Manifesting Success Stories A Law of Attraction Show

Start believing you can create more money, love and the life of your dreams using the law of attraction. This show is a positive, reality podcast that chronicles the journeys of those manifesting their deepest desires while stepping into their future selves, with the guidance of Law of Attraction and Money Manifesting Coach Cassie Parks. If you’ve ever asked, “Does the Law of Attraction really work?” this show has the answer.
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Manifesting Success Stories A Law of Attraction Show






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Jan 25, 2017

Show Notes

00:05 Show Introduction

00:35 Cassie Parks Introduction

00:42 Money manifesting and welcoming more into your life so you can be more successful in business

1:00 If you have hangups about allowing money into your life it will create problems in your business

1:30 How money manifests into your life

1:53 Love to share money manifesting stories

2:20 Money is constantly flowing in

3:05 My new fiction novela, Choose Me, hit #1 last week on Amazon, let me know what you think and share it with those that you think could benefit from reading it and thank you to everyone who support it last week

4:15 If you are loving this season of the podcast and you want to get Manifest $10,000 into your hands, it will be in bookstores May 16, 2017 but you can preorder it now from your favorite retailer and put in your receipt, I’ll send you a free copy and you can keep it or pass it on

5:32 Thank you for a large order of over 150+ books for a network marketing team who is going to give one as a welcome gift to anyone who joins her team because they will have more success if they read the book and implement what they learn

6:15 Once you join Manifest 10K you can also join the Facebook Group Manifest 10K and join the community

6:29 If you have a team, and you know reading the book would benefit them, reach out to me at and we’ll make a deal

7:31 How Money Manifests: 3 categories 1)Always Possible But Unlikely 2) Totally Magical 3) Winning

8:16 Money can manifest in a combination of ways

8:30 Sometimes people are not paying attention

8:43 Always possible but unlikely: Employee example

9:00 How does an employee manifest more money?

9:22 Thinking/worrying about the how.

10:17 Doesn’t matter if an entrepreneur or an employee, money can find it’s way into your life if you welcome it

11:05 How can it just happen to an employee? Christine got a promotion and a $20K raise out of the blue

12:00 Go for more than $10,000 very likely you’ll get more

12:43 I want a 20% raise! Got 5% but 6 months later, I was offered a promotion and a raise over $10K

13:54 Stay focused on what is taught in the Manifest 10K course and Manifest $10,000

15:00 Nan’s story: Going for $100K

16:00 It is not working I must be doing something wrong, focus on money and abundance and not focusing on lack and got a $10K check and made more money

17:02 You might get a new job or an unexpected check

17:15 Focus on the money and it shows up

17:40 When you change, everything changes

17:47 Jill Angie, Not Your Average Runner took Manifest 10K and had amazing t-shirts for her tribe of amazing women

18:48 5 days into the course, got an email from someone that wanted to be her t-shirt supplier (doubled her money) and this supplier will do more of the work; money can show up in so many forms

20:03 Money can come to you

20:56 Sasha was a money hot-mess to good instincts and courageously to act on her own behalf

21:53 Taking the course I realized I have everything I want and need; mental mindshift.

22:56 $4800 on house remodel saved because he was easy to work with

22:46 Family never helped out before and the family sent them $6,000

24:20 Totally Magical: unexpected and here you go

24:52 Winning: Casino winner story

25:42 Roll out your welcome mat and it can come in some forms of all ways

25:58 Laura manifested $10,000 in the course and it came in all different ways for her - count everything

26:57 New clients and open up to allow money to come in

27:21 Doubled her business story: directed to the shortcut when your money mindset is right

27:49 Mantra: I allow money to find me

28:25 Show Closing

28:50 End

Jan 18, 2017

Show Notes

00:05 Show Introduction

00:35 Cassie Parks Introduction

00:48 Manifesting Money: Money is an energy and a tool that you can step into bigger and better things and how you show up

1:40 Money is a powerful tool for positive change in the world

2:00 Pay others and resources help us to change the world in all kinds of ways

2:40 Learn to be abundant for yourself and for all those around you

3:56 Reading something from Jeannette Maw the other day on The Good Vibe Blog about being abundance and having wealth takes practice in our thoughts and words

4:13 Passionate about helping others create your happy ever after by welcoming money into your business and life without struggle so you can build quicker and easier

4:51 Winning the lottery

5:14 Or is the lotto getting in  your way of creating the life you want?

