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Start believing you can create more money, love and the life of your dreams using the law of attraction. This show is a positive, reality podcast that chronicles the journeys of those manifesting their deepest desires while stepping into their future selves, with the guidance of Law of Attraction and Money Manifesting Coach Cassie Parks. If you’ve ever asked, “Does the Law of Attraction really work?” this show has the answer.
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Jul 1, 2021

Are you stuck in the Wanting?

What if you don’t get what you want, but what you get is better?

It’s a “thing” that people are taught in LOA. It’ll be this, or something better.  What most people think that means is something like, “I want the Mercedes, or if it’s better I’ll get the Tesla.”

Better usually looks different than we think it’s going to. Sometimes it means not getting what you thought you wanted and sometimes it means you getting something you wouldn’t even allow yourself to want. 

In this interview, Jeanne and I talk about what she wanted five years ago and what she didn’t get. 

We only get what is in our core to desire. 

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Jun 30, 2021

In last week’s interview, Jeanne said at the end, “Jesse (her husband) is going to retire and I know the money will show up to allow that to happen.” 


RIGHT AFTER that interview Jeanne walked to the mailbox and in it was a letter worth $185,000! And there it was. The money for her husband to retire. 


Oh and to bump her investment portfolio up to a higher status so she got a higher level wealth manager. 


Listen to hear all the fun details of this manifestation!


And if you’re ready to start manifesting money, let’s do it!!! Apply to Manifest $10K-Pay After You Manifest and you can start manifesting now, then pay me based on your success.

Jun 30, 2021

When you start leveraging the law of attraction, most people want to KNOW it’s going to work. You might have even tried to force yourself to believe at one point or another that it’s going to work. 


I wish I had the magic formula for knowing it’s going to work, but there is no quick way to knowing you are going to get what you want. That comes from doing the work, and continually stepping into the version of yourself that has what you want. The knowing comes from many small successes and then one day, you just know. 


You know you are going to get exactly what you want even if you don’t know how.


It is magic when it happens. The certainty feels so good. And you skip on as if you never for a second doubted it or tried to force it to happen.


In this interview with Jeanne, you will hear how she knows her husband is going to retire shortly. More importantly she is certain the money is going to show up to allow that opportunity even though she has no idea how. 


Listen to hear Jeanne’s certainty and take it as evidence that if you do the work, the “knowing” it’s going to happen is on it’s way to you.


If you feel like you’ve been doing the work or what you think you need to be doing to manifest what you want, but you don’t think you’re getting closer to the feeling of certainty, let’s do it together!!! I’ll make it easy and give you step by step assignments. Apply to join Manifest $10K-Pay After You Manifest. 


Jun 9, 2021

In mid February of 2020, Jeanne had started to force things a bit. It wasn’t her fault. She had grown, she knew what inspiration was (you’ve heard that in previous interviews). She hugely stepped into her Future Self and was owning her title as the Menopause Guru on deeper and deeper levels. She was “becoming” in a big way.

And then, her old stuff kicked back up. This is common as you’re growing. I see it in many of my clients. They grow and expand and all of a sudden they’re going back to old ways. This is a process of learning and creating new ways. All that is normal and you just have to learn to look out for it, or have a coach that does that for you.

For Jeanne, I saw it. I saw the pushing starting up again. I saw the fear of money creeping in. And so, I gave her the assignment to ONLY do inspired things for 90 days. If it wasn’t 100% inspired, she couldn’t do it. 

What Jeanne really needed was space because her business was ready to evolve in a way she probably wasn’t ready to see yet. (You’ll hear about the big shift in a few episodes). When nothing is inspired, you need to put everything down. And she did. She took the coaching and at times, as you will hear in this interview, she felt stuck. Eventually, inspiration started to shine through and she started following it. Much of it had nothing to do with business, although it had everything to do with business. 

This space of not pushing allowed Jeanne to receive in new ways. It allowed her to really show up differently for her assignments, which allowed her to grow in new ways. 

She started her money manifested log again, and in three months she manifested $24,608.28.

Growing is an evolution, which often requires returning to the basics.

Listen to hear this moment in Jeanne's Journey!

Jun 2, 2021

There are many formulas for manifesting out there. If you’ve ever heard ask, believe, receive, I’m curious if that felt good to you. If you’re like almost everyone I’ve met, those steps don’t feel good because you get lost in trying to convince yourself to “believe”. 

If you’ve never been able to “believe” right away, you’re not alone. In fact, I’d say you are the norm. People struggle with this part. 

Here’s a formula that might work better for you. I’m going to include examples from Jeanne’s story, which you can hear here, so that you can get a little clearer picture. Plus I like real life examples.

Set the intention-the money will show up to replace the fence
Let go-no “hows” allowed
Say no to what doesn’t feel good-she got some bids to replace the fence and said no when they didn’t feel good
Say yes to what does feel good-inspired to do it herself, with her husband
Follow inspiration-applied for 0% card at Home Depot (and got it)
Trust-Bought supplies, not knowing where the money would come from to pay
Receive-the money showed up
Believe-use your successful experience to believe more is possible
Apply this formula as it feels good




May 26, 2021

In this interview Jeanne talks about SMART goals as she learned them in her corporate days. Her experience is a little different than mine and really shaped how she tried to manifest. Jeanne talks about how this system works for tech goals (her former job), but doesn’t work for life goals, especially if you’re using the law of attraction to create your dreams. 

If you get confused about whether you should set goals while manifesting, listen to this interview. 

May 19, 2021

Learning to let go when using the Law of Attraction isn’t always easy.

In fact, in this interview with Jeanne, she shares that in her 35(+) years of using LOA, that she doesn’t think she ever heard the “let go” part. This is a woman who would listen to Abraham for 2 hours at a time while she ran 8 miles. I’m sure they said it, she just didn’t HEAR it.

Do you know how to set an intention and let go?

It’s one of the things when using The Law of Attraction to create your dreams, that has a big impact on your success. 

It’s also something that takes practice and is learned by doing it over and over again.

It gets easier every time you do it.

Listen to hear Jeanne talk about how she started to hear you have to “let go” and how she’s practicing it to increase her success

May 12, 2021

Jeanne used to think she broke the law of attraction and she was the only person it didn't work for. What she realized is that sh was doing it wrong, even though she was trying really hard to do it right. In this interview she describes the two things that kept her from manifesting success.  

  1. She was listening to Law of Attraction guidance but none of it was specifically for her, so she could never figure out how to apply it right. 
  2. In her business she was looking for the magic bullet, instead of becoming The Menopause Guru.
May 5, 2021

It’s a puzzle in which you create some of the pieces and that makes more of the pieces appread.

Most people want to start with the big stuff. Let’s say a new convertable.

So they want to find all the pieces of that convertable and put them together. 

Only those pieces don’t exist yet. 

You have to put together the pieces with the wind blowing and music playing BEFORE the pieces to the convertable appear. 

You have to put together the road, which in the case of manifesting looks more like creating space. 

All those pieces have to be put togehter before the car pieces appear. 

Often that’s true of the money pieces as well, espeically when that money represents something big like a life-changing business. 

And once 95% of the puzzle is complete, you know the other 5% has to show up.

In this episode Jeanne Andrus joins Cassie Parks again and they deep dive into the manifesting puzzle and how Jeanne figured out how to put it together. 

Apr 28, 2021


Inspired action is crucial for using the law of attraction, especially if you are leveraging the Law of Attraction for business.


For me inspired action feels like just doing it. I don’t think about it. I simply find myself doing it or checking something out randomly that leads to clarity or why later. 


For Jeanne she describes “inspired action” as “a good idea that she doesn’t have to do. She now identifies ideas that are not inspired as “feeling like they will change everything.”

Join us today as we talk about what inspired action looks and feels like as well as much more manifesting magic.


