepreneurs do)

19:23 Brut force action energetically

20:00 Your plan is not the best plan (brain trying to make it happen and figure out the how)

20:32 Get frustrated because this doesn’t work (work hard, spent hours, wasn’t the right outcomes)

22:45 You might be expending energy that is not inspired.

23:20 Give up until your next big idea

23:47 Entrepreneurs are really good manifestors so you have probably had some success in manifesting relationships, free trips, car, etc. but you have been as successful manifesting money in your business which is why you are here

24:16 Entrepreneurs often start over and continue the cycle

25:10 Entrepreneurs are not afraid to work hard

25:34 JJ client story: Student loan forgiveness and so he gave up and magically the approval came through because he was open to receiving

26:43 Next episode: Do you have to get rid of limiting beliefs in order to manifest more money

26:57 I am open to receive.

27:21 Closing of the call

27:46 End

Dec 7, 2016

Show Notes:

00:05 Show introduction

00:39 Cassie Parks introduction

00:52 Excited about this new season which is all about manifesting $10,000 and having a welcoming relationship with money so you can build your dream life easier and quicker

1:15 If money not flowing in, you do not have a business

1:34 Money is a powerful tool that helps you

2:14 Manifest $10,000 book is coming out May 16, 2017 in bookstores

2:20 Talk about how to welcome money into your life and have a better relationship with money

2:51 The more open you are to receiving money the easier and quicker you can build your business

3:15 Following intuition and growing

4:09 Just over 3 years since I left my corporate job, being an entrepreneur has become my life

7:29 If your intention to have a business, be an entrepreneur and be in control of your schedule then my intention is for this podcast to help you do that

7:45 You want to make money in the process

7:58 If you love this season or the Happily Ever After Podcast in General please preorder my physical book Manifest $10,000 as my intention is 10,000 pre-ordered copies

8:34 As a show of appreciation and a pay it forward gesture, please preorder the book as preorders matter to book buyers (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books A Million) so they can determine how many books to put on their shelves.

10:20 You are introducing me to someone else that might benefit. Please email me at with your comments or leave a review on itunes

11:11 You can preorder at from your favorite retailer

11:54 Once you have made a purchase order take a screen shot of that and then at the bottom of there is a button that says “Click Here To Get A Free Copy”, fill it out and put your receipt in there and I’ll send you a copy now.

12:27 Enjoy the book now, help someone else find the book and get your copy from your retailer where you can pay it forward to someone else.

12:53 Register for Manifest10K Course (note: you can do the course without the book and the book without the course - you can have success both ways!)

13:25 This is the course that launched my coaching business officially

13:40 Welcome money into your life without struggle

14:05 Very honored to have been picked up by a New York publishing agency and know that people can go buy a physical copy of my book

14:39 We have to talk about money, we have talked about building a business, getting clear on future self and how to double your income without doubling your hours

14:53 The foundation is being able to welcome in the money for that

15:00 If you have a resistance to money this is going to be hard

15:12 Hearing stories of people who read my book and it has helped them manifest money and make shifts

15:45 This season is going to be about how to welcome money into your life

16:00 We will have interviews of people who have been successful so you will not just hear from me but you’ll hear other people’s experiences

16:09 Seeing others success increases the belief that it is possible for you

16:15 Like to hear how everybody did it, because people will say things differently that you will benefit from

16:50 A lot of lessons that come from the evolution of my business

17:32 Follow your intuition and what feels right

18:00 How to build more money in your life

18:07 Business tips of how I built my business with the mentality of “if you build it, they will come”

20:19 Sometimes business ideas come in a moment or instant

20:22 What I learned is not to force it

21:20 Able to let the idea simmer on the back burner while I did what I did

21:40 Are you forcing?

22:00 Used to believe I might lose income possibilities if you don’t act now

22:45 Start with one thing that you are really good at and then over time, add other things that fit/work

24:48 Money was flowing out the door in a way I didn’t like and I needed to get a handle on that feeling

25:06 Money comes in, in different ways but I had to get my mindset right

26:15 If a coach or consultant, the thing I belief impacts your success in a big way is whether you practice what you preach, do you do what you say?

26:36 When I got quiet and asked myself how much to charge it should be pay after you manifest which meant I had to get better, clearer and more confident in my ability to receive money

27:39 I’ll share how an Inspired idea to outline the course has grown into a book, Manifest $10,000

28:00 Inside scoop on how it applies to your business and how you can apply it and teach you to welcome more money into your life

28:20 Manifest10K course story, we don't’ know how money is going to find us it is allowing the path to find you when you are open to it

29:35 Mantra: I welcome money into my life.

