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Start believing you can create more money, love and the life of your dreams using the law of attraction. This show is a positive, reality podcast that chronicles the journeys of those manifesting their deepest desires while stepping into their future selves, with the guidance of Law of Attraction and Money Manifesting Coach Cassie Parks. If you’ve ever asked, “Does the Law of Attraction really work?” this show has the answer.
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May 31, 2017

Show Notes: 

00:01 Show introduction

00:20 Cassie Parks introduction

00:22 Maggie McReynolds manifested more than $20,000 in her first go with Manifest $10K, more time, more freedom and has continued to grow, expand and has a new book coming out May 18, 2017

00:42 Un-settling is her new book, if you know a divorced mom who is worried about what they are modeling for their kids, this is the book to get

00:56 Welcome Maggie

1:05 $10,000 photo shoot

1:28 Super OK life before Manifest $10K and wrapped up in the story that she had enough money but could not see where that helped her plateau

2:11 If some big expense came up, I was sure I could find the money for it but conversely, if I came into some money, a big expense would come up

2:32 I was working in a job that was OK, but not my life purpose

2:50 I was OK in life but I knew there was more for me, that is why I signed up for Manifest $10K

2:57 Why can’t there be more than enough?

3:25 Abundance turned up for me in a bunch of unexpected ways

3:41 Got a completely different job that paid more than $20,000

4:00 Money can come in anyway

5:40 I got more than enough money and more than enough time too

5:50 Our money story plays out everywhere in our life not just in your money

6:07 Biggest takeaway from Manifest $10K: Act from your future self

7:42 What did you think about debt before? Shame, guilt, imposter syndrome now I can see it as an investment in me with returns

9:00 Time wasn’t allocated to worry anymore instead I could focus on joyful things

10:01 Have a spirit of play with it at first and play with what I’d do with the money I had - travel itineraries, amazon wish lists, neighborhoods we liked, restaurant happy hour, test drive the car, entertaining - lived as if

12:15 Un-settling: How to help your kids by making and modeling an amazing life after divorce

12:50 The act of choosing divorce is the choice to stop settling (you or your kids), it is a huge, brave leap

14:17 The best energy is stepping into that un-settling woman that it took to choose divorce. Kids look to and watch their mom’s to know it is going to be OK and better than OK

15:40 Kids are naturals at this, they have an amazing sense of play already

17:02 Why did you Manifest 10K LIVE? Energy is always magnified when you gather like-minded people in one physical place

18:30 The power of your future self - Maggie did twice the work in half the time (in essence, doubled her income)

20:24 Manifested: New book contract, amazing new home and boyfriend moved closer

25:45 My new question is “What else is possible?”

26:40 Money metaphor: Money is a game and I finally stepped up to play

27:35 Sometime it is hard for people to get into manifestation but they can understand walking around in “my life is overwhelming” could mess up your day so if willing to believe that, why such a leap to “my life is amazing” and that this would bring other experiences?

28:45 Evidence logs are proof that it is possible for us too

29:00 Who is Un-settling written to? Recently divorced mom of tweens and is aware her kids are watching and listening. Fear, guilt, shame and anxiety isn’t helping

30:55 Feelings must come first, that is the only way to leverage what you want

32:32 Giving mom’s the tools to help your kids create their money story

33:54 You can reach Maggie at or Un-settling on Amazon

24:48 Interview close

34:59 End

May 25, 2017

Show Timing: 

00:01 Show introduction

00:20 Cassie Parks introduction

00:23 Manifesting $10,000 in 24-hours after reading the book Manifest $10,000

00:36 Who is Eliza Fayle?

01:52 Her journey as a manifestor thus far from childhood to age 54

03:49 Playing small in manifesting up to this point

04:46 Are you really good at asking for parking spots or one client when you could step into the realm of having a full client load?

05:05 Found Manifest $10,000 book through a mutual friend who shared the book with her

05:50 Manifest $10,000 is a quick read and a practical guide as to get to A to Z. Manifest $10,000 was meant to be able to be read in a quick airplane ride and so it can be easily implemented

06:35 Manifest $10,000 book ah-hah: Play Big and results were shocking by breaking a self-imposed ceiling of what was possible to manifest

07:41 Eliza’s results: Bought a house that needed all new high-end appliances and needed furniture, shopping the next day and we had the money in the bank to pay full price and we had the money for it but we saved $10,000 in one shopping trip which is equivalent to manifesting $10,000

9:19 How it happened: We pulled into the complex of shops and there wasn’t a parking stop so we parked in front of another store and saw a huge one-day only massive sale sign so we decided to go in there first.

