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Start believing you can create more money, love and the life of your dreams using the law of attraction. This show is a positive, reality podcast that chronicles the journeys of those manifesting their deepest desires while stepping into their future selves, with the guidance of Law of Attraction and Money Manifesting Coach Cassie Parks. If you’ve ever asked, “Does the Law of Attraction really work?” this show has the answer.
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Dec 27, 2017


Lindsey has had success in manifesting money due some work she did in the Manifest 10K course and the first ever Manifest $10K LIVE workshop about 1 year ago. The intention was to manifest $10,000. Together she and her husband Corey manifested this money. If you didn't hear Lindsey’s original story, you can listen to it here. (hyperlink will be active)

Old Money Story: Money Was A Necessary Evil

New Money Story: Confident Manifestors

Negative circumstances derail most people but this is what led Lindsey and Corey to their $10,000.

Lindsey is a higher-self integration expert who helps women find their best version of themselves spiritually and helps them step into their real power on a universal level.

Before taking the Manifest $10K course she would often display a lack of confidence in herself and her ideas.

Lindsey loved the Manifest $10K course because there was no pressure. She says, “It was a cool and gentle way to be introduced to Law of Attraction in the sense of manifesting money.”

Lindsey set her intention and did the work.

Lindsey was watching Cassie’s Facebook pictures and realized she wanted the life she saw. She wanted to be in the pictures with the people right in front of her. She set another intention of being with Cassie and having a great time too.

The next day, Cassie announced that she was going to do a live event in Colorado. Her husband was in full support of her commitment to going. To top it off, Lindsey put off booking her airline tickets but when timing was right, she was prompted to act and got a great deal on her airfare.

Her biggest takeaway from Manifest 10K LIVE was 1) the conscious realization on how the brain tries to go back to normal once she was home from an event 2) the support of the participants and how they cheered each other on unconditionally.

Moving forward has been easy because she knows she has the support of all of the other participants. Lindsey has a new found confidence that has led to so many great things over the last year.

Instead of feeling like she is doing something wrong in her marketing her business, she now has the confidence to give her ideas time and energy to reach the right people.

Lindsey is willing to be who she is fully now. This is how she will attract the perfect clients for her.

Manifest With Your Partner

Corey and Lindsey manifest together. She shared with him because she was excited. She changed her money language and feelings about money and he willingly grabbed hold. The concepts Cassie taught was easy to share with him. Together they worked on their guilt of spending money and changed that into an investment mindset.

He decided what he really wanted to do for a living, which is real estate investing.

They knew they would manifest what he wanted to do but weren’t sure how it would work out. He not only got the additional $10K and he has now met others who flip and sell homes.  He is making the right connections with people who have the money and the know-how on how to do his dream job. In turn, this has opened up conversations with his current employer as well.

It all started with the pothole and a disastrous situation. Life is so different after one year of doing this internal manifesting work. Lindsey now listens to the universal promptings that come to her and acts on them quicker. Today, their life is filled with freedom and ease.

Her advice is to keep plugged into what feels right and is working.

You can get a free meditation and reach Lindsey at:



Manifest $10,000 book

Double Your Business book

Coaching with Cassie



Dec 20, 2017

Old Money Story: Scarcity and Lack

New Money Story: Why Am I Making So Much Money?


Lainie manifested over $6000 in only five days. In the four months that followed her total has grown  to well over $20,000. One of the keys to Lainie’s success is tracking the money that is coming in.


Here’s her story in her words, “Since the Challenge began, I've manifested over $6K! I've manifested a tuition discount on a program I was accepted into, money to pay for 6 months of car insurance, numerous free meals and drinks, a concert ticket, groceries and higher payments from clients than I was expecting. Every day, I step further into my future self while shifting perceptions rooted in fear of not having enough. I've reaffirmed my faith and belief in abundance and quickly delete statements or beliefs that don't align with abundance. I am also more cognizant of all of the abundance in my life and express gratitude for it regularly. This allowed me to relax this summer in regards to my finances, rather than worrying about money since most of my contracts occur during the school year. I KNOW and BELIEVE that I am taken care of in all ways. I am a money magnet!”


During the Challenge, Lainie discovered her car insurance policy expired, unbeknownst to her. Since it lapsed for a few months, insurance companies treated her as a customer who hadn't had insurance in years, which meant an increased cost. She had a moment of panic wondering, "How am I going to afford insurance now?" Then she realized that came from fear and decided to shift her perceptions. She repeated money mantras, she learned from my books and courses money finds me, I am a money magnet, money flows to me," which helped her trust she would find the money to pay for her insurance.


Later that night, she remembered she had a 403(b) account from a previous job and discovered roughly $2,600. She surrendered the account, took out money for taxes, and was able to pay for 6 months of insurance upfront. The balance of the account was applied to the tuition of a development program she was accepted into this year that will take he to NYC, to which I was also awarded a scholarship in the amount of $1,134.


What seemed like a dire financial situation turned into a financial blessing. “I chose love and trusted the Universe would take care of me, rather than feeding the fear that there wasn't enough money for my needs,” Lainie said.


One of the reasons Lainie was able to manifest money so quickly during the challenge is she had already taken the Double Your Business workshop with me so she had learned what she was doing wrong and how to do it right. The challenge gave her new perspective, reminders and opened up more space for abundance.


Lainie learned during the challenge she doesn’t have to explain her abundance. It just is. She also attracted a new dog-sitting client who paid her a higher rate, without her asking, and has now raised her rate to the higher amount for all her other clients. Everyone is happy to pay. Her abundance is always increasing.


The best advice Lainie shares in this interview is to keep doing what works. Lainie admits to, in the past, having all the books and tools and downloads to make the law of attraction work for her. She used to try and make it work and she thought she was doing everything right, but she was attracting what she desired. She realized during our time coaching together what she was doing wrong and how to do it right. Since then she has put all her other Law of Attraction books away. When she feels stuck she goes back to Manifest $10,000 or Double Your Business to remind herself of the process instead of seeking a new process. She also has a very clear picture of her future self, because she took Double Your Business, to tap into.


You can reach Lainie at:








Manifest $10,000 book

Double Your Business book

Coaching with Cassie


Dec 13, 2017

Lynn was living a life full of resistance, struggle and stumbling in so many areas of her life.  She was the type of person that would jump from one business venture to the next in hope to end her financial woes but she was not aligned with her purpose.


Old Money Story:  Hard Work & On The Run

New Money Story: Ease & Flow


“Afraid to invest in herself” is where Lynn said she started our journey together.  Lynn’s original intention in working together was to become better at scripting. She had no idea her life would transform as a result of working together.


Lynn says, “I totally transformed. Working with Cassie has enabled me to embark on a beautiful journey of self-love, self-exploration, and what feels good! This journey caused to get really clear on my life, my career, my finances, my freedom, my service, my love, my clothes, my travel, my home, my car, my business....yep, I got really clear, but that clarity is what enabled to me step into my future self naturally and made my life easy. The outcomes have been priceless. I now value me and have no problem investing me. I'm clear on my business, and how it fits into my amazing life. I understand there is no competition, but only the barriers I set up in my being. The biggest outcome has been the clarity I gained, and my beingness which connects me with my future self.”


Becoming crystal clear on what she wanted and what she was going to do with the money she manifests has allowed Lynn to $10,000 and live a life that allows her and those in her life to experience awesome things.


Lynn’s advice to others is, “Believe in you, and trust your gut! I did not know a person who had ever worked with Cassie before but was drawn to her energetically. I had to trust my gut, and doing so has set my life on a beautiful journey and I am forever thankful for Cassie.”


Lynn learned it is OK to be fabulous. Today she helps frustrated, overworked teachers make it until May. Join her free group here



Manifest $10,000 book

Double Your Business book

Coaching with Cassie

Reach Lynn

Dec 6, 2017


The two keys are confidence and clarity. Listen or keep reading to learn how when Lainie gained both and then clients started chasing her.  

A few years ago, Lainie took the leap and left her full-time job to step foot back in the entrepreneurial arena. She had done it once before, but was never able to create the success she wanted. Looking back she realizes the Universe served her up with everything she needed to be successful but at the time she could not see it because she lived in the place of lack and scarcity.


Old Money Story: Scarcity and Lack

New Money Story: Why Am I Making So Much Money?

When she quit her job and started her business as a development specialist who facilitates growth through the tool of Improv, those fears that she might not be able to build a business were front and center in her mind. She was throwing stuff against the wall to try and see what stuck.

Lainie had all the books, and tools on iTunes and she thought she was doing the Law of Attraction. After going through the Future Self Workshop, she realized that she wasn’t really practicing it the way she thought she was. In some ways she was complicating it. And she held the deep belief that she had to clear all her limiting beliefs before she could move forward.


Over the course of three days she realized she could move forward by stepping into her future self right away. She gained more clarity on what she wanted to do in her business and what she wanted her life to look like. Learning how to step into her future self and seeing herself as already having the success she wanted increased her confidence tremendously.


Within days, someone reached out to Lainie wanting to hire her. Have you ever dreamed of business finding you? She became so confident that when she got on the phone with a professional athletic team that she wanted to work with she answered all their questions from a place of certainty and clarity.  Through the conversation the team gained a sense of urgency in hiring her because they didn’t want her to get booked and miss their shot at having their team work with her.

Lainie now knows what it feels like to have clients chasing her instead of trying to convince someone to buy her services. She is proud of her business, it’s success and ability to pay her bills and afford her an amazing lifestyle. In less than a year she has doubled her business.


As Lainie continues to step into her future self, she finds herself surrounded by more abundance and opportunities. Lainie’s advice is to take the leap and follow your dreams and then get a coach!

Lainie recommends the following resources and working with Cassie like she did: 



Manifest $10,000 book

Double Your Business book

Coaching with Cassie

Lainie Hodges is a human development specialist who creates and facilitates space for people to personally grow and develop through the tool of improv. I work with schools, athletes, businesses, and public agencies. I am also a community activist for equity, anti-racism, and social justice.


Nov 29, 2017

Terry is a writer, dating coach and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)  practitioner.  She felt  victim to her husband's outlandish spending habits.


For their entire marriage, she has lain awake moving pieces of the puzzle to make sure every creditor gets paid on time. Thankfully, due to her diligence, they have an excellent credit score, but the sleepless nights and anxiety were getting old.


Interestingly, Terry had great success with LOA when she wrote a book called "How to Attract and Marry the Man of Your Dreams," which taught women how to attract the right man.


While LOA worked for her in many areas, a healthy and happy financial life eluded her. She found it difficult to maintain the right mindset when she would receive overdraft text alerts from the bank on a continual basis.