29:53 Closing of the call

30:18 End


Nov 2, 2016

Show Timing:

00:05 Show introduction

00:37 Cassie Parks introduction

1:05 There is more to say

1:15 Get as much done in chunks as I can because it makes my world easier

2:10 “Doubling Your Business Without Doubling Your Hours” so enjoy the life you have built

2:18 What to focus on to get you there, process is about clarity

2:43 Double Your Business #1 on Amazon multiple times in multiple areas, thank you

3:15 Free 4-part video course at

4:03 Leave a review and tell us what you did after reading the book

4:32 Question of the hour

5:01 Clarity and focus - whether get to #1 or not

5:28 Book coming out in May 2017 Manifest $100,000 is in a place that it can now hit the NY Times Bestseller List

6:22 Cassie shared 2009 speaker story

7:20 The message I got - you need a book

8:00 “Open to Possibilities” speaking gig

9:16 Book to promote yourself and the syndicated (in 8 markets) radio show

10:10 Did the show and got one book sale

10:30 Sole focus was on getting on the radio show

11:05 Instead focus on what you want life to ultimately look like (GPS Point)

12:03 Would have gotten clients

12:53 Looking back I wasn’t focused on the end game

13:16 Focus on the GPS point

13:33 Look at everything different now

14:00 Working with clients that fulfill my dream life

15:40 Follow the whispers in life

17:01 Manifest $10,000 book sales make it eligible as a NY Time Best Seller

18:35 Focus audit (life or on the how)

18:50 Script the life not the how.

19:30 Minor picture in the big picture of your life

19:50 Focus on the life not the steps that you think is going to get you here

20:43 I stay focused on the life

20:58 Closing of the call

21:25 End

Oct 21, 2016

Show Timing:

00:05 Show Introduction

00:35 Cassie Parks introduction

00:53 Extra valuable information

1:38 “Doubling Your Business Without Doubling Your Hours” so enjoy the life you have built

1:47 Talking about this today: When and how to invest in your business

2.25 You often need a different skill set (investment)

4:14 Investing in a magazine to showcase the work my clients have done and their success.

4:50 Working hard - step and grow into the person you are becoming

5: 46 Inspirational to know what is possible

6:11 If you loved this season of the podcast grab your copy of The “Double Your Business” book is available on Amazon

6:36 Free 4-part video course at

6:49 Investing in business strategy

8:56 How I make investments in my business

9:05 Investment in my future self

10:00 How to run a business

10:22 Invest in things that grow my personally in the capacity I want to serve

10:55 Class to learn the structure of my signature talk  

11:39 Big investments are thousands of dollars

12:47 Decision to invest: College or Master’s Degree

13:12 Investment in money, income, energy and time

15:36 How I look at investing that will change who I am in my business

16:04 I am becoming a half a million dollar earner

16:40 How teachers might look at making a decision about college education

18:39 Good return on your investment

19:19 Cost benefit analysis on investing

20:11 Will I make enough money to service the payment plan and then I ask how much more than that will I make?

20:47 Will it make 10% more?

21:50 Many entrepreneurs get hung up on the amount and think “I don’t have that money right now”

22:02 In the business of making money and growing, believe in yourself

22:40 Some entrepreneurs don’t finish things

23:50 Investing in real estate

24:55 System out there to learn stuff and have more knowledge

25:49 Your $10,000 price tag shut down blocks money from coming in, you are shutting down from allowing

26:20 Your business is an investment in you and look at the rate of return on it

26:50 Might be holding yourself back

27:13 Gut feeling investment with clarity

28:00 Learn the difference between the two 90-99% should have a ROI outcome

28:53 Closing of the call

29:18 End

Oct 12, 2016

Show Timing: 

00:05 Show Introduction

00:37 Cassie Parks introduction

00:58 Doubling Your Business Without Doubling Your Hours so enjoy the life you have built.

1:08 Writing A Book - when does it make sense, should you/shouldn’t you?

1:48 If it is time, send me an email at and let me know you loved this episode.

2:00 Manifest 10K Course’s client, Maggie, manifested $20K in the form of a new job opportunity. This allowed more time, more freedom and more like-minded people.