Welcometo this episode. am your host, Cassie parks, and am back with the menopause guru, John Andrus for her 19th interview in her years of growth series.
Jeanne Andrus
  00:34 - 00:38
Welcome John. Hi Cassie. How are you Fabulous.
Cassie Parks
  00:38 - 00:41
tell us, how has your future self been showing up
  00:40 - 00:55

future self has been showing up confident, happy, excited, and she's been having super time this past weekend, which has been the most gorgeous fall weekend you would ever imagine.
Cassie Parks
  00:54 - 01:01
love it. And so what's awesome because of how confident she's showing up in all the other ways she's showing up.
  01:01 - 01:29
What's awesome is the ability to relax into and really enjoy myself when do take break. So this weekend was weekend off week. My husband and just had blast doing stuff like playing golf and going out to cocktail parties and going to the Renaissance fair and just that's awesome.
  01:29 - 01:36
And so when you say relax into it, what does that mean and how is that different than the way he used to do life
  01:36 - 01:51
one of the things that used to do is, sort of second guess myself, when I'd take weekend off, should be home and working, should, what should be doing shouldn't be an and shitting all over myself.
  01:54 - 02:24
should be home working in the yard or should be doing this or that, or the other thing. And the truth is that we work so hard when we work and it's really to give us the life we want. So it's stupid not to take advantage of that life. Right. And yet for so long, it's probably what happened, right Yeah. Yeah. Totally more your future self. love it.
  02:24 - 03:10
so last time we talked about showing up and this realization, that is so important and so powerful that your job is to show up is not, it's not about the results, like the results, aren't your job, your job is to show up. And so how has it been going, showing up I'm getting little bit, so I've continued to show up both on my, my regular, my business, Facebook page and on my regular Facebook page and in real life and being willing to own who am and what do, and this oddball thing that do, because it's, sometimes it certainly turns lot of guys faces red when say what do.
Speaker 2
  03:11 - 04:06
but it's then being able to put them at ease and say, it's okay, this is part of life. And think from, for long time that got in the way of me being able to really just show up and say, this is what do. And so even though I'm not pushing as much and I, did, did this massive thing in September and in October, there was step back from that little bit. And I, it kind of normal so that it's not normal to show up. And sometimes it's normal not to show up, not to be there for day or two. And that's okay. But it feels, it just doesn't feel as stressful to do the showing up. That's awesome. And think that's what happens when we push ourselves to show up in really big way, then the sort of the normal becomes easy.
Speaker 2
  04:06 - 04:53
Yes. And it becomes very like, yeah. First is if we would have, you know, and think we have said before, like, let's aim for, what's your normal now, you know, your normal amount of showing up and posting aiming for that in the past has felt hard. But once you go all in, you know, then that's easy, right. Because that was really hard and the commitment to that and to showing up and showing up and showing up over the top, I'm big fan of like going over the top in the beginning because that coming back to normal then feels easy. Yes. Yeah. Really does. That's awesome. And, and will admit, there were times in October where didn't do as much as had hoped to, but it just feel everything that I'm doing is feeling much more easy and much more normal.
  04:54 - 05:58
It's awesome. Yeah. Even the toughest of your topics, saw show up on October in October, which was awesome. Yeah. love it. And as result, which is not based on, but the results are fun, right. When we, when we B, which is the showing up, instead of try and get to the results, right. When you do the being the results happen and for you, that means you have more people registered for your hot flashes webinar, how to be hot flash, short timer then anytime before. Right Right. So new people. And it's been, it's been easy to say. put out series of three posts yesterday and today one yesterday and two today with four little pictures put together and, you know, sort of like which one of these causes your hot flashes and then not answering the question. And so now I've got engagement over that stuff that it just feels way more normal and way more easy
  05:58 - 06:26
To do. And now I've got engagement on that. So when people said, which one is right, I've said, come back to the webinar, come to the seminar and find out, and know two or three of those people have actually registered for the seminar. So that's really awesome. That is awesome. And will leave say that posts sounds super inspired. Like super, just, this would be great idea. Not thinking, how can do this But like, Oh, this would be cool post. No,
Speaker 2
  06:28 - 06:44
Yesterday morning. And realized, Oh, should put picture of Coke and picture of coffee and picture of beer and picture of orange juice and say, which one of these calls doesn't cause hot flashes. And then said, Oh, could do that with food. And could do that with,
Speaker 3
  06:45 - 07:02
So did three of these posts and boosted them little bit. But most of the, most of the engagement I've gotten has been from people who are already people that are friends and have seen it on my personal page. Amazing. Right. Cause
Speaker 2
  07:02 - 07:04
That is a, that's been big thing in the past
Speaker 3
  07:04 - 07:10
Is how do we, like, how do we let those people know And the answer was, let them know what you
Speaker 2
  07:10 - 07:14
Good. Great. Tell them, tell them, know
Speaker 3
  07:14 - 07:23
It seems so silly, but it's big deal. And it's not just big deal for you. Somebody listening to this, it's, it's big deal for lot of people, right.
Speaker 2
  07:23 - 07:30
If can do it about menopause, you guys could do it about life coaching, whatever the topic is. Right.
Speaker 3
  07:31 - 08:22
Always fear and it feels easy. And this, you brought up good thing. Like somebody, like for me, I'm like, Oh yeah, you just post this, this and this or this about menopause. Right. And somebody else probably thinks the same thing, but because it's not about the topic, we just make ourselves think it's about the topic because we're justifying in our brain and try and explain what it's hard instead of just being like, I'm scared of showing and owning this new person. Right. It becomes about, well, my topic is too hard. People don't want to hear about it. There's too many of this people already talk about it. It's taboo. Like the list goes on. Cause that's what our brains do. Yeah. Yeah. So think that's awesome. There's something else you said, Oh, want to know how does it feel Cause cause now you've entered this new level and I, it started happening couple of weeks ago.
Speaker 3
  08:22 - 08:56
saw it happen, with the Facebook background, you know, that was perfect for hot flashes. Like they made it, they made the perfect background, which is alignment. Right. You didn't even have to go into canvas or something else and create it. You just got to create it. And it easy. Right. It's easier. so you've kind of went from this place where it was like, have no idea what to say or I'm always saying sort of, don't know how to make the things fit. And know it's talked to my people right. And learn how to talk to your people and then show up. And then the showing up phase and you've
Speaker 2
  08:56 - 09:51
Hit inspiration, which is so how does it feel to wake up and be like, that would be good post. And then that would be good post in to get the thing that you, the results from that. well think the hard part of that is that tend to wake up at four 30 or five o'clock with those inspirations and that's awfully early. Well, it is, let's keep the inspiration coming, but that's it's, it really is. It's like get up I'm there was point when started this, when was excited about what was doing and then sort of got stuck in all of the stuff and all of the it's not working and don't know how to do this and don't know how to do so. There was place where it wasn't nearly as much fun, super fun.
Speaker 2
  09:51 - 10:26
Yay. You know, it was fun this morning to go out, looking for four quick photos. And I, yeah. mean this particular batch did, like, found the quickest photos that explain the concept super fast. So it wasn't like was spending all the time, but it was fun to be able to go out, how do raise this little, little different than the last one And, and what do want to get out of people And what do want to say to people And it's just really fun again. How does that feel
Speaker 4
  10:28 - 10:30
It feels fun. Yeah.
Speaker 2
  10:31 - 11:33
But it makes you happy. It makes it easier. Right It makes it easy. It makes it happy. It makes it know that you must be hitting the stride because don't know. It's, it's like, there's been sense of, you have to do this. You have to, you just have to keep pounding away at it. And come from background, my dad was business, small business owner and it always felt like work and this doesn't feel as much like work. Yay. That's awesome. And part of it is that I, think in the last couple of years there's been this little edge underneath. It says maybe really don't want to make this work. Maybe this is too much time out of my life. And so you and talked last week about reorganizing my calendar and talk about synchronicity. Those were my assignments in the program.
