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Start believing you can create more money, love and the life of your dreams using the law of attraction. This show is a positive, reality podcast that chronicles the journeys of those manifesting their deepest desires while stepping into their future selves, with the guidance of Law of Attraction and Money Manifesting Coach Cassie Parks. If you’ve ever asked, “Does the Law of Attraction really work?” this show has the answer.
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Aug 30, 2017

Do you feel like all you do is work really hard for the money you have?

Old Money Story: Money Chaser
New Money Story: Safe to Step into Trust

Jenny Phillips was a exhausted money chaser. She thought she could have anything she wanted but only if she worked really hard for it. In a very short time, Jenny changed her money story and is living a better life. Her old money story was a stressful because money was always a struggle. Learn how Jenny stepped into trust regarding her finances.

Jenny grew up in a big family and her family never knew if they would have enough food or not. She learned at a young age that money was a struggle. She started babysitting at age 8 to provide for herself the things she wanted - school clothes, flute, etc.

What resulted was a lifetime of chase, chase, chase and wondering when the cash cow would run out.

As an adult, Jenny made good money but the cost is that she would give up everything to make sure she had enough and some to spare. The underlying belief “You never know when this is going to run out” ran her money decisions so she only knew an overall picture of what was truly what was coming in and going out. Perhaps you can relate!

With these belief of never having enough money one can’t sit place of gratitude appreciating the thing sand the money that is there.

Perhaps you have the ability to make great money, like Jenny did, but find yourself in overwhelm having not prepared for the future because you are holding onto everything you have for the here and now.

Money doesn’t have to be this difficult.

Jenny believed in the law of attraction and had some success manifesting in other areas of her life. One day it hit her that she could consider the possibility that her money story didn’t have to be the way it was.

Through the Manifest $10K course, she learned:

A step-by-step process that it was possible to enjoy her money and not have it be something she was always stressed and anxious about.
New ways to look at money allowed a positive mindset shift in Jenny’s life.
Her anxiety was based on her thoughts but with the tools she learned, anxiousness could be a thing of the past.

You can see your money differently too.

Learn how to decide what you want and then make those things a reality. Jenny moved from being single to an engaged real estate investor in less than 6 weeks.

- Jenny has learned how to be in alignment with her decisions as a way to balance and comfort herself in those few moments of fear and anxiety.
- Fear is meant to keep you in check.
- When emotions arise today for Jenny, she uses her feelings as information to guide her to what she really wants.
- People who have money, have learned to move through fear and anxiety by taking risks. As they risk, they trust the process and can grow bigger.

As you expand and learn to trust yourself with money, you may not always know what things are going to look like. This is uncomfortable for most people. Jenny in this situation in the past would have pushed in and started implementing and “doing”, today she is alright patience in allowing inspired action to come to her. She believes this process of continual growth will look much differently than what she has ever done before.


Know your money story doesn’t have to be the way it is now. Being unstuck doesn’t have to be hard. Understand, you don’t have to know everything right now. Just know it is safe to step into trust regarding your money. This might be a new thing for you. Shift your money story in a short window of time like Jenny did by being open to curiosity and possibility.

The first step is to identify your money story click HERE for a free guide.


Manifest $10,000
Guide to Identify Your Money Story
Change Your Money Story Challenge
Write Your New Money Story Course

Aug 23, 2017

Cassie Price is a Credit Strategist and Credit Repair Expert at Wealth Generation Collective who offers the Credit Score Builders Lab Course. She can help you repair your credit and understand credit numbers like never before.


Are you looking to thrive with your finances, credit and overall lifestyle design? There is something powerful about having money and credit available to you. The reality is pulling, looking at and dealing with credit scores can be daunting for most people.


Cassie helps people realize and use tools that ultimately give them more money.  



Let’s start with the basics. Credit scores.


A credit score is really an algorithm based on financial risk. It is common knowledge is there are 3 credit bureaus, Experian, Equifax and Transunion but most people don’t know about having multiple credit scores. You have an auto score, mortgage score, credit card score and they are different for every bureau. There are also are free scores from NerdWallet, Credit Karma and companies such as this. Their scores can be very different from the FICA scores. Your job is to manipulate each one to get to get the highest credit score.  Over a 700, this is a perfect score and you get top tier financing.