2:55 In the process of celebrating by doing a photoshoot which you can see on my Facebook page

3:03 Celebrating the success of others, through an online magazine with all the stories. Loved doing this for one of my clients.

3:57 Red carpet treatment

4:50 If you love this podcast grab your copy of The “Double Your Business” book is available on Amazon

5:00 Free 4-part video course at

5:26 “I want to write a best-selling book”

5:58 Clarity: Why do you want a book? What is that book going to do? What are you doing to do with the book? Is the book in your head going to lead to you having the business and life you want? Where do you want to get to?

6:57 Perception is that a book will make you successful.

7:23 Publisher information at, Difference Press

7:53 Pre-discussion about the process of writing a book

8:16 Why do you want a book?

9:24 Write a book to make money but not speak or coach about your topic. Imagine yourself as a writer.

10:23 Write a book to make money you want to ask is it the book or do you want to impact people’s lives?

11:40 The Author Incubator

12:30 What are the results of the people they are publishing?

13:13 Make an investment to earn your money back.

14:05 Here is the truth - be clear or you take yourself off track

15:27 Clear about who you are and what you do because you can build a business around the wrong thing. You might have just added time to getting to your true destination.

16:05 Be in alignment.

17:00 Is this the right time? Is this the right topic?

17:17 What is the life you are creating?

17:27 When the idea is inspired it is absolutely right. It was inspired, quiet and whisper that this is the next step.

18:30 Sometimes there is a path.

19:57 Important before you jump into the process that you know it is right because you are committing to that path.

20:53 Knew what I wanted the book to do but something was missing - the ideal reader.

22:20 Some books don’t land with readers - speaking to your ideal reader is a skill set that can be learned.

25:00 You’ll get the whisper for the right time

25:54 Feedback
26:10 Mantra: I am focused on the life.

26:50 Closing of the call

27:14 End

Oct 5, 2016

Timing of the Show

00:05 Show Introduction

00:37 Cassie Parks introduction

1:08 What To Do Next in Doubling Your Business Without Doubling Your Hours

1:21 It is all about clarity in the Double Your Business process.

8:44 The “Double Your Business” book is available on Amazon or email

9:39 Take advantage of  a free 4-part video course at

9:55 We covered all the steps and how to navigate any challenges

10:04 What is it going to look like?

10:16 I have the Manifest 10K Course and Manifest $10,000 book

10:36 Did the money show up the way you thought it would?

11:47 Jill’s experience - double her money in 10 days

12:11 You don’t know how it is going to show up but that is not your job

13:04 Let go and let the process work and give yourself space

14:37 I support entrepreneurs who want to Doubling Your Business Without Doubling Your Hours so if you are interested in that let’s go through the application process at and click on Work With Cassie

16:17 Share with me how you are doubling your business, and how you are stepping into yourself by emailing me at

16:49 Encouragement from a variety of stories from this series

17:24 Jill - sent two emails and doubled her business in 10 days

17:55 Jennifer - doubled her sales by showing up in a different way in her business in 30 days after we were done working together

18:59 Mia - set up a business in a new place by showing up as her future self

20:00 Entrepreneur freelancer had a business idea pop into her head through a calm, quiet whisper

21:30 Realtor freed up time and felt sure money was coming in and was able to trust and has changed how he looks and feels about money and he doubled his business the next month

22:58 Each client is different and this process will teach you to weather the peaks and valleys

23:35 Amanda - the perfect business found her

24:24 You get to decide what is going to happen by how you tap into your future self by deciding that is who you are going to be

24:55 Inspector - getting his license but has no network. You get the story you are creating.

27:11 Excited to hear how it all works out. Thank you for allowing me to share this process.

28:24 I am worthy of living the best story I can tell.

28:50 Take advantatge of the course at

29:04 Closing of the call

29:05 Pause with no recording

29:55 Double your business season Episode 39 replays again in full.

58:01 End

Sep 28, 2016

Timing of the Show

00:05 Show Introduction

00:37 Cassie Parks introduction

00:54 How You Can Mess Up The Process of Doubling Your Business Without Doubling Your Hours

1:54 Give you to tools so you know you have them

2:02 Teach you how to navigate if you get stuck

2:10 Live workshop at the enchanted palace and all the people who showed up over the last year and even before that

3:30 Focus on one thing but remember the moments where no one showed up

4:03 Use this process to have people show up and invest.

