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Start believing you can create more money, love and the life of your dreams using the law of attraction. This show is a positive, reality podcast that chronicles the journeys of those manifesting their deepest desires while stepping into their future selves, with the guidance of Law of Attraction and Money Manifesting Coach Cassie Parks. If you’ve ever asked, “Does the Law of Attraction really work?” this show has the answer.
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Sep 27, 2017

Jennifer Hooper is Holistic Health Coach and Mom from Bangor, Maine.


Old Money Story: Life Was Fine, But Worried About Not Having Enough

New Money Story: Life Is Abundant and Keeps Getting Better


One really important thing to Jennifer is to be the example to her children.


Live, Behave and Act In A Matter That Your Loved Ones Will Model


Jennifer has set the example for her two amazing teenagers, who are learning the Law of Attraction with her.


In fact, one of them just moved into her first new home and in working on manifesting $5,000 using the principles in the Manifest $10,000 book.


This same daughter decided she wanted to work at a fine dining restaurant, so she identified the one she wanted to work at, offered to work a day for free and at the end of the shift, she was offered the job. Her move was delayed by one month, so they did not end up hiring her. She found a second restaurant she wanted which had a better schedule, more money per hour and it is predictable. Her attitude is “something better is going to come along”.


Life Will Take You Where You Need To Be


Have You Ever Had “No Idea” Where You Connected With Someone? Jennifer has been a client for one year but we have no idea where we connected. She says she started getting emails from me but has no memory of signing up for anything. Overtime, she scheduled a call with me.


Is This Your LOA Story Too?


Jennifer learned about LOA years before and she wanted to believe it. She followed this path:

  • Watched the Secret
  • Watched What the Bleep Do We Know
  • Found Abraham Hicks
  • Saw Mike Dooley
  • Jennifer thought, “If this is true, this is really awesome”. However,  there was doubt that got in her way so she wasn’t always successful because she doubted herself. This created a lack of constant energy and lots of start/stops along the journey because she didn’t see success.
  • Jennifer kept going on her LOA journey because she believed it COULD work even if she wasn’t doing it well.


Learn Why Jennifer Said Yes To Being A Client


Jennifer decided she could afford to take a risk on signing up for a workshop because it didn’t cost that much and she knew she needed help. She knew she needed to create more successful results. Overall she was concerned about price, money and lack but this fit for her.


Jennifer’s Life Was Fine


She had a great life. Nice house, great kids, survived a divorce that she felt OK about, she had a secure job that paid her bills.


Jennifer’s parents worried about money and her husband always worried about money even though they always had enough.


She remembers a time in her past when she was shopping at WalMart and not being able to afford something that cost $2.37 - which reinforced the worry of not having money.


Life is Abundant Now For Jennifer


Just keeps getting better and better. She has learned to surround herself with things that keep her energy up. She is now surrounded with people who believe what she believes. Conversations with kids are incredible in that we share what we are manifesting and this keeps creating more and more.


Today, she isn’t worried about money. She realized her confidence in that she has always been provided for and trusts that things will always work out.


Do You Need Help Getting Out Of Your Own Way Like Jennifer Did?  


Jennifer worried a lot about the how. Her brain would kick into overdrive and she wouldn’t go anywhere. We trained Jennifer out of “thinking” and into “detachment”. In her own words, “Working with you changed that”. She said I had to talk her off a cliff or two several times.

Today, Jennifer let’s one decision unfold into the next thing which always leads her to what she ultimately wants. She has learned that all decisions allow information along the way.

Jennifer Learned To Be  A Powerful Manifestor

Jennifer says I taught her how to enjoy and have fun in the process of letting life unfold from one decision to the next. She now sees all decisions to be information and can gauge if things fit or not more easily.  


When things don’t feel good, she would make new decisions. For example, she lived with her mom, then to an apartment and as both of these didn’t feel good after a while, this has led her to live in the house of her dreams. She followed those things that inspired her. Those decisions and experiences, led her to where she ultimately needed to be.


Jennifer Manifested Your Dream Home


Jennifer now lives in her dream home.


It is a home she had lived in before. When she lived there she was married and raising her kids but now the home was in a bad shape of disrepair. It was filthy, children had drawn on the walls but she knew that it was a beautiful home. What it needed was love and attention. She knew it was her final destination. In her divorce she was deeded the home but could not afford to live there. She sold it and this new buyer refinished it from top to bottom and inside out.


Last year, Jennifer wrote an inspirational letter to the current owners asking if it was there forever home and if it was not, that she could have the first right of refusal.


It was out of her price range, but 5 months later she received a phone call asking her if she was interested in the house. The owner asked her if it was in her price range. Her response, “I think I can work that out”. Never before would have the former Jennifer said this. Ultimately, she wanted to see it. It was four times what Jennifer was paying for her apartment.