Since discovering Cassie, she has found herself able to “hold a space” for her own financial success in areas she would have panicked before.


In addition to gaining more confidence in her financial situation, she also has other manifesting success like:

  • Gained clarity on the next step(s) in her business
  • Being more visible to her clients
  • Launching a podcast called Here Comes The Good Part With Terry Hernon
  • Embracing joy in in her life.

When asked what her biggest ah-ha was from working with Cassie, she said, “Be willing to live in the empty space was HUGE.” She learned to be her  future self. The biggest impact on her life was “I feel powerful. For the first time in a long time, I believe I can move heaven and earth.”


There is no doubt that what Terry explains happened to her, happens in a lot of marriages. Terry learned to deliberately change her story every step of the way, despite whatever nonsense her husband gets into.

Nov 22, 2017

When I moved back to Denver to be closer to family I went to work for a not-for-profit organization that I had always dreamed of working for. Being a not-for-profit organization my salary was directly correlated to a not-for-profit salary. I knew that if I put in the time I could move up in the organization and be where I wanted to be, however the salary would never match my dreams. After a conversation with a friend, where she shared her big dreams, I decided it was time to do bigger things in my life.

I had always loved real estate and I decided to get my real estate license and start selling real estate part time, while keeping my full-time job.

After a successful year of selling real estate part time, I realized that I was no longer being fulfilled at my current job. So I took the scary plunge and dove into real estate full time. A week after quitting my full time, salaried, and benefited job, I held an open house in this awesome loft in a converted Baptist church. 

The decision to hold that open house on that weekend forever changed the course of my life. The reason why, is Cassie Parks happened to walk through the door. She was being a nosey neighbor, which agents love because we get to know more about the neighborhood from an insiders perspective. 

There was something about Cassie that clicked with me. She had this energy about her that I knew I wanted to know about this woman. I secretly wanted to be her friend! Dreams do come true, we are now great friends!

In my time knowing Cassie I have been inspired to really go after my dreams.

I witnessed Cassie living a designed life and I knew I wanted to learn how to do that. She practices and lives what she teaches. So the decision to work with her was simple.

My intention for working with Cassie was to learn the tools necessary to manifest my dreams. Dreaming big has never been an issue for me. Turning those dreams into my reality is where my challenges lied. With such large dreams, it is easy to become discouraged when they feel so out of reach. 

Working with Cassie really helped me shake off the programming of my childhood. I learned how to live “as if” instead of “as if not”.

Taking the course and knowing Cassie has inspired me to live my dreams. I grew up dreaming of having horses, buying my family cabin, and traveling. I am literally living my dreams. I rescued two horses this year, bought my family cabin and have been in a different city almost every month this year!

After working with Cassie I was able to live my future self as a Business Owner and Leader. I gained the confidence to build a larger business by adding a Director of Operations to my team. We are building the infrastructure to build a large team that is able to help more and more people with their real estate needs.

My business has grown and my team grossed over $200,000 this year after working with Cassie. The money is awesome! The true success is being able to help so many people with their real estate needs. Also, being able to give back to causes I care about.

Knowing that I can tell the universe what I want and with focused intentions and know it will come to me, is definitely living by design. I do not worry about the future anymore because I know I am designing it.

Accelerating my growth has given me a freeing feeling. I know that I can make the future my present faster. I can make my dreams my reality sooner. I can keep dreaming bigger and bigger and know that I can make them come true for myself and those I care about.

I have proven to those close to me and those who doubt what I can accomplish that I am capable of living a life by design. Having a clear image of my future self and my future life has allowed me to articulate to my husband what I want for us. This has allowed conversations to happen to make sure that his image of the future and mine are aligned.

If you're big dreamer, allow yourself to be vulnerable and dig deep. Dust off your childhood dreams and see if they are relevant; mine certainly were.

Nov 15, 2017
Sharon Pope, Love Coach and my co-host for this episode of More Money, and I definitely land in the category of “successful woman”. We both are best-selling authors and have created six-figure business following our departure from our successful corporate careers.
I asked Sharon to join me on this episode to help me dissipate a fear I’ve seen some women let keep them from going for it financially and it’s the belief, conscious or unconscious, that if they make a lot of money and are financially successful they are somehow limiting their chances of success on the relationship front.
Maybe this comes from society and beliefs that have been handed down. Maybe it comes from a fear that a man will somehow feel less than if a woman makes more than he does. Maybe it’s because you can find a number of female characters on T.V. who are doomed in the love department by their financial success
Maybe it comes from something your mom, dad, aunt, uncle or random person said about a woman who is in a relationship with a man who doesn’t make as much as her is settling and you’ve finally learned not to settle.
And maybe it doesn’t matter where it came from or even why it’s really there. The important thing to know is that you can create a happy, successful, relationship that is the wind at your back, no matter how much money each of you makes.
In this discussion with my friend Sharon, we discuss
  • how she makes more than her husband
  • how her credit score was MUCH higher than his when they got married  
  • how being married to her husband actually allows her to grow personally as well as financially
  • how to let go of the “how” about your relationship and attracting abundance
  • how to lead with the feeling of what you want in a relationship to open the door to the best possible match
  • the key to never letting a dollar amount define someone you love
Nov 1, 2017

Nancy Vickery is a mother and grandma with very blessed life! She has always had a good attitude in what ever job she has ever had. She is grateful everyday for the life I’ve lived. Her husband of 38 yrs has provided her with a life of choices that she knows other women haven’t had.

OLD STORY: Scarcity. Never enough. Always needing things to fill her up.

NEW MONEY STORY: I have enough. I don't need anything and am grateful for right now!

Nancy knows that she has, for years, manifested abundance into her life because she has been truly grateful for all that she has. This has brought her great income opportunities, trips, and beautiful changes to her home. 

After reading Cassie’s Manifest $10,000 book, Nancy learned the one thing that all her gratitude and positivity was missing. Letting go of the how, where the abundance and money can come from. 

Since reading Cassie’s book I’ve made over $20K and she is launching a new business with the knowledge that this income will continue from a new source. She says, “I’m taking a leap. At 55 I’m starting my own business. “Your Fabulous Space”. Helping others create a home or business To be a space that inspires them”.

She recently made $10,000 on 2 paychecks within 3 weeks. More than she has ever made in that amount of time. 

Now she is sure that this can and will happen again and again as she has the confidence and skill to make this kind of money without it having to come from an employer but me doing what she is truly passionate about. Or wherever or however the money and abundance wants to show up… it will because she knows it will. 

Nancy now understands that she could’ve had those choices if she only knew her power back then. The good news is that she knows it now! She has a new true confidence that she can do anything and accomplish what she sets out to do.

She realizes that she no longer has  to rely on any particular job but can be open to receive and be ready to be surprised. 


Manifest $10,000 book
Coaching with Cassie
Reach Nancy

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Oct 18, 2017

Andrew’s profession is that of a Mercedes Benz Buyer. He purchases used cars for a Mercedes Benz dealership so the vehicles can be resold with the intention of a profit being made.

Before Manifest 10K, he was doing this for about 3 months and purchased 3 cars. He held higher expectations for himself. He even had a few months with no sales. At this point in his life, he was focusing on what wasn’t working.

Old Story: Hopeful: Naturally Held Good Expectations About Money

New Story: Money is Everywhere & I Am A Blessed Money Allower



Andrew always expected good things would come in life but never really looked at his money in the way he learned in Manifest 10K.  Now that Andrew has amped up his money vibe in working with me, he sees money more often and holds a very positive expectation of how it shows up in his life.



When Andrew enrolled in the course, he only knew a little about my work from a few podcasts.  

Andrew loved the daily assignments that shifted his money vibe as well as everyone else’s in the group too. He thoroughly enjoyed the course and how it made him think about money.


Within 90 days, he manifested 22 or 23 car purchases and he got paid a buying commission and a percentage on the profit of the sales. About half of these cars he purchased have sold with a good return.


When I asked Andrew why he joined the course, he said, “He wanted to open up to more abundance and have an easier time dealing, thinking and working with money”.



Andrew loves scripting because it was open ended in what he could create. He also loved an exercise I had him do to hide money so that he could randomly find it.  He loved the feeling of finding money everywhere. Money became fun!

There is money here, there and everywhere.



Andrew found himself being more centered and excited about money. After working with me in the Manifest 10K process, he saw more possibilities, received more abundance & money, and overall he is more grateful and appreciative of all money.

A take away he had was that when we celebrate money, we’ll attract more of it. This is so true!



He learned that a process I call scripting can apply to anything, not just money. So he has been applying it to all areas of life. This has returned joy, ease, happiness and a nice flow of good things in his life.



  • It is always as easy as we allow it to be
  • Follow those who are successful
  • Check out my books, courses for simple, effective tools
  • Notice what is working in your life as that will attract more things that work too
  • Keep your focus up and keep doing the work and you’ll get what you want



There are always times when people are doubtful and wonder if things are working or not. An ebb and flow of in and out of focus is normal. When Andrew gave his full attention and emotional feelings to the course, he attracted more.


Despite some minor moments where he lost focus through the course, Andrew knows that overall he is more blessed and is now regularly allowing money into his life.



Collectively in Manifest 10K, we all notice what is working amongst us and seeing each other succeed in life and abundance is what it is all about.


Andrew loved how the entire Manifest 10K community interacted so powerfully with each other.


One of the things he learned in the course, was to use his abundance journal to keep track of his success. This is a great tip for learning to attract more.


Andrew can be reached at if you want to know more about his experience.



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Oct 11, 2017

Mary Sterk is the Founder of Sterk Financial Services and Best Selling Author of Ready to Pull the Retirement Trigger which you can find on Amazon, Books A Million and in your local bookstores.


Mary is a Financial Planner who helps her clients grow money and know what to do with it once they have more.  


Old Story: Single-Mom with Two Kids on Welfare, Food Stamps and Low Income Housing

New Story: Wealth Management Guru



By age 19, Mary was a single-mom with two kids who bought her food on welfare and bought her food stamps and lived in low income housing. Decisions she had to make when it came to money was between buying diapers and food.


Mary realized people in this setting had been there for a long time and they were not creating something better for themselves or their families. She wanted something better. Mary went on a journey to learn how money works.


She went to night school while working full-time during the day while raising her children. Mary ended up earning her Certified Planning Designation where she has worked in her career for the last 25 years.



Mary helps client look at their finances, invest their money and understand they aren’t just their balance sheets. She looks at them as a whole person not just their finances. She loves helping people align their financial picture with the life they want to lead.


Financial plans have to come back to the life you are most excited about living.