5:25 Lead with what is awesome in your life

6:19 Novella coming out tomorrow: Choose Me on Amazon in the fiction section and share it with someone else

7:44 Download it for free tomorrow and thank you to all of you who helped me choose the cover from Facebook. If we are not friends on Facebook, find me there and friend me.

9:05 If you love this season of the podcast, please preorder Manifest $10,000 Book which comes out May 16th (and take a picture of it when it comes out in  your local bookstores) and you’ll get it mid April to end of May but if you fill out the form, I’ll send you complimentary copy right now. You are helping get this in more stores which helps someone else gets my book too. My intent is 10,000 presales before May 16th.

11:18 Thank you for pre-orders!

11:50 “I think this is going to happen this way” mindset can block money from coming into your life

12:55 It is not my intention to win the lottery but I would love it if someone read Manifest $10,000 or took Manifest $10K and won. My intention is to be paid 10% of at lottery winning because that sounds more fun.

13:22 Stay in what feels fun

13:44 Start with lower amounts, because you might be thinking this is the “only way”

14:11 The lottery is a big number, I suggest you start with $10K to learn the skill sets and tools to increase that number

15:00 Harder for your mind to grasp what $1M is

15:50 Nothing sticks or you can’t get traction if you can’t visualize how much that is

17:00 Clarity of you who you are in that space is important for you to be able to attract that

18:32 For someone that wants to win the lottery, pick a number

18:49 Winning the lottery is one thing versus the money, most want the money that comes from winning the lottery

19:47 The lottery is only one of the ways how money comes in

19:50 Focused on winning or the money?

20:35 Winning the lottery and your law of attraction stuff

21:04 I have more than enough money, I am abundant, I have all the money I need thoughts

21:36 Go allocate the money you want to attract and start becoming that person

22:15 You can manifest thing that can get you what you want but it doesn’t

22:32 Syndicated radio show in 8 major markets example for 1 book sale for $19.95 and no clients

23:17 What I really wanted was clients

24:00 Quicker path is to discover who has the amount of money you want.

24:21 Most lottery winners are worse off five years later because they don’t know how to be the person with money, receives abundance and creates that flow

25:15 Become who you want, the skills and the tools tends to bring you more success

26:33 Leaving the possibilities and playing field open to the universe leads to more success

27:11 Entrepreneurs do this often, they miss and practicing and becoming what they want because they are focused on how they think what they want will show up

28:48 Entrepreneurs use all their manifesting skills and tools to get thing that will get them what they want instead of just focusing on what they want.

29:20 Megan: Gained skills that allowed her to started a new job from Manifest $10K Course

30:07 Mantra: Money is on it’s way to me

30:23 Show closing

30:48 End

Jan 11, 2017

Show Notes: 

00:05 Show Introduction

00:37 Cassie Parks introduction

00:58 I know you want to welcome more money into your life without struggle so that you can build your business quicker and easier

1:11 How money manifests

1:48 Lead and model with what is awesome in my life (what I want more of)

2:49 Coach people all the time in the Manifest 10K course about sharing what you want more of, justifying the good is not necessary

3: 31 Train others by asking “What is awesome in your life right now?”

4:24 Manifest 10K Live is happening tomorrow LIVE in Denver, CO

4:50 Our brains start changing in 3 days of a new pattern

5:01 Up your money vibe to manifest $10,000 one time to where it is repeatable and all the time.

6:01 Create your happy everafter in your business; step into your future self

8:15  Manifest 10K Live in May 2017 - dates coming soon with 500 people

9:25 Learn to share what is exciting and make that a habit in your life

9:55 If you are loving this season of the podcast, pre-order my book Manifest $10,0000 that is coming out in bookstores May 16, 2017 and we’ll send you a free copy now

11:45 Thank you for pre-orders! Goal is 10,000 pre-orders and we are on our way to helping 1 Million and one people change their money mindset.