Speaker 2
  11:34 - 12:32
And went through and realized, so this is really what want it to look like. want to work with about this many people. And if that makes enough money to live on and not dig deeply into social security, not social security, but their retirement savings. That's great. could do that forever. Yeah. As opposed to, yeah. The million dollar business would be wonderful, but don't know if that's where want to be anymore. know that there's piece of me that wants the message to get out, but maybe there's different way. Yeah. And it allows me to just, the button allows me to open up to different options and different roads and different paths to getting to what want, which number one is to get through retirement without winding up out of money. And what do you want to do
Speaker 2
  12:32 - 14:01
What do you want to, want to be abundant through retirement, but yeah. I, mean, yeah, want to be abundant. want to be able to travel. want to be able to see my grandkids when want it, when want to see them. want to have the things want in my house and have the space that want, but that doesn't, and there's the other piece of it, which is changing the way women all over the world experienced menopause. So abundant in retirement and changing the way women want to have experienced menopause. That doesn't mean that have to be working 80 hours week. Right. Yeah. And I, mean, there's so much tied up in that, right. Because it wasn't, it's not just like you can say to someone, Oh, just like, let it be okay. And you don't have to work that much. Right. Like this is a, combination of lots of different shifts, right. This is 19 months of yours. Yeah. That makes it so simple, like 80 hours, which is awesome. It's awesome. Whenever it happens. Yeah. And there's been lot of time when I've said need to work 80 hours and can't work 80 hours. And so I'm going to rebel and not work 80 hours.
Speaker 2
  14:03 - 14:50
And then I'm going to feel guilty about not working 80 hours. And then the hours that do work when do work the 25 or 30 hours that really want to work, don't get anything done and don't get anything accomplished. And the energy put out there isn't, isn't attractive. And so many entrepreneurs do that. Yeah. But I'm going to tell you, it, it takes doing, don't think it takes 19 months, what I'm stubborn to get here and it will take, whoever's listening. It will take you as long as it takes you. But if you can learn something from me, don't take 19 months.
Speaker 5
  14:52 - 15:02
And so what do you think the key is Like, if you were going to tell yourself couple of years ago, like three pieces of advice, what would they be Listen, listen and listen. Awesome.
Speaker 6
  15:03 - 15:06
Or maybe listen, listen. And do yes.
Speaker 5
  15:09 - 16:10
love that. And think it's so true, right Yeah. think, and think lot of it is that we, we come in think in that we know everything about our business and everything about what we want to teach out in the world. And we do that because lot of, lot of coaches tell you, you do, you know, they tell you, you know, everything that you, because you're going to be teaching everything that you had to learn. But what found was that it's really hard to talk to people in the voice that knows it and also is geared to the person who doesn't know it. So they listened to it. And it's been kind of interesting. Cause I've, I'm reading book for myself right now about, about some diets, dietary stuff. And want to just yell at her,
Speaker 6
  16:13 - 16:14
Just stop,
Speaker 5
  16:14 - 16:25
Take step back. Let me find the, let me find what need to do. And then if we want to talk about all the science and I'm science right
Speaker 6
  16:26 - 16:28
For me. Oh my goodness.
Speaker 5
  16:28 - 17:50
This is awesome. So now you're getting to experience what lot of your pain clients were feeling, reading some of your books and the books are not, not that bad. The books are actually pretty good, definitely compared to this one that I'm reading. and I'm learning, I'm learning lots. really, yeah. And just want to tell her, stop, step back. Tell me how to fix this first because am really, there's, there's one health issue I'm struggling with right now. And I'm out there looking for answers. And so want her to just tell me it's okay. Here's how we fix it. And then if you want to know all of this science stuff we can talk about. Yes. But want that it's okay. Let's start, let's start feeling better. Yeah. Which is exactly what you're paying clients want. Right. Yeah. Thanks for saying, they want to know is it's okay. You're normal. Normal and let's start fixing it. Yeah. Awesome. How does it feel to, to sort of see that and have that experience and know you've shifted how you're showing up, so your people aren't
Speaker 2
  17:50 - 17:56
Having that experience. Yeah. It's kind of fun.
Speaker 5
  17:58 - 18:58
It's like, Oh, this woman got bigger book. Feel telling people this. Wow. could actually help people wonder what wonder what they would pay me for. wonder what kind of book deal they'd give me for that. Yeah. That's awesome. And it's really, it's really special to know, to start to understand what it was that needed the first time. And the truth of the matter is when think about it, what fixed me, went to my doctor and said, so I've been reading about, and back then it was Atkins. Now it's keto. It's really the same until you do. But went to her and said, so I've been reading about this Atkins stuff. lot of people are really down on it, but it looks like something could stay on. What do you think And she basically, she said, try it. You'll like it.
Speaker 2
  19:01 - 19:01
Speaker 5
  19:01 - 19:58
Didn't, she didn't bother telling me all of the stuff that I've learned. And have learned, mean, can tell you how the molecules work, bother telling me that she, she told me what needed to know, which was here. This is something that will help you fix shit. was, was dealing with weight issues, but was also dealing with depression. was also dealing with perimenopause that didn't know, basically she just let me get better first. Right. It was awesome. That is awesome. And it's awesome now to know that that's really what my clients want. Yes. And now that you, cause we've, we had talked about this before and would explain it and
Speaker 2
  19:59 - 20:01
Why tell me is why do your
Speaker 5
  20:01 - 20:10
Paying clients want to fix it first Why do they want to feel better first Isn't that obvious feel better
Speaker 2
  20:10 - 20:12
Right Cause that's what they actually want.
Speaker 5
  20:20 - 21:16
Know, I'm laughing about this and I'm saying, but it took forever. And honestly, do, do have following among people who really like science, but they don't want to pay me. They just want me to tell them about science. They're just getting information. Right. That's who they are. They're going to go do their own thing. They're going to do their own thing. And they want the science that found out and that's fine. Yeah, that's fine. it's not going to help the person who really needs, who really needs to just have her handheld through changing few things in her life that will make her feel better. Right. It's amazing. Yeah. And it's taken quite bit of growth. Right. And so we were talking before the interview and love the way, you know, you feel like right now you're sort of taking breath.
Speaker 5
  21:16 - 22:40
You've grown, grown, grown, grown. And now it's pause in living in that pause, which love, because think this is really how growth happens. So talk little bit about that. So if you've listened to the last two or three and I, I, my understanding is now you're putting together whole series of one person talking for several weeks. Yeah. Listen to the last few, there was huge amount of excitement that there was also huge amount of growth that was showing up in each of those interviews and growth. And then slowly coming back to earth and then growing some more and then trying to get through that fear and growing some more. And it was big and it was exhausting in way because was just changing so much. So, so fast. It's like when little kid grows and they grow through their growth spurts and their body starts to ache because growing so much. And think that that's where, where things are right now is sort of like, now need to just sort of breathe into this. don't have to, don't have to drop back into the fear. Right. don't have to drop back into the fear. just have become the person for him. This is normal.
Speaker 5
  22:43 - 23:46
So can't grow. don't want to say can't grow, but the growth is more subtle now it's making it all normal, making it all piece of who am. And think if you, don't know, two months ago, asked you, if you ever felt like you just were your future self. And know we keep growing and we keep becoming and we keep being more and maybe more abundant at all. But sometimes, you know, it feels more like am the person that script about and places where that script was in authentic or becoming authentically. Yes. The places where it was authentic is what I'm doing. And the places where was inauthentic are dropping out and more and more of my decisions come from her point of view. And my
Speaker 2
  23:47 - 24:56