5:15 Remember where you have been

5:30 The “Double Your Business” book is available on Amazon

6:00 Grab a free 4-part video course at

6:25 Here is what might go wrong

7:45 Not setting a high enough income intention

11:00 Not scripting from the place of your future budget

13:55 Follow all the steps and staying in tune

14:10 Catch yourself thinking (I thought or I think)

15:08 The magic pill

16:18 Whispers, intuition and knowing the next steps

18:18 I want to write a book

20:23 When things come from your future self they are calm

20:38 Go through the whole process

21:38 Just keep going

23:30 Lean into your feelings

25:51 Ways to get off track so it is easier to stay on track

26:50 If upport in this process andclick on the Work with Cassie button

27:23 Success story: A realtor read my book Manifest10K and shared her success

28:02 Mantra: I stay the course.

28:08 Double Your Business 4-part video course at

28:16 Closing of the Call

28:41 End

Sep 21, 2016


Show Timing: 

00:06 Show introduction

00:39 Cassie Parks introduction

1:10 The Next Step In Doubling Your Business Without Doubling Your Hours: Feeling Your Future

1:15 How this process continues to evolve and how the path can show up quickly and easily

1:37 Jill Angie, Not Your Average Runner is hosting a retreat in Denver, CO in Oct 2016 and the exciting parts are 1) having a place to share with others and 2) created a business that supports the lifestyle I want

2:58 The Double Your Business process by stepping into your future self and the path shows up quicker each time.

3:55 $500K business owner - step into this big vision and big intention

5:47 The “Double Your Business” book is available on Amazon

6:06 Grab a free 4-part video course at

6:24 Feeling into your future and how this process evolves

6:37 How will you feel living this life? You have to consciously feel this now while you are creating how you’ll feel then.

7:29 You could  hit your income intention without this but if you don’t want to double your hours, make the time to feel now how you will feel then.

8:01 Own the space for how you want to feel. Make the space to feel that.

8:38 Allow yourself to maintain the feeling of how you want to feel now.

10:04 Feeling what you are going to feel in your future.

10:12 Make a list of 10 things that you do when you feel that emotion. 5 of them should be things you can do at any time. Choose to activate these feelings.

12:00 So what will happen next? The circle of this process gets deeper.

13:09 Keep repeating some of the steps: scripting, step into your future self, activate feelings which will allow you a deeper understanding of your future self and for experiences to keep showing up.

14:24 Client share amazing experiences that show up all the time that come out of the blue.

15:25 Your future self of having, being and doing what you want allows the income because you are being more of that person so the income will follow and the path will appear.

16:50 What might happen for your as you step into your future life? Opportunities just show up.

17:15 Client story: Jill had total inspiration to send out an email and she had the right words from her future self and this alone doubled her business.

17:49 Client story: Mia found the perfect place to set up her business and it was more perfect than she imagined.

18:34 Carrie, our real estate agent, might get listings out of the blue, larger listings, etc. She just has the Midas touch per say. She will attract higher caliber clients and repel high maintenance clients.

20:40 Client story: Amanda her perfect business appeared that matched what she set out for herself

21:25 My connection with my future self deepens every day.

Remember to take the Double Your Business course with

22:10  Closing of the call

22: 34 End

Sep 14, 2016

00:05 Show Introduction

00:41 Cassie's Introduction

00:55 Double Your Business Without Doubling Your Hours: Next 2 Steps 1) Mirror Your Future Self 2) Step Into Your Future Self

1:11 Do all steps in order and if you need to go back and do the past steps

1:29 FREE Double Your Business with Cassie Video Series

2:00 Relish in the experience of success because of having gone through the process

4:32 Double Your Business Book on Amazon is available and thank you for downloads and reviews

5:40 Mirroring your future self

6:06 Invest in something your future self would have

7:36 Your future self lives in your home and what you focus on expands

9:32 Vision board collage

11:29 Analyze the snapshot of current and future lives

12:19 Appreciate the things that are in both lives

12:47 Determine what isn't in your life yet

13:25 List how you can get more of those things that aren't there yet

14:02 Quicker and easier way

14:14 How to get your current life to look like your future life

15:22 Step into your future life by engaging with experience and feelings

16:28 Feel into your future life

18:37 Things will show up that fit into your future life

19:19 Tap into your future life now

20:40 Carrie, The Realtor example

21:53 Come from your future self

23:03 Client success

23:36 The path will appear

24:05 Manifest 10K group and book

25:00 Start receiving your life by following the steps

26:30 Mantra 

26:50 Cassie wraps up

27:16 Show end


Sep 7, 2016

00:05 Show introduction

00:37 Cassie Parks introduction

00:53 The Next Two Steps In Doubling Your Business Without Doubling Your Hours 1)Analyze Future Budget and 2)Meet Your Future Self

1:07 Dream about not working in the middle of the day but time to enjoy my morning, time/space to enjoy the beginning part of my day and how it would feel like vacation and felt free.