  • 850, Top Score
  • 660-720, Good
  • 300, Lowest


Creditors not only do they look at the number but they look at your financial habits. These habits show how you are being and how you walk into a financial matter.  So how do you work all this in your favor?



Sometimes, making a little tweak your credit a little might mean you save $20-$100/month.

The part of the credit score you have the most control over is credit utilization. This is the percentage of your total credit available you are utilizing at that particular time. This factors in at 30% of your credit score. For example, if you have $10,000 total credit and you have $1,000 credit you have a 10% utilization. This is where you have some control, if you max out all your credit cards in one month, your credit would lower 100 points and if you pay off all your cards in another month, it would raise 100 points.


Let’s go say you are going to get a car, you want your balances to be really low for a few months prior to a major purchase. You get better items and premium financing.



For most people credit scores bring an intense source of shame, no matter what their number is.


Sometimes a lower credit score is a matter of not having the credit history to change your number. For example, Cassie has a client that was in the 750 credit score range but wanted to be near 800. After a simple recommendation to call her credit card company and ask for an increase in her credit limit, this adjusted her utilization ratios and now her score is almost 800.


So what if your score is not as high as this? Pulling your credit score can be daunting for most people. This is about looking where you are at.  Not looking or knowing where you are at financially comes from the horrible feeling of avoiding the reality of what is. Perhaps you don’t want to open your mail because how you makes you feel.


Don’t panic! A 500 score is not  the end of the world! There will be negative information on your report - pay history, collections, maxed credit cards, liens, late payments, judgements. The good part of this is that is a lot to work with. What Cassie does is challenge everything with the bureaus. When you have negative issues on your credit report, this allows you to  chip away on things you can fix and start have positive pay history.



Most people who have a 750-800 credit score have a installment payment like a car loan, student loan, or mortgage and 3-4 credit cards with a 50% credit utilization using 2-5% of it every month and paying it off monthly.


Have a rewards credit card for everyday purposes and have a cash back credit card for utility bills, cell phone bills, etc. You want to have credit lines on different networks.


This is a numbers game.



Ultimately, you want to become the person where credit becomes important to you because welcoming more money is easier with better credit. Your future self that is powerful with money and they feel good about their credit score.


Not sure how to improve your credit score on your own?  Join the free course Credit Scores Builder’s Lab.  Work with a credit repair specialist like Cassie Price to challenge and dispute things on your credit score. She can show you the tools to gain positive pay history, what to adjust and what to ask for in getting your credit score where you want it.




Cassie Price has a free course that will help anyone at any stage of their credit at

Credit repair expertise at Wealth Generation Collective.

Save 10% on her services by typing in MANIFEST in the coupon code.

Aug 16, 2017

Show Notes: 

00:01 Show Intro

00:20 Cassie Parks Intro

00:26 How To Teach Kids About Money

00:36 You listen to this podcast because you want more money and chances are you have a child in your life that is important to you - own children or nieces/nephews, god children, grandchildren

1:10 You have an impact on the children in your life

1:30 Written a few articles about this topic this week and was on the MomLifeYoShow

2:15 Learn why it is important for you to teach your children

2:58 Fear of managing money doesn’t just go away as an adult

3:47 Grow up with money confidence as a child

4:02 You can change your money story - when you become aware of your story you can shift it immediately

4:26 Change Your Money Story Challenge will help you see what money story has been playing out in real life and the daily steps to change your money story

5:00 Where is not clear as to what your intention is

6:00 Shared pool party story about the friend that put in the address wrong in her GPS

7:12 Parents want to teach kids about money. Ask yourself these questions: What do you want to teach them about money? What kind of adults do you want them to be with money? What are the adults you want to raise? Who are you teaching them to become?

9:48 Teach kids to be a financially successful adults and how to build wealth

10:50 Knowing how to use the tools that are available to you to your best advantage to help you build wealth

11:29 What does financial success mean to you?