Reactions come from her point of view and my actions. Yeah. There's another, there's another five-year future self. Who's grown more. But when look at it, it's, there's less of distance between her and me now. Absolutely. And that, that shorter distance is really about the beingness, right Like it's about who you're being. It's not, like when think about the script that's popping into my mind is you're, you know, you had a, wellness, you had retreat center one, right And they, the authentic parts in that you had to, I'm curious what you say, would say are the person like, you didn't know how to speak to her. Right You could help. You could show up, you could, you genuinely cared. Those were all authentic. But, but what was maybe what you're using is an authentic, is like, you didn't actually know how to get those people there. Like you didn't know how to speak to them. Right. didn't know how to recruit them. And to be honest, really didn't want the data.
Speaker 2
  24:59 - 26:05
wanted somebody else to run this place. Now just want, just want somebody else to run the place that could write and yeah. Which is awesome. And that's all part of the growth process. Even learning that and letting go of that. If you've listened to John's interview, we talk about that in one interview and giving you that experience of is, is really one of the keys is letting us experience everything we want. We think we want. And then we figure out what we actually want. And it's actually even funding because, adopted second dog couple of months ago. And what realized is that want the ability to travel when do, when I, when travel, and travel, when want change houses, when want. And basically it became realization that the animals that have right now, that's free that have right now are the last animals will ever own.
Speaker 2
  26:05 - 26:42
they won't be the last animals in my life, but there's also part of me that, that every time dog comes up for foster, just want to go and take it and bring it home and make it better. And so what realized is that foster gives me that opening to have dog here when need it and want it, and to slowly give up and giving up, giving them up is not an, it's not here. Take my dog. It's a, one of my dogs is 13 and she's big old girl. And she's,
Speaker 5
  26:44 - 26:57
She's got few years, but not 30 years. And yeah. So it's, it's just these realizations that this is the way lifelike work.
Speaker 3
  26:58 - 26:59
Yes. And you get everything
Speaker 5
  27:00 - 27:15
And everything. And get everything because I'm starting black running dogs. Non-profits which fosters, which lusters two black dogs year and teaches them how to run and then gives them away.
Speaker 3
  27:16 - 27:37
Oh, love it. That's awesome. Yeah. It's so cool. Right. Because you, and you could have never figured that out, thinking that you have to just become this person and get closer and closer and closer to that life. And then the answer. Oh yeah. follow all the best of all worlds, right
Speaker 5
  27:39 - 28:19
Yeah. It is because it actually works for another, for another rescue. don't even have to pay the vet bills. That's awesome. But yeah, because I, with my love of running, can just bring the dog into the house and work with my existing dog to teach her how to teach the new dog, how to be great companion on runs. And then have done two things. kept, I've got woman who's not comfortable running outside by herself. She's got now has dog. That's already trained to do this. Yeah. And I've saved the dog's life.
Speaker 3
  28:20 - 28:27
Amazing. And you get to live this free life that you want. Right. That's amazing.
Speaker 5
  28:27 - 28:32
And when change houses in the year, just delivered the dog.
Speaker 3
  28:33 - 29:07
Yeah. That's awesome. love it. And it's so much closer and this is what happens. Everybody thinks we get the stuff first, but that it's, we have to become first. And you're like this such the shining example of this right now, it's becoming that whole person that lives inside that script. Now the stuff is going to start showing up super quickly. Yeah. Yeah. How does it feel to be her be so much of her
Speaker 5
  29:09 - 29:55
It just feels right. And know right. Is not promotion, but it feels, it feels like the decisions that are in alignment just, they're so different than the ones that are out of the line. And, you know, it's like no walking, walking out and running with, with shadow and knowing that my older dog is, you know, coming to the, and don't want to say she's sick or she, cause she's not, but she's not. It's obvious that she is an older dog. And then realizing that if replaced her, but then just feeling this running dogs.
Speaker 3
  29:56 - 30:00
Yeah. There's your animal like That's awesome.
Speaker 5
  30:01 - 30:37
There's my animals. There's my love of running. There's my need to have the animals in my life. Yeah. And then there's my doing something for someone else. Because like said, there are women who don't run because they, they don't feel comfortable going out in their area and running by themselves. So know that when take my dog out, never worry about anybody hassling me, but he will. Cause they're not sure what she'll go. Right. That's awesome.
Speaker 3
  30:38 - 30:49
love it. So good. And what great way to live into the pause. Right. Of just getting even more comfortable and yes, this is coming and this is happening.
Speaker 5
  30:51 - 32:03
Yeah. It's all unfolding perfectly. Yeah. So I, don't feel, mean, feel like I'm, I'm doing seminar tomorrow night that felt like inspired action. Yeah. This sort of menopause survival seminars and to have one about once month and that felt really good, but it didn't feel like needed to try and get thousand people there. Yeah. And there's another, that's another difference is this realization that very often my people come from dot come from this sales funnel that every coach tells you, you have the app. Right. They come from somebody seeing something that posted and saying to their friend, go talk to her. Or they come from other, other clients where they come from this, talking about this, someone and someone reacting to it. And so the people who need to be there will come. Yeah.
Speaker 3
  32:03 - 32:22
Yeah. That's awesome. want to ask you, this, so what have you identified How does your inspired action Because think you truly truly know what that feels like now. How does that feel in feel different than when you used to think it was inspired
Speaker 5
  32:25 - 32:30
This is going to sound off. Okay. And it may not be this for everybody. think it's
Speaker 3
  32:30 - 32:32
The same for everyone. That's why I'm asking. Yeah.
Speaker 5
  32:33 - 32:41
So think for me, inspired action feels like it's good idea, but don't have to do yes.
Speaker 2
  32:42 - 33:21
Whereas uninspired action feels like I've got to do this right now because this will make all the difference in the world. So it's the desperation. And don't even always see that sometimes, you know, I'll come to call and you'll say, sit back in that one for little bit and see whether that really is what it, what it's feeling like. But the uninspired action in the moment feels inspired. And like the thing that will make all the difference, whereas the truly inspired action feels like good idea. Yeah.
Speaker 3
  33:21 - 33:34
Yes, yes. love it. And that I'm sure is going to resonate with someone else because that's amazing. And it does feel different for everyone, you know, for everyone. Right.
Speaker 2
  33:34 - 33:53
think someone else, it might be almost exactly the opposite and inspired action. Like feel like the action you can't not do. Yeah. But I'm, I'm beginning to realize that when am so convinced that this is the thing that will change everything, that's the one have to let go.
Speaker 3
  33:53 - 34:20
Yeah. What pops up into my mind is this, you wanted to do some coupon, invite friend, something before the menopause. Right. And, and what you let go of was that, and then what had, and then what happened was showing up for all of menopause awareness month. Yes. Yeah. Amazing. Well, tell everyone how they can connect with you gets rid of some symptoms along their menopause journey.
Speaker 2
  34:21 - 35:08
show up in Facebook almost every day on the weekends, less so on the weekends, but, that is menopause guru. and it, if you do Facebook search on menopause guru, am go to my site, which is and see what's happening. There, there should be something going on and more and more I'm showing up. They're letting you know what's happening there. And there is an opportunity for you to sign up for my weekly emails. try not to lead people with emails, but there's lots and lots of good information about what's happening in your body as you go through you, posture
Speaker 3
  35:09 - 35:15
Amazing. and any final thoughts or things that you want to share as we close today,
Speaker 2
  35:15 - 35:38
don't think you should walk your menopause journey. And don't think you should walk your business journey. Now can't help you with the second, but do know somebody who can, and that's why keep showing up here month after month after month. And if you are woman from the age of 40, 40, two 43, all the way
Speaker 3
  35:38 - 36:07
Through your sixties and you don't understand your body, let's talk about it. I'd love to talk. Thank you. You're welcome. That's awesome. and you can talk to John, as she said, find our menopause guru on Facebook or go to this has been fabulous. Thank you all for tuning in. Thank you, John, for sharing this moment in your journey. Thank you for having me, absolutely. And make sure to come back and check out John's next interview in her years of growth series.
Speaker 1
  36:09 - 36:19
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Apr 21, 2021