2:15 Get clear on what you want.

3:55 Grab “Double Your Business” book on Amazon

4:12 Sign up at and register for the 4-part video cou

4:35 Analyzing your future budget and how it is allocated

5:26 Let your budget paint the picture

6:55 Budget gives you a clue who you are in your future life

8:12 What did you expect when you looked at your budget? Any surprises?

8:33 Pick out the top 3 highlights from that full picture with that income intention where you are loving life

9:32 Anchor that lifestyle and get to know that

10:19 Know your future self

10:39 Tool for getting to know your future self and the small details of her life

11:11 Scripting - writing about you in an experience or past that experience

11:30 This is a tool that I used when I developed the course

13:47 Tool that lets you know and get into the experience of your future self.

14:02 Traditionally you guess what your future life will look like

14:37 Step into those experiences and the easier they came

15:00 You are inside your future life and understanding who you are in those future moments

15:35 Get inside her head and see what is happening

15: 47 Past tense first person at the end of the day in middle of your future life.

16:40 Scripting Formula = detail, sense (creating new memories), emotion (feel) you want, and gratitude

22:28 Script every day for 2 hours or 2000 hours for every part of your day

23:00 Next step in your day and go all the way through every step of your day.

23:35 Mirror that life (we’ll talk about that is in the next episode)

24:08 Do this process for each of the three highlighted days of your life

24:44 Tap into that life you will have with that future budget.

24:51 Client shared how scripting about her business and she got multiple opportunity and so you can see it opens up channels for you.

25:48 I live abundantly

26:00 Double Your Business Course with

26:07 Closing of the call

Aug 31, 2016

The first two steps in doubling your business without the hours is 1) set your income intention and 2) set a future budget. Cassie will show you explain why this important if you want to double your income without doubling your hours.

0:05 Show introduction

0:37 Cassie Parks introduction

0:55 First Two Steps In Doubling Your Business Without Doubling Your Hours 1) Setting Your Income Intention 2) Future Budget

1:19 The Four Season’s experience and sharing that experience with others and teaching others

4:58 Free four part video course that will walk you through the steps too at

6:00 Step One: Setting your income intention.

7:40 Environment is key and how to let your income intention come to you.

09:45 Quick slow way rather than the Slow Quick way

10:10 Open up more into the income you want in 5 years and space to grow as a person

10:40 A big intention is powerful and more powerful when it comes from a place inside of you

10:55 It only takes 10-15 seconds to get this number

11:06 You start asking questions if you take longer

11:47 Own that number, whatever it is.

12: 05 You might logically try to think your way through the answer.

12: 45 Room to grow, enroll a friend if needed

13:00 Write down the number if bigger than you expected or if you aren’t sure how it will happen or what you’ll do with the money.

13:50 Your brain has a budget right now but you must help it know what to do with more money

14:30 What does it look like to invest that across your life?

15:26 Step into it, the right opportunities will show up.

17:50 It is OK to turn down things that don’t make your heart sing.

19:55 Set up a future budget so your brain can understand your intention to quiet the part that gets scared and fearful.

21:18 Bullseye intention and lifestyle

22:28 Future budget details  - business expenses, living space, investment, savings, travel, giving, etc.

29:54 Client success: She had a totally new business idea that came from her future self and she is really inspired as it fits into everything in her life.

31:28 Mantra: My income is growing.

32:00 Closing of the call

32:25 End

Aug 24, 2016

In this podcast Cassie will clarify the difference between a goal and an intention and how the bubble concept can help you grow into your future self easily and double your business without doubling your hours.


Timing of the Show

0:05 Show introduction

0:38 Cassie Parks introduction

1:11 Double Your Business Without Doubling Your Hours: Goals vs. Intention and the Bubble Concept and How You Have To Grow

1:40 Cassie shares about her lifestyle and some recent trips and how this created a “dream come true” moment for her.  