Mary says, “Every financial planner out there will have different graphs and charts and numbers, that is all part of it. When looking at retirement planning, it must be approached like a three-legged stool.”


Mary explains this concept:

  1. The first leg is emotional readiness. There is a big difference between working and not.
  2. The second leg of the stool is health and long term care issues.
  3. The third leg is the financial side of it.

All three legs must be addressed for a well-balanced stool.  



Money buys more choices! If people don’t have money, their choices are more limited.

Choices can be things that are wanted, experiences to have or the feelings clients want to create.


For example, Mary will often ask people how they want retirement to feel? Her clients might say connected, generous and creative. So this is a clue as to what they will want to spend money on. In their retirement budget, money will need to be allowed to do those things.



When there is a reason to invest money it is much more successful than to invest money to have a pile of money. Having a pile of money just to have money is not the goal.



What does it take to start investing? People often think they have to have a certain amount of money to start investing. This is perpetuated that some financial planners will not work with people until they have an asset balance of $100K, $500K or more. The truth of it is, you can learn anything you want about investing online today or buy a book.


You only need a little bit to get started - a minimum of $25/month.


There are companies out there that are RoboAdvice where you can line up your risk levels to a set of questions and they’ll give you a automatic pre-planned set of investments. This is low-cost and caters to people who have smaller dollar chunks to start with. Google $25/month investments, RoboAdvice or contact an investor for a free value assessment meeting.


This just requires you to make the choice to do it.



This is a common emotion no matter how much money you have. It is not about the dollar amount it is about the scope of what it is necessary to help you along your journey. It is not the size of your portfolio, it is the size of your issue. Judgement doesn’t fall into this!



Most financial planners get paid in three ways:

  1. Commission
  2. Fee
  3. Hourly Rate


A hybrid advisor is one that gets paid in all three ways because they have access to investment vehicles. What investors deserve is transparency in how their financial advisor charges. This allows the investor to make decisions on who they work with and how services are performed. There are certain financial vehicles that only fall into one of the three ways.


  1. A commission only advisor, this is your first red flag. Their mission in life is to sell you a financial product. Most humans are not looking to buy an financial product. People are looking for strategy or advice.


  1. Fee-only advisors will charge a fee for planning and charge a fee for managing assets. They tend to have a stronger alignment with their clients because whatever their client needs, they are likely to be able to provide while getting paid for their time and expertise.


  1. Fee-Based or Hourly-Fee is the best. What one gets in hiring a financial planner in this way is time, experience and expertise for writing a customized financial plan tailored to individual specific needs.  


You want an investment advisor who can select services and products carefully and will honestly and straightforwardly explain how they get paid for those services.



People can invest on their own. Most don’t feel comfortable doing it though.  There are some steps one can take before hiring an advisor, but again this is only optional advice.

  1. Have an emergency fund as your first priority.
  2. Contribute to a 401(k) so that you can get the company-matching funds (free money).
  3. Fully fund a Roth IRA.
  4. Consider seeing a financial planner.



Her book is ideally for people within 5-10 years of retirement.  She intentionally wrote it as a short read so it is not intimidating or scary. This allows people to know what to do before they make the choice that work is optional.


It advises you on what you need, discusses health, emotional balance and money matters.

This book is really a roadmap of how to retire for Do-It-Yourselfers and also how to hire a Financial Planner.

As a great companion to this book, Mary has a Strategic Retirement Tool Kit on her website. This toolkit includes the tools that you’ll need and has resources that the book mentions.


Mary and her team like to make life simple for their investors. They have their availability online to allow investors to set up a time that is convenient for them.  Your first appointment is always free because they love to elevate financial education of others.


Be brave and schedule  your appointment. Knowledge is power. Money is a subject that is taboo to talk about in most circles but Mary and her team make it easy to get expert advice.



Ready to Pull the Retirement Trigger


Sterk Financial Services


Manifest $10,000

Cassie’s Coaching Corner

Oct 4, 2017

Jill Angie is the “Not Your Average Runner” Founder and Coach.


Jill was the first person to go through my workshop and she doubled her business in 10 days because she stepped into the person who made a difference and inspired the people who she wanted to inspire and was able to write emails from that inspired place. It became easy and effortless to sell out her program.


At times you step into a version of yourself because you need to know you can do it.


Old Money Story No One Will Pay For This at $398/year!

New Money Story $6K Running Coach Builds A Tribe




Not Your Average Runner is for women who haven’t considered themselves athletic, are in the 40-50 age range and want to rid extra weight and feel more confident, happier and healthier. Her clients may feel like running is not within their grasp. Jill helps them change their life as a life coach, running coach and personal trainer. Jill helps people change things through the eyes of running.




My favorite quote from Jill Angie is this, “If you run, you are a runner.”


Many people think running has to look a certain way - as far a speed, size of your body, etc. but only 5-10 % of the running population look like they just came off of Running Magazine’s cover.  In fact, most people who run do so at different speeds, have different body shapes, some of us run/walk, etc. Running is basically faster than a walk.


This same concept applies to what we do here to on the More Money Show. If you manifest money at all, you are a money manifestor.


Let’s find out what has happened with Jill in the last two years.




In 2013, Jill wrote the book “Running with Curves” and she was doing personal training from her Philadelphia home. The book is about how you can start running in the body you have right now. Women started reading the book and emailing her and finding her on Facebook that Jill had changed their life.


She was pleasantly surprised and wondered what she could really do with it.


For most of 2014 she wondered how she could incorporate this into her business.


She started working with a business coach who told Jill she should start a year long program and Jill thought that was a terrible idea that no one would do. She told the coach, “No one would ever pay for that”.  The coach encouraged her to try anyway.


Eventually Jill launched this very underpriced program at $398/year plus a free retreat. Jill lost a ton of money on her first program but she sold it out. What Jill learned from this was how to launch a program, what worked in that business model, what she liked and what she didn’t, and who her ideal client was.  This was an investment in her confidence, skills and ability as a coach.


She wanted to sell it for thousands of dollars but her money mindset and worth as a coach kept her from that. She raised the price over the next few months and a year later, she easily sold the same program for $6,000.




For Jill it was all about the learning process of being a coach. The program was basically “If you are overweight and struggling to run, I can help”.


In order to be a coach, you have to be coaching. The magic happens when you are coaching not when you are trying to figure it out.


Jill originally thought this model should include a weekly group coaching call, discussions on their training plans, guest speakers on webinars, teach extensive lessons and having a detailed website full of content but her coach encouraged her to do something different.


Jill started with a free Facebook group and a weekly call using a free conference call number for the first six months of her program. What her clients really needed was time with her.




For the first year, Jill used free resources - Facebook group, free conference call, zoom so she had no technical costs in the beginning.


In 18 months, she went from charging $400 to $6,000 for her program.


Jill raised her program every time she “knew” it was time, she just knew. When it felt like it was time, she changed it. Everytime she raised the price, it became easier to sell. This was a fascinating concept to her. When she believed the program was worth more, that came through in her promotion of it.


Because Jill started her business in this way, the perfect system showed up a year later because Jill now knew what she needed.



Jill just launched a $20/month membership group for her community which allows Jill to influence and help more people. She loved the idea of building and working with a huge tribe. This membership group includes a weekly coaching call on zoom and a place where people can get their questions answered from a $6,000/year running coach.


It has been wildly successful and fun so far.


The people in this group are varied. Some people have never ran before and some people are doing their first marathon. It is great because new people can see what is further down the road for them, and people who are struggling can ask for help for their personal training plan.  


Jill has realized that she needed to prove to herself that she could charge a $6,000/year package so that she could now decide what price point she wanted to sell her program at. This gave her confidence. She now sees the worth in her own program.


Now she sells her membership program at $20/mo because it feels fun, easy and amazing. Everyone can do it.




Jill started her business so she could come to work everyday and have fun.


The clients who got results in her $6,000 program were the clients who showed up and did the work they needed to. People can get the same results with Jill by paying $20/month.  Jill has realized in this process, “You are only as good as the commitment you make to yourself.”


The concept holds true for all people from coaches to course participants.


Jill is an instructor for her Life Coach School and one of the things they make all their coaches do before they get their certification, is coach non-paying clients for 3 months. This helps them learn their skill and not worry about selling. The magic comes in getting to do what you do. This can be coaching, running or anything that you do.




Jill said working with me became life-altering. She said she was all in her mind before working with me and that I showed her that she could drop all of this head stuff long enough to look at possibility. Jill says this was a turning point in her career.




Watch for periodic openings for Jill’s monthly program at or her main website at

Sep 27, 2017

Jennifer Hooper is Holistic Health Coach and Mom from Bangor, Maine.


Old Money Story: Life Was Fine, But Worried About Not Having Enough

New Money Story: Life Is Abundant and Keeps Getting Better


One really important thing to Jennifer is to be the example to her children.


Live, Behave and Act In A Matter That Your Loved Ones Will Model


Jennifer has set the example for her two amazing teenagers, who are learning the Law of Attraction with her.


In fact, one of them just moved into her first new home and in working on manifesting $5,000 using the principles in the Manifest $10,000 book.


This same daughter decided she wanted to work at a fine dining restaurant, so she identified the one she wanted to work at, offered to work a day for free and at the end of the shift, she was offered the job. Her move was delayed by one month, so they did not end up hiring her. She found a second restaurant she wanted which had a better schedule, more money per hour and it is predictable. Her attitude is “something better is going to come along”.


Life Will Take You Where You Need To Be


Have You Ever Had “No Idea” Where You Connected With Someone? Jennifer has been a client for one year but we have no idea where we connected. She says she started getting emails from me but has no memory of signing up for anything. Overtime, she scheduled a call with me.


Is This Your LOA Story Too?


Jennifer learned about LOA years before and she wanted to believe it. She followed this path:

  • Watched the Secret
  • Watched What the Bleep Do We Know
  • Found Abraham Hicks
  • Saw Mike Dooley
  • Jennifer thought, “If this is true, this is really awesome”. However,  there was doubt that got in her way so she wasn’t always successful because she doubted herself. This created a lack of constant energy and lots of start/stops along the journey because she didn’t see success.
  • Jennifer kept going on her LOA journey because she believed it COULD work even if she wasn’t doing it well.


Learn Why Jennifer Said Yes To Being A Client


Jennifer decided she could afford to take a risk on signing up for a workshop because it didn’t cost that much and she knew she needed help. She knew she needed to create more successful results. Overall she was concerned about price, money and lack but this fit for her.


Jennifer’s Life Was Fine


She had a great life. Nice house, great kids, survived a divorce that she felt OK about, she had a secure job that paid her bills.


Jennifer’s parents worried about money and her husband always worried about money even though they always had enough.