10:09 Got all our furniture (except for the stove), all appliance, Sears card and got the microwave for free all in Sears and we had no intention of going into Sears

10:35 Directed to park there and see that sign, we are open to signs and remain open to opportunities

10:58 High end stove massively on sale and ceramic barbeque (which he was going to wait for) and we got that too.

11:22 Still had $10,000 cash in the bank

11:27 Received a phone call from the owner of the new home asking if we wanted to buy any of her furniture and we were short a living room, patio set and bar stools

12:05 When you are in alignment with the $10,000, you are put where you need to be

12:41 Manifestors will turn down the path of it’s not working because it looks different than what they thought

12:48 Listen to intuition - When you are somewhere, act upon it

13:45 Suffered from Money Anxiety Disorder (MAD) - afraid there would never be enough money

15:58 There is enough money, always has been and always will be and I am allowed to ask for more

16:00 This belief is freeing and allows me to say yes to things

16:19 Said yes, and money just showed up the next day from an unexpected source and it covered the flight cost

17:50 Because you said yes, you got evidence back that it did work out which gives you more permission or opportunity to bigger things as you go forward (tangible proof)

18:39 Pivotal thing in shifting from not enough to this bigger place? You assigned the exact dollar amount to manifest - Manifest $10,000 and I did the homework

20:19 How do you keep applying what you learned? Identify “this is what I need” and it shows up

20:33 Advice from this process: 1) Need to be comfortable with law of attraction concepts, 2) Expand how you look at how you see money or manifesting (savings, rides, gifts) 3) Expressing gratitude to shift the energy - thank the universe in real time

23:24 Share advice that you would share with anyone that wants to manifest more money in their life: Manifesting in a verb that requires action (your book tells the reader what your actions are)

25:51 People aren’t successful because they didn’t do the exercises - manifesting it is a way of being

26:45 Manifested our dream home but we didn’t release the other house (still had stuff in there, needed some tender loving care, spruce up the landscaping) and now we are trusting that it is sold and what we are going to do with those funds from the house being sold

29:50 One thing to read the book and another to do the work, it is a commitment in yourself

31:09 YOu can pick up the book at any of your favorite retailers or at your local bookstore

31:19 Eliza’s super power: Cut through the noise in your life (mentoring dialogue) and zeroing in on what is important and what actions to take

32:08 or on Facebook at

32:54 Show close

33:03 End

May 17, 2017

Show Notes: 

00:01 Show Introduction

00:20 Cassie Parks introduction

00:29 Welcoming more money into your life

00:48 When you build a relationship with money, you are welcoming more and it becomes easy

1:16 I know you are listening so you can welcome more money into your life so you can build your business quicker and easier without the struggle

1:23 You must allow more money into your life so it isn’t hard to build your business

1:31 If you are interested in working with me on a deeper level you can go to and select the option to get some support

1:47 Client: Two businesses are expanding, working less hours and making more money because she has allowed herself to make more money in both businesses but if we had not worked together she might now have been able to welcome all that goodness into her life in the form of money

2:50 When you welcome more money into your life, more comes with it

2:59 Money impacts everything we do, so this is why you must have a powerful money mindset

3:15 Unless you are totally off the grid, money impacts you everyday

4:04 Being empowered with money has impacted her confidence and every aspect of her life

4:53 Making the commitment to manifest money

5:09 Doing the process, committing to setting yourself up for success is the foundation of opening the door to more money

5:34 Manifest $10,000 in bookstores as of yesterday

7:05 Self-published my first book in under a month's time 8 years ago and now I have a publisher and two more books coming out and celebrating that this has happened due to setting my compass point on what I want

7:35 Learn how to welcome more money into my life by writing and choosing the story I wanted to have about myself

7:51 Money can flow to me easily

7:54 The accumulation of that work is in Manifest $10,000, podcast episodes, stories, Manifest 10K course and Manifest 10K Live

8:30 My intention is to help you manifest more money and if I am, I’d love for you to leave a review on iTunes

8:52 If you have success stories, share that story with me as I want to celebrate with you

9:44 Keep me informed of your success as when you do manifest money at a certain level, you get to do a cool photo shoot with me, awards are given, etc.