The old Jennifer would have tried to figure out how she could afford it before she saw it.


Jennifer called her mom and asked her mom if she would be open to go see the house with her.

They looked at it together and fell in love with it.  They purchased this home 42 days later.


The Universe if a reflection of us!


Jennifer Did The Manifesting Work


Jennifer did the work of manifesting this home for her and her mom. She was committed to grow, listen and trusting the process.


During the year of working with me, she got the idea she wanted to live in her dream home. She kept in the process until she was inspired to send the letter.


She remembers wanting to live in this house, and scripting about the house but remembers asking if it was OK to manifest an exact house. I told her it was OK because it might lead to something better. However, Jennifer wanted that house. She could get very detailed about how it would feel because she had lived there before. All of this led her to writing the letter.


Jennifer had detached from the outcome because she was happy in her script. No matter what happened with her letter, it was still a beautiful house and a beautiful experience there.


Jennifer Will Not Doubt Again


Her trust muscle keeps getting stronger and stronger.

She has sat in several moments knowing that she has created them.

She is excited for what is next.

New opportunities are crossing her path.


Are You An Over-Thinker Like Jennifer?


Jennifer remembers being frustrated about having a career she did not love. During her time working with me, she explored a number of different things without jumping into them.


She wanted to jump into them though.


She can’t remember how Coaching and Nutrition came to her. She explored what it would be like to be a health coach. She had always liked and been interested in this field. This came from an internal very inspired place. She found a program that seemed perfect, but when exploring some other things online, she found a second option that was a perfect fit for what she wanted to do. She found something that resonated with her. This all was an unfolding process.


There was no jump, no drama, or no lighting bolt hit of what she should do.


Jennifer explains her “knowing” as a feeling of hairs standing up on the back of her neck or an excitement in her body when she knew she was on the right track. It was subtle and calm. She is sure she had that same knowing all her life but just ignored them because she was so worried about focusing on the “how” it should look.


Jennifer Shares How To Get LOA Results


  • Invest in yourself because you are worth it.
  • Investing in yourself first, let’s you serve others better.


You can reach Jennifer at

Sep 20, 2017

Getting Dressed Has Never Been So Easy!


Lee Heyward, Author of Strategically Suited, is a Image Strategist and Stylist and today we are going to talk about image, your future self and investing in your clothes.  


What is an Image Consultant? Lee helps you use your image to get the specific strategically result you want.


Dress For Success

What does this really mean? Most people’s closets have segment - work clothes, play clothes, workout clothes, speaking clothes, etc. (or whatever your segments are) instead of figuring out who you are and then dressing that way in all those scenarios of your life.


It comes down to two things:  1)focusing on who you want to be and 2) how do you want to feel.


One thing that Lee recommend is picking 3 words that describe how you want to feel in a moment that matters. What this does is help you with a new awareness to look for clothes that make you feel these ways. Choosing your words helps you be disciplined to buy those things that make you feel the way you want to.


This ties into what I teach my clients about their future self and tapping into their 3 feelings of who they want to be so throwing in how you feel about how you dress is perfect.


Does Dressing How You Want To Feel Have To Be Expensive?


It does not need to be expensive, but how your clothes look and it is perceived need to match the client you want. When a person comes to me and says, “I am going to change your life and charge you $100K to to it”, there is a mismatch when you are wearing all clothes from Target. This might make people question the value you bring and people might not want to take a risk on you.


You need to look like someone has paid you what you are asking.


Know Your Cost Per Wear

Think about why people go shopping: 1) fun, social thing 2) you need something. Here are Lee’s 4 steps at determining cost/wear:


  1. Look for thing you can wear to your event or occasion.
  2. Ask how many times you will wear it or how many different ways you can wear it.
  3. Take the total cost divided by that number = cost per wear.
  4. Sometimes more expensive items is a better investment than the $20 thing you wear once and give away three weeks later.


Most people go to the clearance rack and be like “It is on sale”, but they don’t love the items they buy. It isn’t about the amount, it is about the hunt for the perfect thing for you.


It will then become about strategy and how you will use that item(s) in your closet:

  1. How quickly can you get dressed in it.
  2. How is it going to help you portray yourself.


Be Purposeful and Patient In Your Shopping


You can still shop at your favorite store, like TJ Maxx but you have to be purposeful in what you pick out. Don’t just fill your shopping bag to fill your bag. You must be willing to walk out with nothing.  Leaving with nothing is hard for some people as it doesn’t mean anything is wrong with you or your body - it only has to do with what you need as not in that store. Keep going.


Understand that people blame their bodies for a lot - wrong size, not being where you want to be but clothes made off of fit models and the general shape they are going to be proportionally.  That is why some brands fit and others do not.