She remembers a time in her past when she was shopping at WalMart and not being able to afford something that cost $2.37 - which reinforced the worry of not having money.


Life is Abundant Now For Jennifer


Just keeps getting better and better. She has learned to surround herself with things that keep her energy up. She is now surrounded with people who believe what she believes. Conversations with kids are incredible in that we share what we are manifesting and this keeps creating more and more.


Today, she isn’t worried about money. She realized her confidence in that she has always been provided for and trusts that things will always work out.


Do You Need Help Getting Out Of Your Own Way Like Jennifer Did?  


Jennifer worried a lot about the how. Her brain would kick into overdrive and she wouldn’t go anywhere. We trained Jennifer out of “thinking” and into “detachment”. In her own words, “Working with you changed that”. She said I had to talk her off a cliff or two several times.

Today, Jennifer let’s one decision unfold into the next thing which always leads her to what she ultimately wants. She has learned that all decisions allow information along the way.

Jennifer Learned To Be  A Powerful Manifestor

Jennifer says I taught her how to enjoy and have fun in the process of letting life unfold from one decision to the next. She now sees all decisions to be information and can gauge if things fit or not more easily.  


When things don’t feel good, she would make new decisions. For example, she lived with her mom, then to an apartment and as both of these didn’t feel good after a while, this has led her to live in the house of her dreams. She followed those things that inspired her. Those decisions and experiences, led her to where she ultimately needed to be.


Jennifer Manifested Your Dream Home


Jennifer now lives in her dream home.


It is a home she had lived in before. When she lived there she was married and raising her kids but now the home was in a bad shape of disrepair. It was filthy, children had drawn on the walls but she knew that it was a beautiful home. What it needed was love and attention. She knew it was her final destination. In her divorce she was deeded the home but could not afford to live there. She sold it and this new buyer refinished it from top to bottom and inside out.


Last year, Jennifer wrote an inspirational letter to the current owners asking if it was there forever home and if it was not, that she could have the first right of refusal.


It was out of her price range, but 5 months later she received a phone call asking her if she was interested in the house. The owner asked her if it was in her price range. Her response, “I think I can work that out”. Never before would have the former Jennifer said this. Ultimately, she wanted to see it. It was four times what Jennifer was paying for her apartment.


The old Jennifer would have tried to figure out how she could afford it before she saw it.


Jennifer called her mom and asked her mom if she would be open to go see the house with her.

They looked at it together and fell in love with it.  They purchased this home 42 days later.


The Universe if a reflection of us!


Jennifer Did The Manifesting Work


Jennifer did the work of manifesting this home for her and her mom. She was committed to grow, listen and trusting the process.


During the year of working with me, she got the idea she wanted to live in her dream home. She kept in the process until she was inspired to send the letter.


She remembers wanting to live in this house, and scripting about the house but remembers asking if it was OK to manifest an exact house. I told her it was OK because it might lead to something better. However, Jennifer wanted that house. She could get very detailed about how it would feel because she had lived there before. All of this led her to writing the letter.


Jennifer had detached from the outcome because she was happy in her script. No matter what happened with her letter, it was still a beautiful house and a beautiful experience there.


Jennifer Will Not Doubt Again


Her trust muscle keeps getting stronger and stronger.

She has sat in several moments knowing that she has created them.

She is excited for what is next.

New opportunities are crossing her path.


Are You An Over-Thinker Like Jennifer?


Jennifer remembers being frustrated about having a career she did not love. During her time working with me, she explored a number of different things without jumping into them.


She wanted to jump into them though.


She can’t remember how Coaching and Nutrition came to her. She explored what it would be like to be a health coach. She had always liked and been interested in this field. This came from an internal very inspired place. She found a program that seemed perfect, but when exploring some other things online, she found a second option that was a perfect fit for what she wanted to do. She found something that resonated with her. This all was an unfolding process.


There was no jump, no drama, or no lighting bolt hit of what she should do.


Jennifer explains her “knowing” as a feeling of hairs standing up on the back of her neck or an excitement in her body when she knew she was on the right track. It was subtle and calm. She is sure she had that same knowing all her life but just ignored them because she was so worried about focusing on the “how” it should look.


Jennifer Shares How To Get LOA Results


  • Invest in yourself because you are worth it.
  • Investing in yourself first, let’s you serve others better.


You can reach Jennifer at

Sep 20, 2017

Getting Dressed Has Never Been So Easy!


Lee Heyward, Author of Strategically Suited, is a Image Strategist and Stylist and today we are going to talk about image, your future self and investing in your clothes.  


What is an Image Consultant? Lee helps you use your image to get the specific strategically result you want.


Dress For Success

What does this really mean? Most people’s closets have segment - work clothes, play clothes, workout clothes, speaking clothes, etc. (or whatever your segments are) instead of figuring out who you are and then dressing that way in all those scenarios of your life.


It comes down to two things:  1)focusing on who you want to be and 2) how do you want to feel.


One thing that Lee recommend is picking 3 words that describe how you want to feel in a moment that matters. What this does is help you with a new awareness to look for clothes that make you feel these ways. Choosing your words helps you be disciplined to buy those things that make you feel the way you want to.


This ties into what I teach my clients about their future self and tapping into their 3 feelings of who they want to be so throwing in how you feel about how you dress is perfect.


Does Dressing How You Want To Feel Have To Be Expensive?


It does not need to be expensive, but how your clothes look and it is perceived need to match the client you want. When a person comes to me and says, “I am going to change your life and charge you $100K to to it”, there is a mismatch when you are wearing all clothes from Target. This might make people question the value you bring and people might not want to take a risk on you.


You need to look like someone has paid you what you are asking.


Know Your Cost Per Wear

Think about why people go shopping: 1) fun, social thing 2) you need something. Here are Lee’s 4 steps at determining cost/wear:


  1. Look for thing you can wear to your event or occasion.
  2. Ask how many times you will wear it or how many different ways you can wear it.
  3. Take the total cost divided by that number = cost per wear.
  4. Sometimes more expensive items is a better investment than the $20 thing you wear once and give away three weeks later.


Most people go to the clearance rack and be like “It is on sale”, but they don’t love the items they buy. It isn’t about the amount, it is about the hunt for the perfect thing for you.


It will then become about strategy and how you will use that item(s) in your closet:

  1. How quickly can you get dressed in it.
  2. How is it going to help you portray yourself.


Be Purposeful and Patient In Your Shopping


You can still shop at your favorite store, like TJ Maxx but you have to be purposeful in what you pick out. Don’t just fill your shopping bag to fill your bag. You must be willing to walk out with nothing.  Leaving with nothing is hard for some people as it doesn’t mean anything is wrong with you or your body - it only has to do with what you need as not in that store. Keep going.


Understand that people blame their bodies for a lot - wrong size, not being where you want to be but clothes made off of fit models and the general shape they are going to be proportionally.  That is why some brands fit and others do not.


Do not buy things that sorta fit or sort of OK.


Clothes need to make you feel like you are rocking your world internally and externally attracting the right people to you.


See A Bigger Version Of Yourself


It all comes down to one word. Alignment.


The entire way you present yourself - how you drive, how clean your car is, how you dress, how you present yourself, etc. all add up into how people perceive you and you are in total control of that.


  • Where are you going?
  • Where are you now?
  • How do you want to feel?
  • Who do you need to be to connect those dots?


There is now official checklist to follow if you want to be a speaker, a million-dollar earner or any other title you can name.   Your clothes must make sense for you and it needs to match your words. For example, a white button down shirt is not fun, exciting and confident.


Lee helps you figure out what your chosen words really mean to you so that you look and feel your best.  She recommends jumping on Pinterest and pinning all kinds of clothing items that make you a certain way.  This helps you get a visual image of the feeling(s).


Growth Is An Evolution


Be open to keeping asking yourself this question, “Is this the best version of me”?

  1. Try Stuff On - even the stuff that you think you could not do. If it caught your eye, try it on. It could end up being “the thing” that helps create the image you want.
  2. Learn As You Go - learn how things fit your body and how they make you feel.
  3. Be The Person You Want To Be From Your Own Closet - realize that you have things that are “perfectly good” but aren’t going to get you where you want to go
  4. People Only Wear 20% of What They Own - You go the same set of things all the time.


Be Ready For The TV Concept


If your goal is to be on TV, you should have a TV Ready Outfit in your wardrobe that makes you feel good.


Always dress for who you are but it just depends on where you are going. Your clothes should provide an essence of who you are.


How Do You Pick A TV Outfit

You never know what the background is. If you can watch the station you are going to be on and look at their backdrops.

Be comfortable sitting or standing.

Wear something that shows your shape so you don’t look hidden in your clothes.

Pay attention to the colors you wear.


How Does Lee Help Others Step Into Their Future Self?

She teaches them to know where they are going, ensure that their clothes make them feel the way they want and embrace the “You either love it or you leave it” motto in life.


You can connect with Lee and get a complimentary copy of her book at On her site there is a calculator that will help you determine how much money you’ll make when you up level your image.

Sep 13, 2017

Have you ever tried something and didn’t succeed the first time? Learn how Rekka successful changed her money mindset.


Old Money Story: I Am Bad With Money

New Money Story: I Can Do Anything





Rekka Jay is a 37 year old Graphic Designer by day and Author by night. She has a fiction trilogy being published in January 2018 along with many other writing projects. Ultimately, she describes herself as a “keep myself busy kind of girl”.


Growing up, she held the belief that she was bad with money because it was taboo to talk about.  No one ever told her she was bad with money, she just believed it as her own truth. She thought it was simple as arithmetic but when it wasn’t she felt out of control with it.


If she didn’t have control of her money, she assumed she was naturally bad at it.


The more she thought this, the more it became true.




Rekka joined Manifest 10K after hearing a podcast I did with Elle Russ.

During this first attempt at taking the Manifest 10K course, she was manifesting but found herself “stopped” about halfway through the course when it moved from daily instruction to the point where it was time for her to life this life she was creating.


As a participant, she put the responsibility back on me as the instructor for not holding her hand every day. It was a on a podcast with Ginny Gane that Rekka heard me say, “If you are blaming someone else, turn it around and look at yourself”. Rekka did that and gave Manifest 10K a second attempt.




In redoing the coursework, Rekka’s challenge was to let go of what she thought she knew the first time.  She remembered my advice of “leaving the old behind and just create new stories”.  


Much changed for Rekka between her first attempt to do the course and the second time. Her plan was to be a self-published author the first time but since then she got an offer from a publisher. This was a wonderful thing but now Rekka had to work on getting clarity as it didn’t look like she thought it would. This happens often in manifesting. Things show up differently than expected.  This offer made her decide what she “really wanted” which was simply to share her book with others.