10:06 If you are loving this season of the podcast, please go to your online reseller or local bookstore and grab your copy so we can get more copies in circulation (thank you for pre-orders)

10:50 When you start the Manifest $10K process (or anything), the first and foremost thing you want to do is commit to doing the whole thing and start with the end in mind

12:00 When you are growing but you don’t feel right, that is your brain detoxing the old stuff - keep going

12:54 Are you visualizing your success? You want to start in that place

13:12 Commit again to manifest $10,000 in the next 90 days - get the date on your calendar

14:00 Visualize yourself in the moment and you can say, “I did it!”

14:28 Script how easy it was and how surprised you were how easy it was to have $10,000

15:07 Manifest $10K Course, which is pay after you manifest, you can script what all is going on at the end of this

15:40 Stay the course, allow yourself the entire 90 days

16:36 Journey and a process that you’ll do it over and over again

16:53 This process is about developing a skill set (20 minutes a day for the next 90 days, decide what time you are doing it)

17:36 Having it on your to do list is not fully committing

19:19 Focus on the $10,000 for the next 90 days

20:20 Pick one thing to focus on - the most important one

20:44 When you just keep adding things to your list you are going to focus on, you get too much on your plate and you don’t do any of it.

21:00 This creates more of the same story that you don’t get there

21:10 There are places it is going to get tricky and you hit resistance - that is normal

21:44 Resistance is a sign to keep going, that means it is working

21:55 Take a little bit of time and think about a time when you have been successful in the past and write down what made you successful

22:36 Look at the times you were not successful, figure out why and make the adjustment

22:57 If you commit to this process, it will change your life

23:33 Make sure to commit to look for what it is working. Keep going in the direction of “it is working” and have a list of why it is working (an evidence log)

24:21 Your brain determines what you see in your reality

25:19 You are going to learn what you need to learn if you keep going with the process

25:40 Get support if you need it, join Manifest 10K and join the Facebook group, get support with me, encourage your friends to join with you

28:30 I commit to my success

28:51 Show close

29:02 End

May 10, 2017

Show Notes:

00:01 Show Introduction

00:20 Cassie Parks introduction

00:30 Thank you for taking me wherever you are taking me - in your car, on your jog, the bus, etc.

00:41 We are discussing the manifesting $10,000 process so that you can attract more money without the struggle so you can build your business quicker and easier

00:58 How to put the various phases together, amp up your beliefs and the celebration cycle

1:30 More Money Podcast name change came from whispers from my future self about what is next

2:22 It is easier to not force things because you can put a lot of energy and spinning into figuring out what to do next.

3:09 Thank you to all of you who have shared how the podcast has impacted your life. If you have not you can find me on Facebook, email me or leave a review on iTunes as this lets others know this is of value

3:50 If I do what I am meant to do and stepping into my future self, the answers always come.

4:17 Few more episodes left on the money manifesting process or you can join the course Manifest $10K or buy the book, Manifest $10,000

5:00 You need to be patient and step forward into new experiences to see what the next step is

5:09 Stay tapped into your future self and the answer will come

5:48 When you create the foundation of a money mindset so you can allow, welcome and celebrate more money coming into your life, then when you go find the strategies it is super easy and you pick the strategies that naturally work for you

6:15 Entrepreneurs - I will always give you the backstage pass into my business and give you as much as I can that I think will be helpful

7:20 Being an entrepreneur is all about creating more money into your life

7:44 My original course was Money, Money, Money which is now Manifest 10K - it has been a journey to get here

8:23 Opening up this podcast to share more stories to share other people’s stories

9:20 Growth isn’t always pain free - things have to break apart to be put back together in a new way.