Do not buy things that sorta fit or sort of OK.


Clothes need to make you feel like you are rocking your world internally and externally attracting the right people to you.


See A Bigger Version Of Yourself


It all comes down to one word. Alignment.


The entire way you present yourself - how you drive, how clean your car is, how you dress, how you present yourself, etc. all add up into how people perceive you and you are in total control of that.


  • Where are you going?
  • Where are you now?
  • How do you want to feel?
  • Who do you need to be to connect those dots?


There is now official checklist to follow if you want to be a speaker, a million-dollar earner or any other title you can name.   Your clothes must make sense for you and it needs to match your words. For example, a white button down shirt is not fun, exciting and confident.


Lee helps you figure out what your chosen words really mean to you so that you look and feel your best.  She recommends jumping on Pinterest and pinning all kinds of clothing items that make you a certain way.  This helps you get a visual image of the feeling(s).


Growth Is An Evolution


Be open to keeping asking yourself this question, “Is this the best version of me”?

  1. Try Stuff On - even the stuff that you think you could not do. If it caught your eye, try it on. It could end up being “the thing” that helps create the image you want.
  2. Learn As You Go - learn how things fit your body and how they make you feel.
  3. Be The Person You Want To Be From Your Own Closet - realize that you have things that are “perfectly good” but aren’t going to get you where you want to go
  4. People Only Wear 20% of What They Own - You go the same set of things all the time.


Be Ready For The TV Concept


If your goal is to be on TV, you should have a TV Ready Outfit in your wardrobe that makes you feel good.


Always dress for who you are but it just depends on where you are going. Your clothes should provide an essence of who you are.


How Do You Pick A TV Outfit

You never know what the background is. If you can watch the station you are going to be on and look at their backdrops.

Be comfortable sitting or standing.

Wear something that shows your shape so you don’t look hidden in your clothes.

Pay attention to the colors you wear.


How Does Lee Help Others Step Into Their Future Self?

She teaches them to know where they are going, ensure that their clothes make them feel the way they want and embrace the “You either love it or you leave it” motto in life.


You can connect with Lee and get a complimentary copy of her book at On her site there is a calculator that will help you determine how much money you’ll make when you up level your image.

Sep 13, 2017

Have you ever tried something and didn’t succeed the first time? Learn how Rekka successful changed her money mindset.


Old Money Story: I Am Bad With Money

New Money Story: I Can Do Anything





Rekka Jay is a 37 year old Graphic Designer by day and Author by night. She has a fiction trilogy being published in January 2018 along with many other writing projects. Ultimately, she describes herself as a “keep myself busy kind of girl”.


Growing up, she held the belief that she was bad with money because it was taboo to talk about.  No one ever told her she was bad with money, she just believed it as her own truth. She thought it was simple as arithmetic but when it wasn’t she felt out of control with it.


If she didn’t have control of her money, she assumed she was naturally bad at it.


The more she thought this, the more it became true.




Rekka joined Manifest 10K after hearing a podcast I did with Elle Russ.

During this first attempt at taking the Manifest 10K course, she was manifesting but found herself “stopped” about halfway through the course when it moved from daily instruction to the point where it was time for her to life this life she was creating.


As a participant, she put the responsibility back on me as the instructor for not holding her hand every day. It was a on a podcast with Ginny Gane that Rekka heard me say, “If you are blaming someone else, turn it around and look at yourself”. Rekka did that and gave Manifest 10K a second attempt.




In redoing the coursework, Rekka’s challenge was to let go of what she thought she knew the first time.  She remembered my advice of “leaving the old behind and just create new stories”.  


Much changed for Rekka between her first attempt to do the course and the second time. Her plan was to be a self-published author the first time but since then she got an offer from a publisher. This was a wonderful thing but now Rekka had to work on getting clarity as it didn’t look like she thought it would. This happens often in manifesting. Things show up differently than expected.  This offer made her decide what she “really wanted” which was simply to share her book with others.


Since that goal was complete, Rekka now had  to look at what she really wanted besides her book being published.




In her old money story, Rekka would leave money she saw lying on the ground but with her new awareness around all money, she picks up all pennies she finds. Rekka shared a story showing how new money is just showing up in her life.


Randomly at a doctor’s appointment a stranger asked Rekka and her husband if they knew anything about “the pennies”. This woman told Rekka that everyday someone stacks pennies all over this particular office building in the hallways. These piles of pennies were creating curiosity throughout the building. This was just another sampling of the new ways money is showing up for Rekka.  This story shows the shift of who Rekka is now being with money. Some random person was asking her for advice about money.