Since that goal was complete, Rekka now had  to look at what she really wanted besides her book being published.




In her old money story, Rekka would leave money she saw lying on the ground but with her new awareness around all money, she picks up all pennies she finds. Rekka shared a story showing how new money is just showing up in her life.


Randomly at a doctor’s appointment a stranger asked Rekka and her husband if they knew anything about “the pennies”. This woman told Rekka that everyday someone stacks pennies all over this particular office building in the hallways. These piles of pennies were creating curiosity throughout the building. This was just another sampling of the new ways money is showing up for Rekka.  This story shows the shift of who Rekka is now being with money. Some random person was asking her for advice about money.


In fact, Rekka calls pennies her manifestation pixies because they remind her she is manifesting all the time. She laughs as she says, “It is not just a penny, I have a whole jar of pennies that come find me because they love me as I am good with money” vs. her old story of “I am not good with money”.  Rekka said not only is she finding more pennies but 98% of them are twinkling and shiner for her versus old and grimy.


Finding random pennies are a sign of how Rekka values money now.




Her attitude during the Manifest 10K course was “this book is being published” whether or not she signed a publishing deal or not. She was clear on what she wanted. She even hired a cover artist before she knew she had a deal.


Her cover art was on her original Manifest 10K list of something she wanted. In fact, she reached out to the artist she hand-selected but was daunted by the cost of cover art being that her plan was to write multiple books. So in light of that, this artist offered stock photos that might have been in her price point but she knew that was not acceptable either.


As directed by the Manifest 10K coursework, Rekka created a vision board and in doing her due diligence of finding pictures of books that she wanted, she found a new artist that resonated with her style and feel. She reached out to her and never heard back. So she contact two more artist and the price just kept getting better for work she actually liked better. Then it hit Rekka, she needed to follow up with the send artist. She followed up on her webform inquiry she had done weeks prior and got an even better deal with the artist that she loved her work. This cover artist has won a Locust and Halo award for her book cover work this year.


Rekka manifested more than $28,500 savings on the perfect cover artist.


When asked what shifted for her, Rekka said she realized she was focusing on the “how” instead of the fact that she wanted the perfect book cover.




Not only does Rekka have a trilogy coming out but she has more new work too.


Rekka’s friend, Carrie Brown, released a cookbook in which Rekka’s graphic design work is on the cover. Within a couple of days of setting the intention to do Manifest 10K Course again, this friend’s book was #1 on Amazon in Frozen Dessert Cookbooks, The Keto Ice Cream Scoop. Rekka’s favorite recipe is called The Sassy Goat ice cream.


One day Rekka got home to find a Thank You Box which included a Nikkon 7200 camera body since Rekka enjoys photography. Before doing the manifesting practices taught in the course, Rekka would not have been able to receive such a gift. She would have felt guilty, reminded herself of her unworthiness and worried about if the person gifting could afford it.


Rekka admitted to having the following belief before:

“I am not good with money, so don’t give me anything of value”.


The good vibe of a gift fizzles if you argue with it or can’t receive it.


Rekka is now helping this author redesign all of her former cookbooks so they all look the same. So she not only got a cool gift but she got additional new work for having the right mindset. Not only did Rekka benefit, this author’s calendar has since opened up for her to do more work that she loves too.


Rekka has reframed her mind in the last year with LOA teachings which has allowed her to embrace big changes while knowing there are better things coming to her. Change is evidence of the ability to move forward. This shift in mindset doesn’t change the circumstances but it does change what will happen immediately after.




Stop trying to fix things that are. Just move into something better. Forget the how.


Here are a few additional tips Rekka took from the course:

  • She learned to focus on what she wanted, not what she had.
  • She learned to ask herself “If I were the person with money, would I have this?”
  • She learned to move through her life with a new confidence and belief.
  • She learned to declare what was happening in her life.
  • She learned to let go of the areas of life she doubted.
  • She learned how to leave her baggage behind.
Sep 6, 2017

Would you like to live your life like you were on vacation everyday?


Old Money Story:  The Struggle Is Real (AKA: Survival)

New Money Story: Live Like You Are On Vacation



Sarah Kurpel grew up in a divided home. She learned that she had to work hard just like Jenny Phillips who we talked about last week. Sarah watched her divorced mom provide for the family at the cost of barely scraping by and constant exhaustion.  She grew up not liking money because it was a struggle.  She became a money hoarder.



Sarah had a desire to be generous with her money but her old story was in the way. Sarah had tried to change her money story prior by taking a few free courses but didn’t get the fullest results she desired. It was only when Sarah decided to invest in herself, in the Manifest $10K course, that she could have elevated results. This is because she became invested in the change. Investments can come in many forms to include both time and money.



Sarah was taught to keep an inventory of all the great things rolled into her life that she wasn’t previously taking notice of.  When she did this, she was able make decisions on what things fit her time and finances and the things that did not. In doing this, Sarah has manifested an extra $11,000 in a 45-day window of time.



Sarah naturally learned to change her experiences and how she looked at time and money without even realizing it. This shift is what often brings the money to you.


Sarah shifted from money and time hoarder to knowing that there is always enough.  This has impacted her money, time and how others see her. For example, at her work she is an athletic director who has learned to stay relaxed, dress how she wants and in turn, people now see her as a really cool yoga instructor type person even though Sarah still describes herself as a complete type A, controlling personality. What she realized is that she is learning to “be” in every area of life.

Aug 30, 2017

Do you feel like all you do is work really hard for the money you have?

Old Money Story: Money Chaser
New Money Story: Safe to Step into Trust

Jenny Phillips was a exhausted money chaser. She thought she could have anything she wanted but only if she worked really hard for it. In a very short time, Jenny changed her money story and is living a better life. Her old money story was a stressful because money was always a struggle. Learn how Jenny stepped into trust regarding her finances.

Jenny grew up in a big family and her family never knew if they would have enough food or not. She learned at a young age that money was a struggle. She started babysitting at age 8 to provide for herself the things she wanted - school clothes, flute, etc.

What resulted was a lifetime of chase, chase, chase and wondering when the cash cow would run out.

As an adult, Jenny made good money but the cost is that she would give up everything to make sure she had enough and some to spare. The underlying belief “You never know when this is going to run out” ran her money decisions so she only knew an overall picture of what was truly what was coming in and going out. Perhaps you can relate!

With these belief of never having enough money one can’t sit place of gratitude appreciating the thing sand the money that is there.

Perhaps you have the ability to make great money, like Jenny did, but find yourself in overwhelm having not prepared for the future because you are holding onto everything you have for the here and now.

Money doesn’t have to be this difficult.

Jenny believed in the law of attraction and had some success manifesting in other areas of her life. One day it hit her that she could consider the possibility that her money story didn’t have to be the way it was.

Through the Manifest $10K course, she learned:

A step-by-step process that it was possible to enjoy her money and not have it be something she was always stressed and anxious about.
New ways to look at money allowed a positive mindset shift in Jenny’s life.
Her anxiety was based on her thoughts but with the tools she learned, anxiousness could be a thing of the past.

You can see your money differently too.

Learn how to decide what you want and then make those things a reality. Jenny moved from being single to an engaged real estate investor in less than 6 weeks.

- Jenny has learned how to be in alignment with her decisions as a way to balance and comfort herself in those few moments of fear and anxiety.
- Fear is meant to keep you in check.
- When emotions arise today for Jenny, she uses her feelings as information to guide her to what she really wants.
- People who have money, have learned to move through fear and anxiety by taking risks. As they risk, they trust the process and can grow bigger.

As you expand and learn to trust yourself with money, you may not always know what things are going to look like. This is uncomfortable for most people. Jenny in this situation in the past would have pushed in and started implementing and “doing”, today she is alright patience in allowing inspired action to come to her. She believes this process of continual growth will look much differently than what she has ever done before.


Know your money story doesn’t have to be the way it is now. Being unstuck doesn’t have to be hard. Understand, you don’t have to know everything right now. Just know it is safe to step into trust regarding your money. This might be a new thing for you. Shift your money story in a short window of time like Jenny did by being open to curiosity and possibility.

The first step is to identify your money story click HERE for a free guide.


Manifest $10,000
Guide to Identify Your Money Story
Change Your Money Story Challenge
Write Your New Money Story Course

Aug 23, 2017

Cassie Price is a Credit Strategist and Credit Repair Expert at Wealth Generation Collective who offers the Credit Score Builders Lab Course. She can help you repair your credit and understand credit numbers like never before.


Are you looking to thrive with your finances, credit and overall lifestyle design? There is something powerful about having money and credit available to you. The reality is pulling, looking at and dealing with credit scores can be daunting for most people.


Cassie helps people realize and use tools that ultimately give them more money.  



Let’s start with the basics. Credit scores.


A credit score is really an algorithm based on financial risk. It is common knowledge is there are 3 credit bureaus, Experian, Equifax and Transunion but most people don’t know about having multiple credit scores. You have an auto score, mortgage score, credit card score and they are different for every bureau. There are also are free scores from NerdWallet, Credit Karma and companies such as this. Their scores can be very different from the FICA scores. Your job is to manipulate each one to get to get the highest credit score.  Over a 700, this is a perfect score and you get top tier financing.

  • 850, Top Score
  • 660-720, Good
  • 300, Lowest


Creditors not only do they look at the number but they look at your financial habits. These habits show how you are being and how you walk into a financial matter.  So how do you work all this in your favor?



Sometimes, making a little tweak your credit a little might mean you save $20-$100/month.

The part of the credit score you have the most control over is credit utilization. This is the percentage of your total credit available you are utilizing at that particular time. This factors in at 30% of your credit score. For example, if you have $10,000 total credit and you have $1,000 credit you have a 10% utilization. This is where you have some control, if you max out all your credit cards in one month, your credit would lower 100 points and if you pay off all your cards in another month, it would raise 100 points.


Let’s go say you are going to get a car, you want your balances to be really low for a few months prior to a major purchase. You get better items and premium financing.



For most people credit scores bring an intense source of shame, no matter what their number is.


Sometimes a lower credit score is a matter of not having the credit history to change your number. For example, Cassie has a client that was in the 750 credit score range but wanted to be near 800. After a simple recommendation to call her credit card company and ask for an increase in her credit limit, this adjusted her utilization ratios and now her score is almost 800.


So what if your score is not as high as this? Pulling your credit score can be daunting for most people. This is about looking where you are at.  Not looking or knowing where you are at financially comes from the horrible feeling of avoiding the reality of what is. Perhaps you don’t want to open your mail because how you makes you feel.