3:23 What is the lifestyle that you want along with the money? Get clear on this.

3:52 Upcoming Cassie’s new book “Double Your Business” available on Amazon 9/1/16 for FREE

4:18 Four part video course available at

4:40 Goals vs.Intention

4:46 Definition of a goal

6:46 Definition of an intention

8:00 Learn to be set up for easy success

8:53 How do goals and intentions generally play out in life?

11:08 Intentions

11:23 How does this impact what is going on?

11:27 Carrie, the Real Estate Agent, had to learn a lot in the beginning and $50K was an inevitable income goal for her. She put her energy about learning her industry but now she doesn’t have a lot of area to grow now.

14:09 The Bubble Concept

15:37 Carrie has grown to the size of her bubble.

16:08 Setting an income just outside the bubble doesn’t allow her room to grow.

16:44 Create a bigger bubble so you have to grow

17:14 How big would your goldfish bowl or bubble be or aquarium be?

18:38 What happens to goldfish? They don’t grow.

19:16 Look for a time in your life when you had a lot to learn so your business grew at a rapid rate? Look for a plateau.

22:36 Client Story: Mia doubled her income in the month after we worked together and cut her hours in half. Learn how on upcoming calls.

23:05 I am expanding my bubble.

23:30 Closing of the call

23:55 End

Aug 17, 2016

Cassie talks about how the Slow Quick way of doubling your business without doubling your hours is easier than the Quick Slow way.

In this podcast she talks about the 5 steps in the Slow Quick Way and will talk about each step in detail in upcoming podcasts.

Aug 15, 2016

In this episode Cassie will talk about the two ways to get to Doubling Your Business. You might recognize of of these ways as the way you have been growing your business. Listen in as you learn both ways. Then you get to decide which of the two ways you will implement as you Double Your Business and Not Your Hours.

Aug 15, 2016

Cassie will share what success looks like without doubling your hours and evaluating your true cost of not doubling your business.

Aug 12, 2016

Join us as we discuss how doubling your business is about more than just than the money. 

Aug 4, 2016

A business does not grow overnight, we all know that. Right knowledge, determination, hard work, dedication, and passion are the basic requirements to increase the growth of your business and that takes time. Though doubling business growth is possible, you’d think you’d need to invest lots of things, especially tons of your precious time. But does it really have to be this way? 


On this new episode of Happy Ever After, we will discuss why doing things that you have been doing hard won’t take you where you want to go and we will learn how to grow your business without spending too much of your hours. 


Make sure to turn up the volume and listen closely as I uncover my insights on the traditional way on how to double a business without doubling up your time, as well as your stress. Don’t forget to take some notes. 


What You’ll Learn from this Episode: 

  • Why hard work doesn’t always pay off 
  • The greatest business tragedy: Money vs Time 
  • The possibility of doubling your business without doubling your hours 
Jul 27, 2016

Remember why you started your business in the first place? I’m sure it wasn’t about working harder to get better results, but all about being able to have the time and money to do all the things that you love to do. And if you’re still figuring out how to do this - welcome back! 


Welcome to the next season of Happy Ever After, and this season is all about how to Double Your Business Without Doubling Your Hours.


On this episode, I talk about why I wanted to create my business as well as my experience with doubling my business without, yes, doubling my hours to double my business, as well as a brief look at what I’ll be talking about in this coming season.


What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why the “Double Your Business” process.
  • How to access four free videos that will teach you how to Double Your Business.
  • How to get quiet and create the life you want (homework).
  • What I’ll be talking about in the other episodes of this season.
  • This week’s mantra: “I am doubling my business.”
May 25, 2016

Join us as we discuss what it means to create and run a business that you truly love and are passionate about.  

Get full show notes and more information here:

May 18, 2016

Listen in as I share my thoughts on the importance of making your clients feel cherished and honored with small yet thoughtful gifts. 

Get full show notes and more information here:

May 11, 2016

Listen in as I share my insights and personal experiences with showing up as, as my mentor calls it, someone that people want to buy from.

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May 4, 2016

On this episode of Happy Ever After, we delve into 7 biggest money mindset mistakes people make and explore how to avoid falling into those traps we set up for ourselves.

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Apr 27, 2016

On this episode of Happy Ever After, I share my thoughts on how you can charge what you’re worth. Join us as I share my strategy for pricing your services in a way that feels authentic to you.

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