In fact, Rekka calls pennies her manifestation pixies because they remind her she is manifesting all the time. She laughs as she says, “It is not just a penny, I have a whole jar of pennies that come find me because they love me as I am good with money” vs. her old story of “I am not good with money”.  Rekka said not only is she finding more pennies but 98% of them are twinkling and shiner for her versus old and grimy.


Finding random pennies are a sign of how Rekka values money now.




Her attitude during the Manifest 10K course was “this book is being published” whether or not she signed a publishing deal or not. She was clear on what she wanted. She even hired a cover artist before she knew she had a deal.


Her cover art was on her original Manifest 10K list of something she wanted. In fact, she reached out to the artist she hand-selected but was daunted by the cost of cover art being that her plan was to write multiple books. So in light of that, this artist offered stock photos that might have been in her price point but she knew that was not acceptable either.


As directed by the Manifest 10K coursework, Rekka created a vision board and in doing her due diligence of finding pictures of books that she wanted, she found a new artist that resonated with her style and feel. She reached out to her and never heard back. So she contact two more artist and the price just kept getting better for work she actually liked better. Then it hit Rekka, she needed to follow up with the send artist. She followed up on her webform inquiry she had done weeks prior and got an even better deal with the artist that she loved her work. This cover artist has won a Locust and Halo award for her book cover work this year.


Rekka manifested more than $28,500 savings on the perfect cover artist.


When asked what shifted for her, Rekka said she realized she was focusing on the “how” instead of the fact that she wanted the perfect book cover.




Not only does Rekka have a trilogy coming out but she has more new work too.


Rekka’s friend, Carrie Brown, released a cookbook in which Rekka’s graphic design work is on the cover. Within a couple of days of setting the intention to do Manifest 10K Course again, this friend’s book was #1 on Amazon in Frozen Dessert Cookbooks, The Keto Ice Cream Scoop. Rekka’s favorite recipe is called The Sassy Goat ice cream.


One day Rekka got home to find a Thank You Box which included a Nikkon 7200 camera body since Rekka enjoys photography. Before doing the manifesting practices taught in the course, Rekka would not have been able to receive such a gift. She would have felt guilty, reminded herself of her unworthiness and worried about if the person gifting could afford it.


Rekka admitted to having the following belief before:

“I am not good with money, so don’t give me anything of value”.


The good vibe of a gift fizzles if you argue with it or can’t receive it.


Rekka is now helping this author redesign all of her former cookbooks so they all look the same. So she not only got a cool gift but she got additional new work for having the right mindset. Not only did Rekka benefit, this author’s calendar has since opened up for her to do more work that she loves too.


Rekka has reframed her mind in the last year with LOA teachings which has allowed her to embrace big changes while knowing there are better things coming to her. Change is evidence of the ability to move forward. This shift in mindset doesn’t change the circumstances but it does change what will happen immediately after.




Stop trying to fix things that are. Just move into something better. Forget the how.


Here are a few additional tips Rekka took from the course:

  • She learned to focus on what she wanted, not what she had.
  • She learned to ask herself “If I were the person with money, would I have this?”
  • She learned to move through her life with a new confidence and belief.
  • She learned to declare what was happening in her life.
  • She learned to let go of the areas of life she doubted.
  • She learned how to leave her baggage behind.
Sep 6, 2017

Would you like to live your life like you were on vacation everyday?


Old Money Story:  The Struggle Is Real (AKA: Survival)

New Money Story: Live Like You Are On Vacation



Sarah Kurpel grew up in a divided home. She learned that she had to work hard just like Jenny Phillips who we talked about last week. Sarah watched her divorced mom provide for the family at the cost of barely scraping by and constant exhaustion.  She grew up not liking money because it was a struggle.  She became a money hoarder.



Sarah had a desire to be generous with her money but her old story was in the way. Sarah had tried to change her money story prior by taking a few free courses but didn’t get the fullest results she desired. It was only when Sarah decided to invest in herself, in the Manifest $10K course, that she could have elevated results. This is because she became invested in the change. Investments can come in many forms to include both time and money.



Sarah was taught to keep an inventory of all the great things rolled into her life that she wasn’t previously taking notice of.  When she did this, she was able make decisions on what things fit her time and finances and the things that did not. In doing this, Sarah has manifested an extra $11,000 in a 45-day window of time.



Sarah naturally learned to change her experiences and how she looked at time and money without even realizing it. This shift is what often brings the money to you.


Sarah shifted from money and time hoarder to knowing that there is always enough.  This has impacted her money, time and how others see her. For example, at her work she is an athletic director who has learned to stay relaxed, dress how she wants and in turn, people now see her as a really cool yoga instructor type person even though Sarah still describes herself as a complete type A, controlling personality. What she realized is that she is learning to “be” in every area of life.