Jeanne Andrus is The Menopause Guru; only she used to keep that fact mostly secret in her "private" life. 

She would share anything and everything women need to know about Menopause on her Menopause Guru page, but not on her personal page. 

She kept her life segmented because she was afraid of the judgment of people who didn't get it. 

She was afraid that if she posted on her personal page that people would comment nasty things. 

Join your host Cassie Parks as she is joined by the Menopause Guru and they discuss being over that fear and how different her life and business are because she is owning who she is!

00:45: Cassie asks Jeanne how her Future Self has been shining through. Jeanne discusses that she has been in the flow and sharing a lot of information on Menopause over the last month.

01:12: Cassie talks about recording this episode just after Menopause Awareness Month finished and asks Jeanne how she did it differently than in the past.

01:35: Jeanne talks about that she showed up, was unapologetically herself when delivering the information she wants to share with the world, and how this shift has made her more confident.

02:57: Jeanne talks about owning who she is and how she is starting to integrate being Jeanne and the Menopause Guru.

03:35: Cassie asks Jeanne if her definition of showing up has changed. Jeanne discusses that she knew what showing up meant but was fighting owning being the Menopause Guru in her personal life.

04:33: Cassie asks Jeanne how it feels to be living one life. Jeanne discusses that it feels more authentic and more connected, and discusses how she has been separating her business and personal life for a long time.

05:46: Cassie talks about Jeanne's Future Self living one life, and Jeanne talks about how her life flows between business and personal, and how she is still working on this.

06:53: Cassie talks about how that isn't going to happen again and asks Jeanne what her biggest fear was that kept her life separated.

07:05: Jeanne discusses that she was afraid of judgment because of what she talks about and was worried about how people would react if she brought her business into her personal interactions.

08:08: Cassie asks Jeanne what her biggest fear was if she showed up as the Menopause Guru in her private life, and Jeanne discusses that she was afraid people would post negative things on her page.

08:26: Cassie talks about how we have the control and the power to get what we want, but we let fear of a specific outcome stop us from doing it.

08:55: Cassie asks what the best part of showing up in all areas of her life as the Menopause Guru is, and Jeanne discusses that it is being proud owning all she has learned about Menopause and how she can help people like no one else can.

10:21: Cassie asks Jeanne why sharing that knowledge now brings so much more pride, and Jeanne discusses having people to share her message with and how she now sees that it is silly to wait for people to realize what she does when she can just tell them.

11:24: Cassie talks about how silly it is not to tell people what she does when 80% of the people who hear her message need to be told that they need her.

12:15: Jeanne gives an example of meeting someone who needed the information that she has. 

13:29: Cassie points out how important it is to show up because that is how Jeanne helps clients realize that they need her, and Jeanne talks about how the people who need this information don't have it.

14:11: Cassie asks Jeanne what the Menopause Guru is changing about how Menopause is perceived, and Jeanne talks about knowing that she is going to start working with a younger clientele, so they get the information they need when they need it most.

15:32: Cassie asks Jeanne how she is going to show up to become the persons she wants to be, and Jeanne owns that she will do it brilliantly. 

15:50: Jeanne talks about how the Menopause Guru is about guiding people through a major transition and how to stay true to themselves.

16:35: Cassie loves that Jeanne used brilliant and asks Jeanne about the difference between showing up brilliant instead of perfect.

17:16: Jeanne agrees and owns that she is smart, but that now she can share what she knows with others in a way that helps them.

17:53: Cassie talks about Jeanne stepping into her Future Self and becoming the brilliant person she is and asks how committing to showing up for Menopause Awareness Month has changed things.

18:53: Jeanne talks about how it started with the focus on the numbers, why she had to let that go, and how she realized that the goal, and the power, comes from just showing up and the numbers don't matter.

20:13: Cassie talks about how Jeanne was focused on the outcome, and Jeanne talks about how it was easier not to show up than to feel like a failure.  

20:42: Jeanne talks about her making her goal to show up and how if she chooses not to show up, then it is on her that she failed.

21:05: Cassie talks about how Jeanne made a massive shift, and Jeanne talks about sticking to the goal of showing up.

21:57: Cassie talks about Jeanne choosing to show up no matter what, and Jeanne talks about how she gets to go skydiving because she showed up.

22:27: Cassie talks about the importance of showing up, how it took practice for Jeanne to get to this point, and that it couldn't happen until she was ready to step into being that person.

23:34: Cassie asks Jeanne how long it took to write an email when they first started working on writing them, and Jeanne owns that she wrote one a week and needed a lot of help from Cassie. 

24:26: Cassie asks Jeanne about how it was different to talk to her clients last month versus in the past, and Jeanne talks about wanting to use August to get ahead, went on vacation, and ended up using what she has learned from her Future Self to write throughout September.

27:09: Cassie asks Jeanne why this was the month to commit, and Jeanne talks about being ready and wanting her business to start booming.

28:22: Cassie talks about Jeanne wanting it but not wanting to commit fully, and Jeanne discusses putting in 60 hours of work and getting 10 hours of results. 

29:09: Cassie asks Jeanne how she started to see that she was putting in so much work and not getting anything done, and Jeanne discusses her husband working 12 hours a day and feeling that she should be working that whole time.

30:10: Jeanne owns that she had the right to complain if it wasn't working because she was working so hard.

30:56: Cassie asks Jeanne about working less, and Jeanne talks about being aware of when she isn't productive and knows that when she is working on the right things, she doesn't need to work 60 hours to be successful.

32:03: Cassie talks about Jeanne focusing on creating content that lands instead of just creating mass amounts of content. 

32:36: Jeanne discusses how working with Cassie has helped her crate content that she can reuse, and how she knows that putting 10 to 12 hours a week into marketing now will allow her more time in the future.

33:42: Cassie talks about Jeanne wanting this business because she is creating the life she wants and that Jeanne started the month taking 3 hours to write 1 post, and now can write 3 posts in 1 hour.

34:30: Jeanne talks about posting 800 word Facebook posts and writing to the women who don't have anyone to get this information from and isn't interested in knowing all of the science behind it. 

36:24: Cassie asks Jeanne what the title of her former business story is, and Jeanne says, "I'm going to tell you what you need to know."

36:48: Cassie asks Jeanne what some of the chapters to that story are, Jeanne gives a list, and Cassie talks about how her old story was very harsh and in your face. 

37:36: Cassie asks Jeanne what the title of her current business story is, and Jeanne owns "You aren't going crazy; your hormones are."

32:48: Cassie asks what that means as a story title, and Jeanne talks about that women feel like they are reacting wrong to what is happening when they go through Menopause, and Jeanne wants to make it easy for women to live the life they want to.

39:18: Cassie tells Jeanne she thinks the title of her business story is "I speak to my clients so they can hear me," and Cassie talks about how differently Jeanne interacts with her clients compared to 2 years ago.

40:08: Cassie talks about how "you aren't going crazy, your hormones are" was inspired and how it was all part of the process and on the path to what Jeanne wanted. 

41:24: Cassie asks Jeanne what she is excited about, and Jeanne talks about her husband's schedule and wanting him to be able to slow down and do what he wants to do, growing her business, and learning just to show up.

43:01: Cassie asks Jeanne how it feels for the business to be easier and Jeanne admits that she just needs to show up and let the Universe take care of the rest.

43:30: Jeanne talks about putting out more emails and being happy that the wrong people are getting off of her list and the right people are hearing her message.

44:29: Cassie asks Jeanne what they will be talking about a year from now after next Menopause Awareness Month and Jeanne talks about being on major morning shows and the evidence she has that that will happen.

45:36: Cassie asks Jeanne for final thoughts on people fighting their business, and Jeanne talks about getting comfortable with the work you are putting in your business and not letting other people influence what you do.

46:32: Cassie asks Jeanne about doing the work you need to be doing versus focusing on the wrong things, and Jeanne discusses not knowing what her people really wanted until she had a coach to help her see it.

47:40: Cassie clarifies that Jeanne needed someone who could be her client so she could see what her clients need to hear.

Apr 14, 2021

Have you ever wanted to get on TV to share your amazing business?  So did Jeanne. 