9:52 If you want to be part of the Manifest $10,000 book launch team, email me and my assistant will get you on the list to help

10:35 Powerful moment: Looking at the the double cover wrap for Double Your Business book that will be in bookstores in January 2018 while knowing my Manifest $10,000 book will be in bookstores May 16, 2017 and all of this is possible because of what I am teaching you on this podcast and in my book

11:59 Go to, Books a Million, Barnes and Noble, and order Manifest $10,000 today

12:19 Getting the book is a way to support me in my work and it introduces me to others

12:52 How to put the phases together

13:22 This is a 90-day process, give yourself the time you need to commit, lay the foundation and get clear

14:24 First Trimester (day 1 - 30+) Get clear on what you want, focus on abundance feelings, and work on allowing more money in

14:46 Second Trimester (day 31-60+) Create new money beliefs, money persona and integrate this persona into your life

15:03 Third Trimester (day 61-90+) Practicing and implementing and step into the experience, scripting

15:24 Things to do through the whole process: a) amp up belief in what is possible, b) celebrating early and often

15:37 Belief Amping is amping up your belief in what is possible

17:58 Look for where people were having positive experiences with money (stories) so that your brain can naturally let go of the how

19:19 I am going to conveniently be giving you lots of stories on money manifesting (this will be one resource, Good Vibes blog, Manifest 10K course, stories on my blog, search on the internet for stories or write down your own) to believe what is possible

20:29 Stories help your brain let go of the how helps you manifest quicker and easier and you can be open and allow money into your life

21:36 Celebrate early and often - no matter how big or small and you’ll have more to celebrate because you are in that energy.

22:13 If you celebrate a penny like you celebrate $10,000 you are going to find more money and more money is going to come into your life.

23:04 Likes attract likes and you will always get more of what you focus on.

23:22 To make celebrating really powerful and to supercharge your attraction, keep track of both how money is coming into your life and how evidence is showing up all around you.

24:02 Karyn manifested $14,300 after reading the Manifest $10,000 book, she kept a list of everything that came in

24:52 Amanda says, “Truly enjoy the journey, that will be the most rewarding thing you ever do.”

25:11 Find reasons to celebrate and that there is money and abundance in your life and you are seeing more of it.

27:25 Did money show up the way you thought it would? 100% of people questions said no

27:58 Manifest 10K: Money comes out of nowhere ($1800)

29:00 Money Mantra: I find reasons to celebrate.

29:47 Show Close

29:56 End

May 9, 2017

Show Notes:

00:01 Show Introduction

00:21 Cassie Parks introduction

00:30 Prepping for book launch - in a few weeks you’ll be able to go into a bookstore and buy my book

00:54 Changing the name to this podcast soon

2:05 There is a process to move through as we grow and sometimes it shows up physically

3:46 Learn to not get upset or wound about things but look at where are you not honoring yourself

6:35 I know you want to welcome more money into your life without that struggle so that you can build your business quicker and easier

6:43 How to become the person who has money

6:54 If you have read Manifest $10,000 or pre-ordered - thank you! If you have not go to, Barnes and Noble, or Books a Million and grab yours today and you’ll get it soon

7:34 Mark your calendar for May 16th so you can buy the book when it comes out because this will help it hit Best Seller and it is fun to have everyone go do it on the same day

8:03 Changing the format of the show too - sharing stories of people who changed their business and manifested more money

8:30 Belief amping - how you amp up your beliefs so your brain believes you can welcome more money

8:45 Seek out stories of people who have manifested money

9:05 Last episode we discusses created your new money persona and how important it is

10:05 Integrating your money persona into your life and stepping into the experience

10:22 Decide who your money persona is but want to changing your physical reality to signal your brain there has been a change

11:17 Change your physical reality, this is a shortcut to your money persona

12:09 If you don’t go through all the phases, you might experience more resistance than those who have done the work

13:01 You don’t have to have a lot of money to tap into your money persona as a signal that things are changing

13:44 Practice as if you did/were (coffee shop, walk around a neighborhood, different grocery store, fancy restaurant bar, put best clothes where you see them all the time, research trips that you will go on, etc.)

18:00 Tap into those experiences more as if doing them every day

18:42 Clean out stuff that future self doesn’t love

21:06 Change your outer experience changes your physical reality

21:30 Know what it feels like

21:47 Step into the experience through scripting which is writing it out as if it has already happened and step into “more than enough”

22:50 In your mind you experience gratitude for all the money and abundance and all that you do have

23:18 Your brain creates your current reality based on past memories

24:02 Your brain looks for other evidence when you are in the flow of the new experience

25:50 Give yourself the gift and experience of more than enough through scripting

27:00 This process stays with you and you build on it and go back to it when you need it

27:55 If you want a guide, go to and join and get the step-by-step guide.

28:20 Feedback and recommendations about my new book

30:08 Money Mantra: I experience abundance

30:23 Show Close

30:33 End