12:32 Join the Manifest 10K course to join the money manifesting party, people are manifesting money every day.

12:56 How people think money manifests: “I think…”

13:21 Thinking, analyzing and not trusting our intuition to take inspired action

13:41 Want to be open

14:15 If you listen to my other podcast Manifest It Now we use the term awareness all the time so you can catch yourself

14:50 Winning the Lottery on the next episode

15:25 Always on the playing field of possibility

16:22 Inheritance, if you think the only way you can have the money you want is my inheritance means someone has to die and no one wants that

17:36 Manifesting money through an unclaimed money list

18:53 Where else is there money that I don’t know about?

19:06 Money can come in so many other ways and it is about you becoming the person who has the money and allowing money to find you.

20:09 Focus on your attention on being the person who has the money

20:30 Entrepreneurs create a detailed plan and jump into action and leave no room for inspiration.

21:11 $10,000 this month

21:28 New program all about business strategy: doing the numbers (strategic) and combining this with playing with possibility and stepping into who you are. Matching the law of attraction and strategy while tapping into your future self

22:08 What will you do with $10,000? Allocate every penny

24:00 Client that used to plan and now she lets things come to her and getting clear on who she will be and people are showing up saying I need what you have because she was being her future self

25:50 Money doesn’t show up the way you think it will

26:28 Aligning with money, abundance and flow. I need to send you money story

31:30 Start to look at how allowing money into your life and not decide how it has to show up

31:48 Mantra: I am open to receiving abundance

32:23 Show closing

32:48 End


Jan 4, 2017

Show Notes

00:05 Show introduction

00:36 Cassie Parks Introduces Caryn Gillen and How she manifested more than $10,000 after reading Manifest $10,000

00:57 Karyn is a weight loss coach for 8 years and mom that lives in Eugene, Oregon and have 6 chickens
1:50 How did you find the book, Manifest $10,000? Angela Lauria shared it with her

2:48 Remember taking the time separating myself from the business of life and very intentional

3:40 Decided going to follow all the steps in the book - “all in”

4:34 Important to honor how you see your life feeling and how you are going to feel, connect what the person  you want to be is doing, what are primary emotions, what is she wearing, etc.

5:30 Website is

6:13 Liked allocating the money on specific things

6:42 Be specific and made me think about what it would be like to experience that stuff

6:58 $14,300 was her number

7:10 Post it note in wallet that had everything - a document where I honored every coin that showed up

8:04 Experience keeping track on that note helped her to operate in a way that “allowed” things to come her way

9:26 Mindshift for sure

9:31 “Of course that happened”, it snowballs into who you are

9:50 Took 90 days to meet her intention - took 60 days to meet her intention

10:39 This was fun, I have to do that again

10:57 Be careful with your intentions, keep setting them and moving towards what it is you want

11:37 Realization that I am super powerful

11:58 Biggest ah-hah: do the work no matter what daily, take your intentions with you

12:36 Process of making change is making it part of your habits and be a part of all of your life

12:47 Show up every day and take action and  honoring everything that happens in the moment and be appreciative in the moment

13:02 Most important thing I learned was that how I already lived my life in a law of attraction way

14:36 Process can be used for money, weight loss, and everything in life

14:55 Advice to those who want to manifest more money in their life would be to ask them why

15:19 Move towards the life you want

15:26 Choosing grace over grasp

16:03 Manifesting next: Go for a bigger number $50K

16:23 Go back to the beginning of the book and did every exercise with that number in mind.

17:40 Caryn’s book is I Wanted It: How To Lose Weight While You Travel For Work and is almost out in early 2017

18:29 Go to website and sign up for my newsletter

19:01 Get into the body that feels more like you while being out in the world doing what you are great at

19:21 Helping people be powerful instead of being distracted so you can contribute without worrying about what you look like or clothes are/are not adjusted

21:00 Took the time to do this process and stepped away from the busyness

21:48 Final thought: Allow it to be a special process

22:40 Show Closing

23:06 End