Join your host Cassie Parks as she is again joined by Jeanne Andres, the Menopause Guru. They discuss how Jeanne landed 4 TV segments by setting the intention, doing nothing, stepping into her Future Self, tracking the evidence, allowing inspiration to show up, and following her inspiration!

00:48: Cassie asks Jeanne how her Future Self has been showing up. 

00:55: Jeanne talks about recording this in Menopause Awareness Month and how her Future Self shows up to help her write her Facebook content. 

01:45: Cassie asks Jeanne what is the most awesome thing about her Future Self showing up.

01:50: Jeanne talks about that it is awesome knowing that what she is writing is going out to help the people who need her and how confident she is in what she is doing.

02:32: Cassie talks about the past 2 interviews and the growth Jeanne has been experiencing and asks Jeanne how she feels differently about knowing there are people who need to hear her message.

03:11: Jeanne discusses how she has realized that by putting the message out there, it will reach the people she wants to do business with.

03:56: Cassie talks about how that is Jeanne's Future Self and how education is what being the Menopause Guru is all about.

04:16: Cassie asks Jeanne what is different because she used to have a lot of resistance to sharing her message.

04:26: Jeanne talks about knowing what she wants to write and allowing her Future Self to help her say what she needs to.

05:22: Jeanne talks about how she and Cassie have worked together to write and how connecting with her Future Self allows Jeanne to write and then decide if what she has written is exactly what her clients need to hear.

06:08: Jeanne talks about how 70 to 80% of her writing is coming from her Future Self and how that has shifted from trying to force her writing.

06:31: Cassie talks about how Jeanne is using her Future Self to step into owning being the expert. 

06:59: Jeanne talks about being an expert and continually learning to help her clients.

07:58: Cassie talks about how by connecting to Jeanne's Future Self she is tapping into the person who has been doing that for years.

08:09: Jeanne talks about how fun it is to be stepping into the person she is becoming. 

08:24: Jeanne talks about how about a year ago she was having issues writing and how she worked with Cassie to get clearer about who she is writing for and what they need to hear.

09:34: Cassie talks about how Jeanne can create so much content because she has learned how to speak to her Future Clients. 

10:41: Jeanne talks about learning to take out any information that her clients aren't ready to hear.

11:15: Cassie asks Jeanne about the 4 tv segments she recorded.

11:40: Jeanne talks about a local tv station and a lifestyle program that is on in the morning. 

12:07: Cassie stops Jeanne and wants to take her back to the beginning.

12:15: Jeanne wants to go back even further and talks about being invited by a friend to be on the show and how she reached out to the producer at that time.

13:12: Jeanne talks about again reaching out to the producer to ask her if she knew September is Menopause Awareness Month and gave her a list of topics they could use on the show.

13:53: Jeanne talks about the show reaching out to her and wanting to do 6 segments 4 of which they wanted Jeanne for.

14:14: Cassie and Jeanne agree that is awesome.

14:22: Cassie wants to break down what happened from an LOA perspective. 

14:37: Cassie talks about how enjoying doing pottery with her friend was essential to stepping into Jeanne's Future Self.

14:54: Jeanne talks about loving doing pottery.

14:58: Cassie talks about Jeanne starting to do pottery 2 years ago, that her Future Self was leading her to where she wanted to go, and how her Future Self has helped her have all of the pieces in place to have the opportunities she wants.

16:42: Cassie talks about how Jeanne had to learn to speak to clients before she could be on tv, and how once she was ready, the inspiration came to reach out to the tv station.

17:20: Jeanne talks about how she reached out and didn't hear back, questioned if she should follow up, let it go, and then heard back that they wanted her for 4 segments.

17:45: Cassie talks about Jeanne staying in her own lane, doing what she needed to do, and being ready to support all of the people who will see her tv segments.

18:17: Cassie talks about there being a moment when Jeanne could have derailed from her Future Self. 

19:00: Jeanne talks about how she wanted to do contests for Menopause Awareness Month to gain new followers.

19:26: Cassie talks about how contests aren't the Menopause Guru and how Cassie was prepared to show Jeanne that contests were not part of her Future Self, but then Jeanne let it go and agreed it wasn't what she needed to be doing.

20:50: Cassie talks about how they then went back into working on Jeanne's emails and then the inspiration to do Menopause Awareness Month came and being on tv didn’t matter.

21:17: Cassie and Jeanne discuss how this is stepping fully into her Future Self. 

21:25: Cassie talks about how Jeanne ended up on tv because of the person she was being and how it seemed easier to get on tv than to show up on Facebook.

21:54: Jeanne talks about writing the scripts of questions for the tv show and it being easier than writing for Facebook. 

22:16: Cassie talks about it feeling easier to show up on tv than on Facebook. 

22:30: Jeanne talks about feeling like you can be an instant star when you get on tv, admits that she doesn't care about being an instant star, that she is going to do a seminar the day after the last segment airs, and how it is all a gift to get her message out. 

24:06: Cassie talks about how Jeanne's words come from doing the work to connect with her Future Self and her Future Clients.

24:28: Cassie talks about how being on tv isn't the end all be all and that it is just part of what Jeanne does. 

24:42: Cassie talks about how the Menopause Guru is who Jeanne is.

24:52: Cassie asks Jeanne what would have been different if she would have ended up on tv a year ago.

25:25: Jeanne talks about how she doesn't care what the outcome she gets from being on tv is; she knows that she is in alignment with what she does and that her goal is to educate, and that is what she is doing.

27:06: Cassie loves seeing Jeanne own what she does.

27:16: Cassie talks about how Jeanne building the business this way has set her up to support fast, significant growth in her business.

27:40: Jeanne talks about how the clients coming into her world are a reflection of the work Jeanne is doing to change the world.

27:59: Cassie asks Jeanne where people can connect with her.

28:14: Jeanne gives her website

Apr 7, 2021

Have you ever had a growth temper tantrum? 

My definition of a growth temper tantrum is when you just grew or about to take a big step in your growth journey, so you throw a temper tantrum, much like a toddler. 

Maybe you don't throw yourself on the ground and kick and scream, but you do the adult version. 

You dig your heels in, maybe cross your arms, and basically say, "I'm not doing that!" "That" refers to the next step, whatever that is. 

Sometimes the tantrum comes when you're working with a coach, and you suggest something they know is a distraction, so they advise against it. You don't like that answer, so you throw a growth tantrum. 

Join your host Cassie Parks as Jeanne Andrus again joins her, and they discuss Jeanne's growth temper tantrum and how it was brought on by fear.

They dive deep into how, this time, Jeanne could throw her tantrum and then keep moving and how she didn't need help or support to get through it.

00:41: Cassie asks Jeanne how her Future Self has been showing up.

00:44: Jeanne talks about her Future Self showing up to go on a trip to Florida to meet a sister she hasn't met in person and loves living the life that allows her to travel and do what she wants when she wants.

01:26: Cassie talks about how that answer covers what is awesome as well.

01:33: Cassie talks about how the last interview was a live coaching session. 

02:00: Cassie asks Jeanne what has happened in the month since that last interview/coaching session.

02:12: Jeanne talks about how she felt unsure going into that coaching session and that by the end of it, she was clear that she is on the right path and that she is here to help women go through their Menopause Journey.

03:33: Jeanne talks about how important working with Cassie is because she helps her both with the business and her belief in herself.

04:00: Jeanne talks about September being Menopause awareness month and how it is so important to get the word out there and help people find the information they need.

04:55: Jeanne talks about how she did some things locally to get her name out, how she has a whole month planed to get her information out, and how she wants to reach people.

05:34: Cassie highlights that Jeanne will have to continue to find that clarity and how you have to choose to move forward and continue to step into your Future Self.

06:10: Jeanne talks about how she and Cassie talked about how she grows and then she gets scared without realizing it, and how she did one of Cassie's workshops and then scared herself.

07:03: Cassie gives the timeline of Jeanne's interview and how Cassie was ready to do an interview, and that it was awesome that Jeanne came to do the work.