11:59 When people don’t have an intention, they don’t make decisions to get them there

12:27 Have that conversation with your partner/parent about who do we want our child to be when they grow up

12:59 Money is part of your entire life and there is really no way to escape it’s impact

13:15 You probably didn’t learn how to be financially successful or build wealth in High School

13:47 Tip #1: Allow Children To Handle Money

13:55 All lesson are worth what they cost

14:10 Children need to interact/handle with money - start with the piggy bank (“This is where we keep money so we know where it is.” and “We make decisions to take it out based on wants and needs”) and this starts to lay the foundation.

15:50 Birthday card money - adult wants to keep that money safe typically and whisked away and that says to a kid consciously or subconsciously “You can’t handle this.” Allow them to handle it so it becomes concrete.

17:20 Allow kids to take ownership of money.

17:44 Money is clean and in order.

17:56 Encourage them to open a bank account and make a big deal about it because they have saved money.

18:42 Tip #2 Mind Your Own Money Talk

18:45 Children are listening and processing way more than adults realize or pay attention to

19:05 You are teaching kids about money all the time by how you interact with it daily

19:29 Ask yourself, “Am I teaching them right now how to be the adult I want them to be?”

19:46 Choose your words carefully when interacting with money and do it purposefully

19:53 Tip #3 Make A Budget With Your Kids

20:13 What does the child need for school? (lunches, sports fees, entertainment, yearbook, clothes shopping budget and anything we forgot)

21:13 After my Mom approved the budget, she gave them a check every month for that month, took us to the bank to deposit that check and responsible for getting out the money we needed and writing checks for the things that checks were needed for

21:48 We were also responsible for balancing the account and making sure there was money in there

21:54 Taught me how to be aware of money, what things cost and make choices

22:20 This felt like the best gift my parents every gave me

22:34 Whatever money you have you are still making choices with it

22:39 People who are financially successful and wealthy make choices every day for where their money goes - they don’t just go by every single thing

23:00 There are examples of people who buy everything and the money runs out

23:11 This is why a lot of people fail at the lottery

23:40 This teaches kids to make conscious decisions about money

23:46 At times it felt like I didn’t have all the money I wanted but it made me creative and open to do things that other kids weren’t open to

24:33 It is easy today, now you can get a prepaid Visa card where they can’t overdraft it

24:48 Allow them to make the mistakes now while they are at home

25:21 Make a plan: What is the plan if you run out of money by the 15th of the month

25:30 Credit on allowance - do it, let him learn the lesson now while you are in control of it and you need to make payments to me for the next eight months, then when you write the check you make the check lower

26:19 The problem isn’t credit, it is when they don't’ think about using credit and don’t understand paying more to have it today - it is about the choice

27:41 Include them in the decisions (age appropriate) - family fun day and have them allocate the money and be in charge of the money for the day and actually pay

29:33 Confidence is earned - money confidence is earned through stepping into the experience over time

30:12 Tip #4 Model The Adults You Want Them To Grow Up To Be

31:06 Model the behavior you want them to have, “We can invest here”, “I want to save this”, “I am making a commitment to” and this might require you changing your money story

33:07 Tip #5 Check In On Your Behavior

33:14 Check in and ask yourself if you are being who you want them to be when they grow up

33:25 Reach out at if you need help with this or and learn and get the help if you need it

33:45 Send me an email or leave a review on iTunes if these tips were helpful

34:08 Money Mantra: I am good with money

34:25 Show Close

34:34 End

Aug 9, 2017

Show Notes: 

00:01 Show Intro

00:20 Cassie Parks Introduction

00:24 Lynn Owens, Lifestyle Support Coach who went from frustrated to fabulous

1:04 Old Story: Tried everything to manifest time and financial freedom from MLM, digital franchises, perfect jobs online and I was chasing and not open. I was physically tired and had some major health issues and all of my chasing and being tired and not loving myself led to many of the health issues because I wasn’t loving me.