Don’t panic! A 500 score is not  the end of the world! There will be negative information on your report - pay history, collections, maxed credit cards, liens, late payments, judgements. The good part of this is that is a lot to work with. What Cassie does is challenge everything with the bureaus. When you have negative issues on your credit report, this allows you to  chip away on things you can fix and start have positive pay history.



Most people who have a 750-800 credit score have a installment payment like a car loan, student loan, or mortgage and 3-4 credit cards with a 50% credit utilization using 2-5% of it every month and paying it off monthly.


Have a rewards credit card for everyday purposes and have a cash back credit card for utility bills, cell phone bills, etc. You want to have credit lines on different networks.


This is a numbers game.



Ultimately, you want to become the person where credit becomes important to you because welcoming more money is easier with better credit. Your future self that is powerful with money and they feel good about their credit score.


Not sure how to improve your credit score on your own?  Join the free course Credit Scores Builder’s Lab.  Work with a credit repair specialist like Cassie Price to challenge and dispute things on your credit score. She can show you the tools to gain positive pay history, what to adjust and what to ask for in getting your credit score where you want it.




Cassie Price has a free course that will help anyone at any stage of their credit at

Credit repair expertise at Wealth Generation Collective.

Save 10% on her services by typing in MANIFEST in the coupon code.

Aug 16, 2017

Show Notes: 

00:01 Show Intro

00:20 Cassie Parks Intro

00:26 How To Teach Kids About Money

00:36 You listen to this podcast because you want more money and chances are you have a child in your life that is important to you - own children or nieces/nephews, god children, grandchildren

1:10 You have an impact on the children in your life

1:30 Written a few articles about this topic this week and was on the MomLifeYoShow

2:15 Learn why it is important for you to teach your children

2:58 Fear of managing money doesn’t just go away as an adult

3:47 Grow up with money confidence as a child

4:02 You can change your money story - when you become aware of your story you can shift it immediately

4:26 Change Your Money Story Challenge will help you see what money story has been playing out in real life and the daily steps to change your money story

5:00 Where is not clear as to what your intention is

6:00 Shared pool party story about the friend that put in the address wrong in her GPS

7:12 Parents want to teach kids about money. Ask yourself these questions: What do you want to teach them about money? What kind of adults do you want them to be with money? What are the adults you want to raise? Who are you teaching them to become?

9:48 Teach kids to be a financially successful adults and how to build wealth

10:50 Knowing how to use the tools that are available to you to your best advantage to help you build wealth

11:29 What does financial success mean to you?

11:59 When people don’t have an intention, they don’t make decisions to get them there

12:27 Have that conversation with your partner/parent about who do we want our child to be when they grow up

12:59 Money is part of your entire life and there is really no way to escape it’s impact

13:15 You probably didn’t learn how to be financially successful or build wealth in High School

13:47 Tip #1: Allow Children To Handle Money

13:55 All lesson are worth what they cost

14:10 Children need to interact/handle with money - start with the piggy bank (“This is where we keep money so we know where it is.” and “We make decisions to take it out based on wants and needs”) and this starts to lay the foundation.

15:50 Birthday card money - adult wants to keep that money safe typically and whisked away and that says to a kid consciously or subconsciously “You can’t handle this.” Allow them to handle it so it becomes concrete.

17:20 Allow kids to take ownership of money.

17:44 Money is clean and in order.

17:56 Encourage them to open a bank account and make a big deal about it because they have saved money.

18:42 Tip #2 Mind Your Own Money Talk

18:45 Children are listening and processing way more than adults realize or pay attention to

19:05 You are teaching kids about money all the time by how you interact with it daily

19:29 Ask yourself, “Am I teaching them right now how to be the adult I want them to be?”

19:46 Choose your words carefully when interacting with money and do it purposefully

19:53 Tip #3 Make A Budget With Your Kids

20:13 What does the child need for school? (lunches, sports fees, entertainment, yearbook, clothes shopping budget and anything we forgot)

21:13 After my Mom approved the budget, she gave them a check every month for that month, took us to the bank to deposit that check and responsible for getting out the money we needed and writing checks for the things that checks were needed for

21:48 We were also responsible for balancing the account and making sure there was money in there

21:54 Taught me how to be aware of money, what things cost and make choices

22:20 This felt like the best gift my parents every gave me

22:34 Whatever money you have you are still making choices with it

22:39 People who are financially successful and wealthy make choices every day for where their money goes - they don’t just go by every single thing

23:00 There are examples of people who buy everything and the money runs out

23:11 This is why a lot of people fail at the lottery

23:40 This teaches kids to make conscious decisions about money

23:46 At times it felt like I didn’t have all the money I wanted but it made me creative and open to do things that other kids weren’t open to

24:33 It is easy today, now you can get a prepaid Visa card where they can’t overdraft it

24:48 Allow them to make the mistakes now while they are at home

25:21 Make a plan: What is the plan if you run out of money by the 15th of the month

25:30 Credit on allowance - do it, let him learn the lesson now while you are in control of it and you need to make payments to me for the next eight months, then when you write the check you make the check lower

26:19 The problem isn’t credit, it is when they don't’ think about using credit and don’t understand paying more to have it today - it is about the choice

27:41 Include them in the decisions (age appropriate) - family fun day and have them allocate the money and be in charge of the money for the day and actually pay

29:33 Confidence is earned - money confidence is earned through stepping into the experience over time

30:12 Tip #4 Model The Adults You Want Them To Grow Up To Be

31:06 Model the behavior you want them to have, “We can invest here”, “I want to save this”, “I am making a commitment to” and this might require you changing your money story

33:07 Tip #5 Check In On Your Behavior

33:14 Check in and ask yourself if you are being who you want them to be when they grow up

33:25 Reach out at if you need help with this or and learn and get the help if you need it

33:45 Send me an email or leave a review on iTunes if these tips were helpful

34:08 Money Mantra: I am good with money

34:25 Show Close

34:34 End

Aug 9, 2017

Show Notes: 

00:01 Show Intro

00:20 Cassie Parks Introduction

00:24 Lynn Owens, Lifestyle Support Coach who went from frustrated to fabulous

1:04 Old Story: Tried everything to manifest time and financial freedom from MLM, digital franchises, perfect jobs online and I was chasing and not open. I was physically tired and had some major health issues and all of my chasing and being tired and not loving myself led to many of the health issues because I wasn’t loving me.

2:46 Cat chasing it’s tail is a great analogy - as humans, our chasing that looks different but it feels the same

3:13 Self inflicted self torture was not the place of manifestation so I manifested more self torture, feeling bad and more tired and worn out

3:50 Looked like I had it together but I was physically tired and a wreck, it was the chase that I was doing

4:33 I didn’t understand about energy or how to do law of attraction but chasing doesn’t work

5:00 Physical exhaustion can lead to breakdowns in our body and causes major health issues

5:44 Manifested but didn’t enjoy it, it was as if I had shiny object syndrome with no gratitude or appreciation

6:25 No appreciation for a penny which stops your flow and when no appreciation it is like going upstream

8:16 I had to learn how to relax, love myself, be in the flow and trust that it was coming even though I didn’t know how it was coming to me

8:31 I was the detail-oriented person that knew how it all worked before this

9:00 Learning to release all of this and started doing that with the kids

9:18 When I started “just going” with my kids - it was like something was lifted off of you and you are having fun, laughing and enjoy

10:14 Never been adventurous but this summer has been great - we make up the rules as we go and enjoy ourselves

10:56 How much were you enjoying life in the chase? Zero, had a lot to be thankful for but didn’t realize what I had

11:29 Now I stop and smell all the roses, I enjoy my family, I enjoy me, and it makes everything so much better because you savor and enjoy it

11:52 Recently lunch by myself with my cell in airplane mode and watched people but years ago would have disconnected from the experience, playing games on my phone

13:04 You lack appreciation by being in chase mode

13:35 Began to recognize all that I was thankful for and why I was thankful for them

13:55 I remember a time when you had a VIP Day Photo Shoot and you received a compliment from the photographer “You are gorgeous” and you said, “Thank you”  and the photographer commented “You can also take a compliment well” and you responded “I have learned it is ok to be fabulous”

14:41 For years I spent my life chasing so when someone recognized me I would dim my light but I have grown to know when we dim our lights we don’t serve the world

16:05 Allowing your light to shine allows others lights to shine

16:45 We don’t serve the world when we are not good receivers and allow our light to shine

17:04 Have to be able to receive as much as you are able to give

17:16 Every night I tell my kids I am going to rejuvenate and restore - love on myself, read a book and do me for a 30-minute time and my kids know this is my time

17:55 It took me working with you to realize the value of self love because I can’t give what I don’t have

18:03 When I am in a space of empty, I can't’ give my best

19:00 Was it easy to invest in yourself? No, I didn’t feel deserving

19:47 Starting from a place of stress, worry and breakdown, I was unable to maximize our time together

20:02 Once I wrapped my mind around “I am worthy of this investment and so much more”

20:23 I didn’t have to do anything to earn worthiness

20:40 There wasn’t a earn your keep thing, my being was enough

21:02 Recognize your worthiness and how this impactful in your life

21:15 Often as women we put everything in front of ourselves - “I give so much and I get so little” but I wasn’t positioning myself to receive

21:50 The floodgates of receiving opened up and you can set up healthy boundaries after you discover your worthiness of this

22:28 The Universe is not going to give me more than I give myself, it mirrors back what we give ourselves

23:33 Investing in myself was a little more difficult, it was a thing to do, because I didn’t put any value there

24:04 I create and manifest, I can come in at the beginning, middle and end.

24:19 When you look at people who are successful, they spend time on their business and take care of themselves

24:51 You should do what you love

25:32 If you are chasing the money and you don’t love it, you will still be on the chase

26:06 Be grounded and love yourself and know you are worthy and fabulous, things happen in your life.

26:30 When always in lack, you are going to get more lack.

26:47 Advice for someone who feels stuck, frustrated and chasing? Stop. Life if not supposed to be a chase. There is an ebb and flow to life and once you are in the flow, it becomes easy. We were told to get a good education, get a good education, work hard but stop where you are, fall in love with you and make space for you in your life. You’ll find your own identity, purpose and passion but it is grounded in loving yourself.

29:18 Life is like a vacation. Pack all the things you need to have a good time as we are on our way.

29:38 If you don't’ enjoy the steps on the way to your destination, how do you think you are going to get there and have it magically be different?

30:13 Love yourself on the way chances are you are not going to love yourself when you get there.