07:52: Jeanne talks about how she knew everything was working and needed to trust and do the work instead of avoiding fear.

08:18: Jeanne talks about having an idea and bringing it to a call, and Cassie telling her just to do what they had been talking about doing and stop avoiding the fear.

08:48: Jeanne talks about being pissed that Cassie would say that but realized that Cassie is right and she just needed to move forward.

09:13: Jeanne talks about preparing for her and Cassie's meeting on Thursday just to move forward.

09:25: Cassie talks about how awesome it is that Jeanne can solve her own temper tantrums. 

09:46: Jeanne talks about getting mad that her business isn't further along and then realizing that she is learning the skills she needs to build the business she wants.

09:46: Jeanne talks about getting mad that everything isn't perfect and realizing that she is learning the skills she needs to grow her business. 

10:28: Cassie talks about having tantrums herself and that it is awesome that Jeanne felt through that. 

11:18: Jeanne talks about moving through it, focusing on their Thursday meeting, and it was different than in the past.

12:06: Cassie talks about this being 1 of Cassie's favorite coaching moments because of how much Jeanne grew so quickly. 

12:32: Jeanne talks about being so productive and being ready to move forward.

13:05: Cassie asks Jeanne how it feels to be that person. 

13:11: Jeanne talks about feeling better, and knowing there was so much to do yet wasn't feeling confident about it. 

13:43: Jeanne talks about writing from where we become and how we don't hear it before we become.

14:00: Jeanne talks about learning to speak to her clients and how she has gotten better at it as she gets clearer about what she is doing.

15:24: Cassie talks about how things start to change when you work toward long-term growth and that that is what Jeanne is actually doing with her clients.

16:43: Cassie talks about it being different to work with clients long term and the space that it takes.

17:00: Cassie talks about people who can write quick copy versus connecting to the people who are going on the journey with you.

17:38: Jeanne talks about people who write good copy, reach 1,000 people, and hold 5 of them. 

18:06: Jeanne talks about wanting to help people long term because women can lose half their lives due to Menopause. 

18:53: Jeanne talks about the number of people she reaches and the importance of what she does. 

19:16: Cassie and Jeanne talk about how Menopause can affect everything. 

19:58: Jeanne talks about when she first wrote about her story and how it felt like a country song.

20:38: Jeanne talks about getting women to the place to rebuild their lives and helping them do that. 

20:51: Cassie talks about Jeanne's goal of helping women keep their lives and make them even better.

21:25: Cassie talks about Jeanne helping women to build the second part of their lives.

21:30: Cassie talks about helping people find their clients and that the big problem they have is wanting to work with people long term and wanting to start at the end of their journey.

22:16: Jeanne talks about working as a coach and being around other coaches and how everyone wants to start at the end. 

22:40: Jeanne talks about being in a group to create challenges and how that isn't what her clients want. 

22:55: Cassie talks about Jeanne's clients not wanting to be challenged because their life is already full of challenges.

23:09: Jeanne talks about seeing coaches use 5-day challenges and how coaches sell challenges that aren't what their clients need.

24:15: Cassie loves hearing what Jeanne is saying because Jeanne didn't always believe it. 

24:45: Jeanne talks about how she can help women because she sees the journey they are on. 

25:06: Cassie talks about the journey, how Jeanne gets what she wants, and how the end of the journey is adventure and bravery. 

25:45: Jeanne talks about reading posts from other entrepreneurs who started their businesses because they wanted to stay home with the kids, and then not loving their business in their 40's because of the changes Menopause brings on.

26:21: Jeanne talks about articles coming out about women going through a mid-life crisis. 

26:50: Jeanne talks about how people don't realize it's their body that wants them to move to the next phase of their life.

27:06: Cassie asks Jeanne what the headline for a Facebook post would be for an entrepreneur in their 40's that no longer loves her business.

27:35: Jeanne talks about that it would be something like have you lost the excitement and enthusiasm for your business.

27:53: Cassie asks Jeanne how they would take her through the process.

28:02: Jeanne talks about starting to be home with kids and questioning things in their 40's because of Menopause. 

28:23: Jeanne talks about writing and working on it with Cassie and how what we want changes as we go through Menopause. 

28:53: Jeanne talks about it being a hormone change and that these changes change women's lives.

30:00: Cassie asks Jeanne what opt-in they would want.

30:12: Jeanne talks about an opt-in around 5 ways to reconnect with the business you love.

30:24: Cassie asks Jeanne why she would sign up for that opt-in.

30:29: Jeanne talks about her wanting to love her business and that she feels she did something wrong, and that is why she doesn't want her business.

30:46: Cassie asks Jeanne what she would tell her in the emails.

30:49: Jeanne talks about it being normal to shift focus, and that it is normal to go to the past and bring things they loved back into their lives.

31:55: Cassie talks about eventually offering a chance to work with Jeanne to create the life they want.

32:02: Jeanne talks about that she may not have a lot of symptoms because she is taking care of herself, but that some aren't and will likely have more symptoms.

33:12: Jeanne talks about going right to an offer of coaching or needing to hybrid something new.

33:33: Cassie talks about loving seeing Jeanne do that on the spot and having the confidence to say it out loud because of who Jeanne has become.

34:20: Cassie talks about seeing new clients as you become and grow and how you can mix and match your content to help more people.

35:33: Jeanne talks about some people needing to tweak diet and exercise and how others don't. 

35:52: Cassie loves that Jeanne outlined that.

36:37: Jeanne wants the link to this podcast because she will be talking to that client in September. 

37:12: Cassie asks Jeanne how it feels to be clear she isn't a business coach.

37:30: Jeanne admits that she will point stuff out when she sees it, but doesn't want to help people build a business and instead wants to help women going through Menopause. 

37:39: Cassie asks Jeanne what the most significant shift she has had in the last 30 days is.

38:09: Jeanne talks about how she did some fantastic scripting after the workshop and realized that she can have and do what she wants.

39:18: Jeanne talks about Cassie working with her on what her most awesome life would be like and realizing that it revolved around her family and not her work.

39:50: Cassie talks about how that is what Jeanne wanted, but she thought she got it through her business.

40:00: Cassie talks about the difference in energy between working for family versus spending time with family and having a business that supports that life.

40:20: Cassie wraps up the interview and asks if Jeanne wants to share anything else.

40:41: Jeanne wants to thank Cassie for what she does.

41:16: Cassie thanks Jeanne for showing up and doing the work.

41:31: Cassie asks Jeanne how people can connect with her.

41:33: Jeanne shares her website

Mar 31, 2021

Have you ever wondered what it is like to work with Cassie Parks? Join your host Cassie Parks as she is again joined by Jeanne Andrus for a live coaching session!!!   

00:30: Cassie asks Jeanne to tell her something awesome even though she is in a rough patch.

00:40: Jeanne talks about celebrating her 8th wedding anniversary, the perfect present her husband gave her, and her husband forgetting what day their anniversary was on.

01:51: Cassie asks Jeanne what is going on.

01:55: Jeanne talks about how she doesn't have a large client base, feels like she is losing traction, isn't getting where she wants to go and is wasting time with her writing.

03:05: Cassie talks about how it is interesting that a week ago, Jeanne had a list of topics to write about and all of these other things Jeanne was looking forward to doing and asks what has changed in the last week.

03:39: Jeanne talks about how she spoke with a couple of people, thought that one of them would be a perfect fit to work with her, that she chose not to work with Jeanne, and that she keeps hearing no and is feeling stuck.

05:06: Cassie asks if she feels stuck because someone said no.

05:10: Jeanne says yes, probably. 

05:14: Cassie talks about how this is typical when we hear no and asks if someone saying no means Jeanne hasn't been moving forward.

05:32: Jeanne admits that it doesn't but that it feels that way.

05:38: Cassie agrees that it can feel that way. 

05:45: Jeanne talks about how that is how she feels and that she got on the group call and was feeling stuck.