2:46 Cat chasing it’s tail is a great analogy - as humans, our chasing that looks different but it feels the same

3:13 Self inflicted self torture was not the place of manifestation so I manifested more self torture, feeling bad and more tired and worn out

3:50 Looked like I had it together but I was physically tired and a wreck, it was the chase that I was doing

4:33 I didn’t understand about energy or how to do law of attraction but chasing doesn’t work

5:00 Physical exhaustion can lead to breakdowns in our body and causes major health issues

5:44 Manifested but didn’t enjoy it, it was as if I had shiny object syndrome with no gratitude or appreciation

6:25 No appreciation for a penny which stops your flow and when no appreciation it is like going upstream

8:16 I had to learn how to relax, love myself, be in the flow and trust that it was coming even though I didn’t know how it was coming to me

8:31 I was the detail-oriented person that knew how it all worked before this

9:00 Learning to release all of this and started doing that with the kids

9:18 When I started “just going” with my kids - it was like something was lifted off of you and you are having fun, laughing and enjoy

10:14 Never been adventurous but this summer has been great - we make up the rules as we go and enjoy ourselves

10:56 How much were you enjoying life in the chase? Zero, had a lot to be thankful for but didn’t realize what I had

11:29 Now I stop and smell all the roses, I enjoy my family, I enjoy me, and it makes everything so much better because you savor and enjoy it

11:52 Recently lunch by myself with my cell in airplane mode and watched people but years ago would have disconnected from the experience, playing games on my phone

13:04 You lack appreciation by being in chase mode

13:35 Began to recognize all that I was thankful for and why I was thankful for them

13:55 I remember a time when you had a VIP Day Photo Shoot and you received a compliment from the photographer “You are gorgeous” and you said, “Thank you”  and the photographer commented “You can also take a compliment well” and you responded “I have learned it is ok to be fabulous”

14:41 For years I spent my life chasing so when someone recognized me I would dim my light but I have grown to know when we dim our lights we don’t serve the world

16:05 Allowing your light to shine allows others lights to shine

16:45 We don’t serve the world when we are not good receivers and allow our light to shine

17:04 Have to be able to receive as much as you are able to give

17:16 Every night I tell my kids I am going to rejuvenate and restore - love on myself, read a book and do me for a 30-minute time and my kids know this is my time

17:55 It took me working with you to realize the value of self love because I can’t give what I don’t have

18:03 When I am in a space of empty, I can't’ give my best

19:00 Was it easy to invest in yourself? No, I didn’t feel deserving

19:47 Starting from a place of stress, worry and breakdown, I was unable to maximize our time together

20:02 Once I wrapped my mind around “I am worthy of this investment and so much more”

20:23 I didn’t have to do anything to earn worthiness

20:40 There wasn’t a earn your keep thing, my being was enough

21:02 Recognize your worthiness and how this impactful in your life

21:15 Often as women we put everything in front of ourselves - “I give so much and I get so little” but I wasn’t positioning myself to receive

21:50 The floodgates of receiving opened up and you can set up healthy boundaries after you discover your worthiness of this

22:28 The Universe is not going to give me more than I give myself, it mirrors back what we give ourselves

23:33 Investing in myself was a little more difficult, it was a thing to do, because I didn’t put any value there

24:04 I create and manifest, I can come in at the beginning, middle and end.

24:19 When you look at people who are successful, they spend time on their business and take care of themselves

24:51 You should do what you love

25:32 If you are chasing the money and you don’t love it, you will still be on the chase

26:06 Be grounded and love yourself and know you are worthy and fabulous, things happen in your life.

26:30 When always in lack, you are going to get more lack.

26:47 Advice for someone who feels stuck, frustrated and chasing? Stop. Life if not supposed to be a chase. There is an ebb and flow to life and once you are in the flow, it becomes easy. We were told to get a good education, get a good education, work hard but stop where you are, fall in love with you and make space for you in your life. You’ll find your own identity, purpose and passion but it is grounded in loving yourself.

29:18 Life is like a vacation. Pack all the things you need to have a good time as we are on our way.

29:38 If you don't’ enjoy the steps on the way to your destination, how do you think you are going to get there and have it magically be different?

30:13 Love yourself on the way chances are you are not going to love yourself when you get there.