30:36 Find more about Lynn at which launches August 1, 2017

31:22 Thank you for being brave and for investing in yourself

31:55 Show close

32:07 End

Aug 3, 2017

Show Notes: 

00:01 Show Intro

00:20 Cassie Parks Introduction

00:30 I know you are here because you want to welcome more money into your life and release the struggle

00:50 You can’t grow your business if you can’t allow more money into your life

1:05 Thank you for listening and being here. If you love it go comment on iTunes and email how the show has impacted your life

1:59 Today we are going to talk about “How to change your money story”

2:14 Changing your money story is everything

3:00 Served over 2,000 people in Manifest $10K course so I am able to the process of money mindset differently now

4:38 The thing I love about business is that you get to learn about yourself in the process - it is about the next step and the journey

4:43 I have had some requests to write a sequel to Choose Me, my novela that I launched in January 2017

5:03 The things you learn while you are in business are incredible and encourages you to grow

5:29 Changes to Manifest $10K - closing the door on the pay after you manifest option

5:56 You have to do what you know is right for you in business - people always have an opinion

6:23 I own 100% of my choices, intuition, gut and nudges from my future self

6:44 Inner guidance will tell you what is the next step

7:05 I want my work to change your direction and your money story

7:44 More than 50% don’t get past day 5 - if you are not doing it, you are not having success

8:11 Most often I say something in the coaching process that opens the door with those who have been super successful

9:56 Created a complimentary 5-Day Change your Money Story Challenge with 379 and manifested over $15,000 in 5 days

10:56 Changing your money story is what happens when you set the intention to manifest something like $10,000

11:19 It is the journey that changes the story

11:49 Become the person that is worthy of money

12:05 Started becoming the version of myself that had, did or was whatever she wanted (future self), that is when everything changed

12:53 5 Keys to changing your money story

13:24 The story you tell today is the life you live tomorrow

14:01 Somethings change on a dime with a decision and some things are a process

14:37 Key 1: Stop looking for limiting belief blocks and things you need to fix

15:20 You can’t keep fixing yourself into success

15:37 Step into the successful version of yourself however you can do it today, where you are, and those things will get fixed along the way

15:48 Changing your money story comes from stepping into a new story

16:05 You have to meet people where they are

16:18 Writing a new money story always works better than fixing the current one

16:22 You become successful when you write a new story

16:32 The more you identify blocks, limiting beliefs, or problems with your story, the more you are creating them.

16:46 Creating your money story is important because it ripples out into every part of your life

15:54 When you write a new money story you are writing a whole new direction for your life

17:16 Key 2: Only tell the story you want to be true

17:27 Lead and stay in the story you want to live more of tomorrow

18:05 Stop telling the story, justifying and explaining and lead with the story you want more of and stay in that story

18:27 When you lead with “I found $10 today but I had a $8 bank charge” you are telling the story that whatever money comes into your life gets cancelled out

18:43 Stay in the story you want to be true

18:45 Starve the energy of your old story by not talking about it

19:29 Do I want to be living more of this story tomorrow?

19:45 Key 3: Keep your story simple.

19:55 Less is actually more - tell your story with fewer words

20:19 Pay attention! Can I tell this story in fewer words?

20:49  You become more confident in your new story because you are telling it as if it is true rather than justifying it

21:37 Key 4: Change your language to be more abundant

22:00 Use the word invest instead of spend

22:52 Key 5: Start becoming the person who has money

23:57 Tap into how that person thinks differently than you do now

24:28 Become that person today before the money gets into your account.

24:38 It is who you are being that matters and allows that money to come into your life

24:54 Ask yourself “If I had $10,000 in the bank today, would I talk like this, say that, think about this be worried about this, believe this”?

25:47 Having an intention that you can grow into, moving towards and attracting is the best way to change your money story

26:24 If you want to get some support, go to and you’ll get some one-on-one time with me to get you started out right

27:00 Coaching allows you to go deeper than you do on  your own

27:25 You can also grab my best-selling book on Amazon, Manifest $10,000

27:35 Set the intention to manifest $10,000

28:00 Will continue to inspire you with other people’s stories and work in my episodes

28:34 Today’s Mantra: I am someone who has money

28:51 Show close

29:01 End

Jul 26, 2017

Show Notes: 

Old money story: I Can Do Poor

Current money story: I Can Do Wealthy


00:01 Show Intro

00:20 Cassie Parks Introduction

00:23 Maria Wolf expanded her money mindset during the Manifest $10K Course

00:47 What makes you amazing? Person who wants to be the best I possibly can and embrace new challenges. I am up for it and becoming a better me

1:42 Prior money story - kept telling the Universe keep giving me poverty

2:53 Vacuumed up money in the past vs. picking it up (money is rubbish and I can just throw it away)

3:38 Money is the root of all evil; vow of poverty to be spiritual

4:04 Acknowledged I can be a good person and have money and do a lot more good with money

4:42 Old story didn’t serve you but there was a time that made it OK and we just get stuck in that

5:08 New money story

5:42 When I started the course, I looked at my wallet, and the lining was ripped and I saw it with new eyes and I chose a grown up purse. Had to buy the wallet for money to come to it. Enjoy the practical tools that come with the course

6:58 How do you feel when you use it? Every time I use it I am reminded I am someone who has money and I can do wealthy

7:54 Prework share: Had to have a new notebook and Maria shared her pre-work and all those things are true

9:16 Wanted to take a family on a vacation but I have managed so many other things with them and have been able to take care of them in different instances

10:11 Family history of money (hiding, don’t feel good and women did not ask men about money or spoken of)

13:00 Didn’t ask you to fix old money stories

13:30 Manifest $10K - you get out of it how much you put in

14:03 Scripting - need to get into this as a daily routine

14:33 Send letters with a pen pal from the US as my future self

15:34 Did you have Law of Attraction people in your life? No

15:47 What was it like to have a group where you can share whatever you want as far as how money is showing up in your life and connect with others who are doing the same? Lovely to see how others are doing, see their evidence and see how doing their homework

16:27 What we filter, we see more of - Facebook group reminds me to do what I needed to do

17:13 Taught to value my time by making room for money to come in so at work as a nurse, I cut hours by 2 ½ hours a week and work more upfront so have every Friday off now

21:20 Confident that I’ll get that money back from those 2 ½ hours less? I just knew it would be ok and it has been

21:54 What are you teaching your granddaughter and 3 grandsons? You are good at manifesting money and look how easy money flows to you! Belief: I attract money

22:54 A friend at work was telling her “Rich people believe that all the money in the world belongs to them and they just need to get it back” Moral: There is no reason to be poor, there is more than enough

24:07 Picked up negative from parents, not the positive but her mom was always picking up money and manifesting it but she didn’t see it then

25:35 Had just started my business prior to Manifest $10K and it was slow as she hadn’t ever needed to sell her services so it took off with the course

26:50 Booked a coach but by the appointment time, she didn’t need help with her business by then

27:45 Continue the habits of manifesting going to keep manifesting

30:36 Advice for Manifest $10K Course - if gotten to the stage of looking into it, you should do the course and go all in

31:34 Shared a story: Repaid a client by finding Euros in old purses in her dresser and treated myself as well

34:38 Money is already there but you could not see it

35:46 Connect with Maria at

36:20 Join the Manifest $10K course at

36:43 Show Close

36:52 End

Jul 19, 2017

00:01 Show Intro

00:20 Cassie Parks Introduction

00:23 Interview with Mel Parrish

00:41 Mel Parrish’s superpower is that she is a risk taker and that is what makes her amazing.

1:27 Mel is a plus size model and blog about body positivity

1:50 Come from a conservative background, so sharing with the larger world in a non-private space was a huge deal

3:18 Manifest $10K junkie - taken the course 3 or 4 times; the last time she had a manifesting win from a booking that had a long time to come through

5:14 There are a lot of people who are worried what other people will think about Law of Attraction

6:58 Manifesting experience - LOA only a few months before I found your book but had been unknowingly been manifesting (career change from Naval Officer to Model) but not conscious before

8:34 Become. Claim that you want.

9:00 Mel is a “how” junkie, loves a strategy, plan, etc but has chosen use the tools Cassie teaches to slow down and let go like scripting, journaling and visualizing

9:49 Day 24 - Go back to this process all the time “howing” vs becoming. “I am going to stay in becoming and not go down in howing.”

10:50 Great modeling job and check was not showing up and in the place of “how” did I create this? Emailed and asked what doing wrong. Followed the process. Celebrated other people.

11:39 How does cheerleading reduce “howing” and increase becoming? Activate that part of you that gathers evidence and allows you to be your future self when you celebrate what others you are achieving

12:20 Prior money story “Hot Mess Train Wreck”

13:09 Once you put your money into a house

13:23 Cleaning up my act with money has been some left brain stuff like learning about money but the other part has been addressing my spiritual needs in a better way

13:45 Money Story Now: Expansion always and always.

14:32 Million Dollar Listing - see what other’s want and get it over and over again

15:04 Tap into other’s confidence

15:38 Seeing things in action allow you try to be that way or something similar too (a different way to learn the lesson)

16:28 Spiritual entertainment - consuming book after book but not putting it into action.

16:59 Understand, believe and go do it

17:21 I did not have the “becoming” beforehand. Took the steps to become

18:02 How do I become? Do things, can’t think it, can’t “how” it

18:50 Becoming has been a discovery process of how much of my future live I already live.

19:10 It is already here which helps you stop reaching

19:25 Nothing repels success like lack and desperation.19:35 It is like when you realize, “I have the enchiladas, I just need the cilantro and sour cream.”

21:11 How does what you know now, how does this help you go into audition|casting? Goodness in showing up but I did it from a place of lack. I now get to be selective and direct bookings

22:25 This is making me happier, saner and a well-cared for person

22:49 This also ties to entrepreneurs -  what do you really want and is it worth my time?

23:12 When you shift, space can be created which can feel uncomfortable. But I am scripting ease and spaciousness so that is what it feels like

24:05 How did you learn to fill that time? In some ways I just allow it and do the things I am doing way better and allowing myself to do less

25:16 Workshop I do would not allow if I hadn’t allowed room for that to bubble up, there wasn’t space for it

25:49 Free time - consciously create free space

26:17 Your vibing up activity might include watching a episode of friends and it might be 5 minutes

27:17 You can’t add more stuff into your life if it is already full.

28:30 Favorite thing about Manifest 10K? Love the structure and framework to fall back on but that allowed me to stop being so reliant on  structures and frameworks.

29:09 Reword: Knowing there a step-by-step process for manifesting and welcoming money and becoming the person you want to be more of makes it easier to let go of all those other structures you think you have to use to get to where you want to be

29:37 Any lane is open for you.