06:16: Cassie asks Jeanne to evaluate what is going on and asks if it is true that she isn't moving anywhere.

06:24: Jeanne admits that it's not true. 

06:26: Cassie asks Jeanne why it's not true.

06:27: Jeanne admits that she got a lot done last week but also came up against some roadblocks.

07:08: Jeanne talks about looking for signs and meaning in everything and how that can be discouraging.

08:06: Cassie stops Jeanne and comes back to the question of is it true that Jeanne isn't moving forward.

08:25: Jeanne talks about all of the things she did in the past few weeks.

09:05: Cassie asks Jeanne if she is not moving forward. 

09:09: Jeanne admits that she is moving forward.

09:15: Jeanne admits that her brain has been stuck on one thing.

09:22: Cassie talks about how Jeanne is moving forward and how it can feel like you aren't when someone chooses not to work with you. 

09:38: Cassie talks about how Jeanne is still doing what she needs to do and is moving forward.

09:48: Cassie talks about how as business owners, it can feel like you aren't moving forward when clients aren't coming in, but that you are still moving forward as long as you are putting in the effort.

10:14: Cassie asks Jeanne if she is ready to own that she is moving forward.

10:26: Jeanne asks Cassie to repeat the question.

10:29: Cassie asks if Jeanne's brain is ready to say I'm moving forward instead of I'm not moving forward.

10:35: Jeanne admits that she wants it to be ready.

10:46: Cassie states that Jeanne isn't there yet and wants to talk about signs.

10:50: Cassie talks about how she would interpret someone not wanting to work with her as a good thing and how Jeanne perceived it as she is doing something wrong.

11:19: Jeanne admits that that's how she feels and that it leads her to believe she shouldn't be doing it.

11:26: Cassie asks Jeanne how someone else quitting makes it so Jeanne shouldn't be doing what she is meant to do.

11:37: Jeanne admits she doesn't know, but that is where her brain went.

11:49: Cassie asks Jeanne if she thinks it's easier to look for the reasons that she shouldn't be doing it.

11:56: Jeanne agrees.

11:58: Cassie asks Jeanne why.

11:59: Jeanne admits that she doesn't have to take the blame if it doesn't work.

12:16: Cassie asks Jeanne how she wants to feel about being the Menopause Guru.

12:24: Jeanne admits that that has been an interesting question the past few days, that she is questioning what she is meant to do, and that it is weird because being the Menopause Guru has been part of her identity for over 5 years.

13:34: Cassie asks Jeanne what she has been questioning.

13:36: Jeanne admits she was questioning everything about her business and discusses what she has been questioning.

14:13: Cassie asks Jeanne if the Menopause Guru is part of who she wants to be.

14:16: Jeanne admits that it has been for a really long time.

14:25: Jeanne tells a story about how a couple of years ago she wanted to open a retreat center, how Cassie asked her if that is what she wanted, and how now she is questioning if the Menopause Guru is who she is supposed to be.

15:15: Cassie asks Jeanne if it feels similar to the retreat center.

15:22: Jeanne admits that it doesn't because there was a relief when she let that idea go, that she doesn't like how this is making her feel, and feels like it is fear that is making her feel this way.

15:46: Cassie asks Jeanne what it would feel like if she gave it up.

15:50: Jeanne admits that she would feel lost, grief, and not knowing what to do next. 

16:12: Cassie asks if Jeanne would feel relief. 

16:18: Jeanne admits she wouldn't and that she would feel like she gave up too soon.

16:27: Cassie talks about how Jeanne knows the difference between the retreat center and being the Menopause Guru.

16:42: Cassie asks Jeanne if she wants to be her.

16:46: Jeanne admits she does. 

16:50: Cassie asks Jeanne how come.

16:55: Jeanne admits that she knows that there are so many people who need what Jeanne is sharing and that what she is doing is important.

17:33: Cassie asks if Jeanne wants to be her.

17:42: Jeanne admits that she wants to be the Menopause Guru. 

17:48: Cassie asks Jeanne how it feels to say that.

17:50: Jeanne admits it feels scary. 

17:56: Cassie talks about how this is normal for Jeanne, how she is getting ready to send information to a TV station that could make her known worldwide, and how when Jeanne makes big moves forward, fear hits her.

18:50: Jeanne admits that it is a pattern for her. 

18:51: Cassie talks about how the conversation started with Jeanne feeling stuck and how now can say that because Jeanne is feeling fear, she knows she is moving forward.

19:07: Jeanne agrees and discusses that she wants to run backward because of fear.

19:12: Cassie talks about how it is normal to want to stay in what is comfortable and that it is easy to see the signs that things aren’t moving forward because we are looking for reasons not to move forward.

19:37: Jeanne admits that is true.

19:42: Cassie asks Jeanne what she is going to do instead.

19:47: Jeanne admits she needs to double down.

19:50: Cassie asks Jeanne to elaborate on that.

19:51: Jeanne talks about getting what she needs to do to move forward and be the Menopause Guru.

20:35: Cassie talks about how the Menopause Guru enjoys her life, teaches women to live and enjoy their life, and asks Jeanne if she is the Menopause Guru on the weekends.

21:00: Jeanne admits that she is.

21:05: Cassie asks Jeanne what it means to be the Menopause Guru and what she will do to be her.

21:15: Jeanne talks about how the Menopause Guru is all about teaching and how she needs to be ready to help the people she wants to help.

22:03: Cassie asks what voice Jeanne needs to listen to.

22:05: Jeanne admits she needs to listen to the voice of what she needs. 

22:09: Cassie asks if that is the voice of the Menopause Guru or her clients.

22:13: Jeanne admits that she needs to listen to both, but mainly she needs to listen to her clients' voices. 

22:53: Jeanne talks about how she hears them when she listens, but it feels like it is taking a long time to get it right.

23:17: Cassie tells Jeanne she is super smart.

23:21: Jeanne admits that being smart doesn't mean she always knows how to talk to her future clients.

23:30: Cassie asks Jeanne how she is feeling now.

23:36: Jeanne admits that she feels better and knows that this is where she wants to be. 

24:05: Cassie asks Jeanne if she wants to think about going out and getting a job.

24:10: Jeanne admits that she doesn't.

24:17: Jeanne talks about how she has noticed that she doesn't want to go back into IT and that she gets so much out of being the Menopause Guru.

25:27: Cassie thinks it's good to recognize the fear, look around to see if you want to go down the path and choose to do it even if there is fear.

25:43: Jeanne talks about how in the past, at this time of year, she would have been doing some extreme physical things and that, interestingly, she knows she can do things when she’s scared.

26:31: Cassie asks Jeanne about the difference between the fear of being an entrepreneur and the fear of going down a mountain that may be out of her comfort zone.

26:46: Jeanne talks about that when it comes to something skill-based if you fail, it is because you aren't skilled enough, but if she fails as the Menopause Guru, it is because she isn't good enough.

27:37: Cassie admits it makes sense but that it is a skill to be the Menopause Guru.

27:46: Jeanne admits that hearing that made her realize she is just working on skills, and if she fails to write a good email, it isn't a reflection of her ability to be the Menopause Guru.

28:14: Cassie talks about how it is different to talk to a client to get them in the door versus serving them as a client.

28:26: Cassie asks Jeanne if she is ready to own that she is moving forward.

28:31: Jeanne owns that she is moving forward.

28:34: Cassie asks Jeanne how that feels.

28:35: Jeanne owns that it feels scary but good.

28:41: Cassie asks Jeanne how else she would like to be supported today.

28:45: Jeanne says she has some emails for Cassie to read.

28:48: Cassie talks about how they coach for about 20 minutes and then go do the work in a coaching session.

29:03: Cassie asks if Jeanne has anything else she would like to share.

29:06: Jeanne talks about how this was a big step for her.

29:15: Cassie wants to talk about the retreat center and how that was how Jeanne thought she would find the people she wanted to help.

29:46: Jeanne admits that it was also a way to be in New Hampshire so she could be with her family