30:36 Find more about Lynn at which launches August 1, 2017

31:22 Thank you for being brave and for investing in yourself

31:55 Show close

32:07 End

Aug 3, 2017

Show Notes: 

00:01 Show Intro

00:20 Cassie Parks Introduction

00:30 I know you are here because you want to welcome more money into your life and release the struggle

00:50 You can’t grow your business if you can’t allow more money into your life

1:05 Thank you for listening and being here. If you love it go comment on iTunes and email how the show has impacted your life

1:59 Today we are going to talk about “How to change your money story”

2:14 Changing your money story is everything

3:00 Served over 2,000 people in Manifest $10K course so I am able to the process of money mindset differently now

4:38 The thing I love about business is that you get to learn about yourself in the process - it is about the next step and the journey

4:43 I have had some requests to write a sequel to Choose Me, my novela that I launched in January 2017

5:03 The things you learn while you are in business are incredible and encourages you to grow

5:29 Changes to Manifest $10K - closing the door on the pay after you manifest option

5:56 You have to do what you know is right for you in business - people always have an opinion

6:23 I own 100% of my choices, intuition, gut and nudges from my future self

6:44 Inner guidance will tell you what is the next step

7:05 I want my work to change your direction and your money story

7:44 More than 50% don’t get past day 5 - if you are not doing it, you are not having success

8:11 Most often I say something in the coaching process that opens the door with those who have been super successful

9:56 Created a complimentary 5-Day Change your Money Story Challenge with 379 and manifested over $15,000 in 5 days

10:56 Changing your money story is what happens when you set the intention to manifest something like $10,000

11:19 It is the journey that changes the story

11:49 Become the person that is worthy of money

12:05 Started becoming the version of myself that had, did or was whatever she wanted (future self), that is when everything changed

12:53 5 Keys to changing your money story

13:24 The story you tell today is the life you live tomorrow

14:01 Somethings change on a dime with a decision and some things are a process

14:37 Key 1: Stop looking for limiting belief blocks and things you need to fix

15:20 You can’t keep fixing yourself into success

15:37 Step into the successful version of yourself however you can do it today, where you are, and those things will get fixed along the way

15:48 Changing your money story comes from stepping into a new story

16:05 You have to meet people where they are

16:18 Writing a new money story always works better than fixing the current one

16:22 You become successful when you write a new story

16:32 The more you identify blocks, limiting beliefs, or problems with your story, the more you are creating them.

16:46 Creating your money story is important because it ripples out into every part of your life

15:54 When you write a new money story you are writing a whole new direction for your life

17:16 Key 2: Only tell the story you want to be true

17:27 Lead and stay in the story you want to live more of tomorrow

18:05 Stop telling the story, justifying and explaining and lead with the story you want more of and stay in that story

18:27 When you lead with “I found $10 today but I had a $8 bank charge” you are telling the story that whatever money comes into your life gets cancelled out

18:43 Stay in the story you want to be true

18:45 Starve the energy of your old story by not talking about it

19:29 Do I want to be living more of this story tomorrow?

19:45 Key 3: Keep your story simple.

19:55 Less is actually more - tell your story with fewer words

20:19 Pay attention! Can I tell this story in fewer words?

20:49  You become more confident in your new story because you are telling it as if it is true rather than justifying it

21:37 Key 4: Change your language to be more abundant

22:00 Use the word invest instead of spend

22:52 Key 5: Start becoming the person who has money

23:57 Tap into how that person thinks differently than you do now

24:28 Become that person today before the money gets into your account.

24:38 It is who you are being that matters and allows that money to come into your life

24:54 Ask yourself “If I had $10,000 in the bank today, would I talk like this, say that, think about this be worried about this, believe this”?

25:47 Having an intention that you can grow into, moving towards and attracting is the best way to change your money story

26:24 If you want to get some support, go to and you’ll get some one-on-one time with me to get you started out right

27:00 Coaching allows you to go deeper than you do on  your own

27:25 You can also grab my best-selling book on Amazon, Manifest $10,000

27:35 Set the intention to manifest $10,000

28:00 Will continue to inspire you with other people’s stories and work in my episodes

28:34 Today’s Mantra: I am someone who has money

28:51 Show close

29:01 End