29:44 Advice? Be open to all the crazy ways what you want will show up

30:18 Find me at Instagram @MelParrishPlus and her blog

31:50 Show close

31:59 End

Jun 24, 2017

Show Notes:

00:01 Show Intro

00:20 Cassie Parks Introduction

00:24 Interview with Elle Russ who is a Podcaster of Primal Blueprint Podcast

00:46 Elle is a coach too and is a good manifestor, who retired at age 23 where she could pursue her dreams

1:35 Pursued dreams of acting and writing, sketch comedy, sitcoms, improv and a documentary but suffered from hypothroidism and couldn’t get the medical help she needed

2:02 Wrote a book from that experience, The Paleo Thyroid Solution

2:40 Investing your own money into your entrepreneurial ventures, so had spent so much money and I spiraled down

3:55 Start at the basics and manifest a cup of coffee that day

4:13 Found you at Law of Attraction Network with Ginny and your show, and through that I learned about Manifest $10K course for $1

4:34 Part of me wanted some money back for all the money I had spent (even $2500)

4:49 Loved your Manifest 10K course and the small tips that are generating the simple things

5:23 Manifested $2200 in 60 days

5:35 A few unexpected things happened - felt bad about not looking at my finances, so when I took ownership, I had an auto deduct for $1500 that was refunded for a yoga class I thought I cancelled

7:38 Moved to a new area and I needed a portable air conditioner for $300 and a friend said they had two and would sell it to her for $300 which was better

8:56 It happened so easy, there was no resistance to getting it

9:45 When I retired at 23, it was lonely as none of my friends had that kind of freedom

10:00 I am so grateful for the freedom and abundance to do what I want when I want

10:26 Money is freedom. It is what gives you power to be, do and have the experiences that you want

10:48 Once you have money freedom, you can create more and more abundance

10:53 You can do things that others would not be able to do

11:58 Even when you are good at manifesting, you can get into the “not feel so good” if you don’t change your energy and focus

12:14 Manifested Manifest 10K course months before I quit my job, I felt like money was flying out the window

12:37 I knew this had to get under control, the first part is noticing that you feel that shift or change in energy

13:16 Great for people know how to manifest too and get back to basics of generating the feelings and gratitude

13:54 Get clear about what you want - a lot of people are brainstorming about what they’d be good at not what they want to do (when you can be good at a hundred things but you may not want to do any of those things)

14:56 Not a logical thing to get into the feeling, it is magic

15:22 Create your own reality and using intention to create your dreams

15:27 If anyone needs clarity or signs on this, I recommend a book called, The Intention Experiment

16:09 I am in the science behind this is fascinating

16:42 Often the money is there but you are not seeing because of the space you are in

17:05 So often people think they need to go fix it so they analyze and fix and the better way is to step into the person who is welcoming the $2500 in

18:03 Drive to a new neighborhood - act as if, who do I want to be

18:50 I started to tell the story of spiralling down and I got overwhelmed, nervous and fearful

19:27 So many little things showed up - $200 from a friend when I changed my energy

19:53 Pretending works, gratitude works - you have to be grateful for where you are

20:04 Appreciate all the positives of what you do have

20:30 The quickest way to shorten manifesting is to complain

21:22 This is getting back on track for those who know how to manifest and great for people that don’t

22:30 Living month-to-month and car got towed, so got depressed but looked for something I could do

23:45 Demanded and screamed that the Universe give her what she needed - I was demanding it from yourself of your subconscious and within a week 3 different job opportunities out of nowhere

24:47 Met my publisher, who is a Paleo guy and I started following his process and it prompted me getting off my medicine

26:08 She proposed a Thyroid book to him and he was interested but when mentioned it again, he wasn’t sure about publishing it

27:03 What do you want an end result to be?

27:34 Her coach said, “What you want is incentive.”

27:58 So many people in company fell ill with hypothyroidism but had to look what else she could do

28:19 Had another yelling, screaming, come to Jesus moment with the Universe again and in 48 hours I book a role on Brooklyn 99 sitcom with her two favorite comedians

29:30 Boss came back and wanted to publish the book

30:18 I was glad I reached out to my coach had me look at it in a different way

31:41 I always thought it would be fun to speak a second language - so in that acting role there was a line in French and got to spend the day with two of my favorite people

32:20 People are fearful of talking strongly to the Universe, talking to me, energy and the strong the core the stronger the materialization

33:29 Elle shared filling your home with things you can afford now

34:19 Big fan of vision boards or vision books and 7-1 0minutes a day of visualization and feel the feelings of the money, the relationship, etc.

3500 When I stop and get caught up in ego things spiral down - it is all about how you are feeling

35:17 Vibration of finding money

35:50 Be happy and grateful for what is going on now in order to get where you are going

36:04 The Universe never gets it wrong - it knows you, your schedule and knows what you want, it is you

36:31 Being more specific (i.e. Freedom in your morning, appreciation of money coming in, appreciate the things you love)

38:55 LOA means letter of acceptance

40:30 People who have money are thinking right about money

41:20 Connect with Elle at or instagram _elleruss, Barnes & Noble and Amazon and the Primal Blueprint Podcast is every Wednesday

42:51 Show Close

43:15 End

Jun 14, 2017

Show Notes: 

00:01 Show introduction

00:20 Cassie Parks introduction

00:24 Interview with Lindsey Rainwater who together with her husband, Corey, manifested $10,000 in the Manifest 10K Online Program

00:38 Talk about her experience attending Manifest 10K LIVE and what happened after that

00:56 Lindsey is a Spiritual Grandeur and Higher Self Integration Expert because her focus is helping women who feel that they have more inside of them that is coming out

2:01 She had a meditation where she met her future self and she was right there, just outside of herself but when she touched base with her, she stop worrying so much so now she teaches others how to tap into this

3:48 Learn what Lindsey did for work prior to this.

4:49 Experience with money was rocky prior to Manifest 10K - Lindsey’s family had money and were comfortable but where we lived made her question the integrity of money

6:00 Held a money is dangerous belief

6:15 Crash in 2008 hit the construction industry, solidified money is fickle and you can not depend on it and it was not always there for her - want it, need it, didn’t trust it

7:49 Manifesting experience prior  - always manifested food when short on money but didn't’ realize I was manifesting then

10:07 Getting things and money is hard

10:51 We all get money stories from birth on

11:27 Why did you join Manifest 10K? Met you through Facebook as an acquaintance. Knew she had the power to bring things in but manifesting isn’t something she knew how to do

13:48 She was at a point of “there was nothing to lose” by doing this program and it was an attractive idea

14:33 Manifested a very nice grill the day after she decided to manifest a grill - showed her the power of a big intention and what she really wanted

17:57 In Manifest 10K, we work on holding that big space for what people really want

18:12 Manifesting $10,000 was funny because I didn't see it at first

19:10 My husband started setting intentions to make more money than he had ever made

20:06 The Universe is so cool in how it brings things into your life - so don’t miss how it delivers what you want

20:52 Life can appear as if “Oh it is not working” when it is actually working

21:40 Truck needed repair and met a mechanic that had associates that gave Corey new work which was a more ideal situation and a substantial raise overnight which surpassed the financial goal he had set

23:35 The truck breaking was a blessing

25:10 Two years ago we were going without things that we wanted

25:42 Having money to buy the things we want is fun and we are able to make other choices

27:55 Additional money in their live as they paid off small debts

29:09 When you take control of your money story, it affects all areas of life

29:58 Biggest advice Lindsey would give is listen to someone who has done it and don’t try to do it on  your own

32:17 Trust that it is happening and don’t get caught in needing to seeing it working - let it happen

36:00 Trust the process and keep going

36:34 You can reach Lindsey at where I offer a free meditation and has a new 30-day immersion program

38:38 Join the Manifest 10K course at

38:45 Show close

38:55 End

Jun 7, 2017

Show Notes: 

00:01 Show introduction

00:20 Cassie Parks introduction

00:24 Interview with Michele Reynolds has manifest over $14K in 90 days once she owned her money stuff

1:00 Money story prior to getting support: I am not worthy of receiving new money

1:17 A lot of things and people in your life that supported that like being told “you can’t manage money”, “You make unwise decisions”, etc.

1:43 Michele’s businesses - Wakaya Perfection and CEO of a virtual assistant network

3:15 MIchele was working so hard and there was no money to show for that

3:20 Her pattern was to shift energetically to something better versus fixing her money mindset and thoughts around money

4:52 The amount of money she made was always at the same money thermometer level

5:11 Manifest 10K, Manifest $10K LIVE and coaching

5:43 Ever tried to Manifest 10K before? Yes, 14 times.

6:52 So often, you need a coach

8:05 There were other things in her life that had this same stopping pattern and you helped me stop the self-sabotaging behavior

9:06 Single mom who graduated from survival mode

10:23 Know there is always more money coming

11:03 Can’t always see our story was until you are on the other side of it.

11:31 Survivor from 25-years of survival mode

11:43 Her surroundings were nice - nice home, food, clothes, new car, enough money but her internal message said “There is not enough”

12:56 What happens in your head will create your experience even if it is really not true

13:18 Now she works less hours and makes more money

15:00 You will create a way to have to survive as far as your business

15:36 Went through her budget and rid unnecessary expenses and now makes decisions based on a budget

16:19 Residual income increased seven times extra because she fixed her money mindset

17:00 Manifested more than $14,297 in the last 90 days

17:33 Look at the Manifest 10K material, read it, touched it, but didn’t do it!

18:33 Body, mind and spirit will not go where you don’t know that there is a place to catch you

19:09 Michele is the type of person that learns best with support and hands-on experience because it happens faster

19:57 Advice: Try once and if not successful, get help right then

20:25 New money story: “Money manifesting guru”

21:17 Making decisions on what I truly know now

21:33 Dreaming big dreams

21:49 What is the difference betweening wanting vs. I will own - There is a surety that comes with knowing I have the mindset to draw this stuff into my world, this or something better

22:27 In the world, this knowing comes off as worthiness and confidence but it is an inner knowing that it is just a matter of time

22:57 Making empowered decisions

23:10 Always been confident, this is different - peaceful surety of knowing I am my future self now

23:44 Come full circle and I know that I am ok

24:13 Look for the evidence that is showing up and keep a journal of your evidence and the money coming in

25:36 It is nice to have money in the bank and I am OK

26:50 Get support at to help you change your money story too

27:35 You can’t see your own forest through the trees most of the time

28:35 Watching people spin is heart-breaking and as a coach, it can be better.

29:54 Stories are what others related to and can see the path is more possible

30:20 Michele can be reached at or

31:37 Show Close

31:46 End

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